Loki, Season 2, Episode 3: By far one of the most compelling villains of the MCU saga has been He Who Remains – a character that was still very much dead when Loki’s second season premiered. The third episode of the season, titled “1893” takes us centuries into the past to introduce another variant of Kang.

This time around, he is Victor Timely – a genius in the making from the 19th century who’s on a path to create the Time Variance Authority. Not only that, but after the long hinted absence of Ravonna Renslayer and Miss Minutes, we finally see them in this timeline. Their arrival not only marks a significant narrative development in the series, but also a means for Timely to pursue his goal as Renslayer gifts him the TVA guidebook. What does this mean for the future of the show as well as for the MCU? Let’s find out by taking a deep dive into the latest episode of “Loki”.

Loki (Season 2) Episode 3 “1893” Recap:

The last episode of the show had ended on a grim note with General Dox’s tyrannical attack on all the branching timelines. Well, the third episode doesn’t waste its time in showing the grim aftermath of the event. We see Loki and Mobius trace Ravonna’s TemPad to 1893’s World’s Fair in Chicago. Once the duo arrives in the branched timeline, their search for Miss Minutes soon becomes a wild scramble to get to Timely at any cost. While Minutes represents the TVA’s best chance to repair the Temporal Loom, Loki’s priorities reset once he finds the variant of He Who Remains on the timeline.

What moral quandary does Victory Timely’s character pose?

The bittersweet dynamic between Loki and Sylvie here leads to yet another standoff – one that parallels their fateful duel at the End of Time. But before Sylvie could kill Timely, Ravonna manages to pull Timely away from all the commotion. Once they retreat to one of his discreet locations, Ravonna and Miss Minutes together explain their story to Timely and what his greater purpose is intended to be. It not only marks one of the show’s most interesting dilemmas, but Timely’s reaction to what he learns also raises great moral quandary regarding our key concerns about the rise of AI.

What Does Sylvie Do Upon Meeting Victor Timely?

A still from Loki Season 2 Episode 3.
A still from Loki Season 2 Episode 3.

Loki and Mobius then burst in to plead with Ravonna to let Timely go so they can bring him back to the TVA to help repair the Loom. And then Sylvie breaks everything up right when Ravonna concludes a dramatic speech to Timely. Wielding a machete in her hand, Sylvie threatens to kill Timely—something that would irreversibly prevent the possibility of him becoming He Who Remains—or she can finally trust Loki to turn the TVA into a better place. As Sylvie begins to deliver her verdict, Timely gives an emotional speech which makes her realize how by taking his life, she would also be robbing him of his own free will. It marks a brilliant character moment as Sylvie has herself been the one consistent character who has been fighting for the free will of all, which can be attributed to her stance regarding the TVA.

Sylvie eventually concedes, allowing Timely to live while also acknowledging Loki and Mobius’s efforts to re-instil the normal functioning of the TVA. With the Throughput Multiplier that he had ready to go, Loki, along with Morbius and Timely, heads back to the TVA headquarters. Now with only Ravonna left back on the old timeline, Sylvie gets her chance to take revenge on the former TVA agent who had stolen her away from Asgard. Just like she had been kicked through a Time Door, Sylvie now pushes Ravonna back into the crumbling Citadel at the End of Time. We also see the decaying body of Kang in the closing sequence of the episode.

What does the introduction of Victory Timely mean for the future of the show?

The introduction of Victor Timely three episodes into the second season of “Loki” has instilled a new sense of energy into the show’s central theme of what it means to have free will. The eccentricity with which the actor enunciates words while making him come across differently than Kang only makes the story more intriguing. The question that everything boils down to, however, remains in just how similar would this variant turn out to the one at the End of Time by the end of this season?

Even if they’re different, Timely similarly conveys an ineffable sense of greed and desire for solitary power. It echoes in a scene where he tells a potential buyer after his dramatic presentation on the Temporal Loom. “I don’t do partners”, he says while clearly making his boundary felt – one that grows even thornier when Ravonna and Minutes tell him about his eventual path forward. Now, his Temporal Aura along with the Throughput Multiplier will potentially make him a godsend to O.B. Will it be worth salvaging the Temporal Loom for? Or will Timely misuse his free will by making choices that would leave everyone in the universe with serious ramifications?

Loki (Season 2) Episode 3 “1893” Ending Explained:

What’s happening at the end of time? What is the secret Miss Minutes is keeping from Ravonna?

By the end of the episode, Ravonna gets banished to the Citadel at the End of Time. As we saw in the previous season’s finale, it still seems as though the entire fortress is falling apart. Ravonna watches the deady body of Kang the Conqueror while saving herself from everything around her crumbling away.

If Ravonna were to get trapped here as Sylvie intended, what does that say about her character’s future? More importantly, we already saw how Miss Minutes was shown to be quite familiar with the functioning of the Citadel, so is there a chance she knows how to help Ravonna escape? What’s the secret that Miss Minutes talks about at the end of the episode? As it stands for now, we would have to wait for another week to finally uncover the truth behind what really is going on at the End of Time.

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