Love at First Kiss (2023) ‘Netflix’ Movie Ending Explained: All of us like surprises, and monotonous life bores us to death. At the same time, we want certainty in life; therefore, day in and day out, we strive to determine our next step. “Love at First Kiss” is a story about Javier (Alvaro Cervantes), who, while kissing a girl, has visions of the future and is able to determine what will happen to the romantic relationship. So based on the visions he has, he dates a girl and breaks up as and when he likes. But this gift of having a vision makes him obsess over looking for a perfect life partner.

Through his vision, he feels that he has found the soulmate in Lucia (Silvia Alonso), but will their love last? Does life always pen out the way we want? Is anything in life predetermined? Through “Love at First Kiss,” Alauda Ruiz de Azua throws life on these questions.

Love at First Kiss (2023) Plot Summary & Movie Synopsis

Javier is at a restaurant planning to break up with his girlfriend. One of his ex-girlfriends meets the two and discloses that the same story of a romantic relationship started with her and ended in the same way. Javier was obsessed with searching for a perfect life partner with the gift that he was blessed with, i.e., he was able to visualize the full future romantic relationship with the first kiss. He believes that everything you want to know about the other person is embedded in the first kiss.

When Life as about Certainty

For Javier, life was predictable; therefore, he feared trying new things and meeting new authors as a publisher. He was working with Sonsoles Duran, who also had lost the vigor that she had before. Her books aren’t being sold, and his publication hasn’t published anything groundbreaking. The publication is said to be in debt. Was Javier scared to try something new? Actually, Javier had grown complacent about the present and the future to come. But things change for the better when he goes along with his best friend Roberto (Gorka Otxoa) and Lucia and Esther (Fabia Castro) to a restaurant. Roberto leaves for home after dinner, but Javier, Lucia, and Esther head to a pub where while playing a game, Esther makes Javier and Lucia kiss each other.

When Javier feels he has found his True Love

Javier sees through his power and vision that he has a wonderful life with Lucia and considers that she is his perfect life partner. But at that time, Lucia was his best friend Roberto’s girlfriend. So he plans to break their relationship and wants to be with Lucia. Lucia is a free-spirited girl who doesn’t take life too seriously and wants to enjoy every moment. Lucia loves surprises in her life, but he isn’t interested in surprises. Moreover, she shares an idea with Javier to share the book with beta readers and get their feedback before putting it out on the market. He doesn’t buy the idea.

Lucia plans a surprise birthday party, but it turns out that Javier already knows about it through his vision. He tries to hide the fact from Lucia. Even on the trip she had planned with him, he narrates the different activities they will be doing at the destination. Lucia is surprised how he already knows what will happen and therefore takes Esther along with her and enjoys the trip despite the events unfolding the way Javier narrated. When she returns, she finds that something is missing from their relationship. Thus, they decide to separate.

When Javier surrenders to the Universe

Javier meets Ariana at a restaurant, and they become friends. She takes him to her ex-boyfriend’s apartment and probably hers too. And Javier feels compelled to share about his life and his secret power. Ariana has traveled across the world and never wastes time thinking too much. She enjoys her life and attempts to do anything and everything that comes her way, whether it is theatre, singing, dancing, or just working at the restaurant. It is Ariana who teaches Javier not to be obsessed with searching for a true and perfect partner. Ariana is blunt in letting Javier know that she doesn’t need to see the future to take the plunge.

Love At First Kiss

Javier learns to take the leap of faith and thus sees success coming his way. Sonsoles Duran’s book, published by him, became a grand success.

Love at First Kiss (2023) Ending Explained:

Javier tricked Roberto by convincing him that Lucia is free-spirited and needs more drama. Roberto decided to take things further by proposing to Lucia, but she wasn’t ready to commit herself. Lucia, therefore, responds negatively to Roberto’s proposal. Javier takes the opportunity and spends time with Lucia, and they become intimate with each other.

Javier’s vision shows Lucia as his soulmate, but why does she leave him?

Javier sees a perfect relationship and life with Lucia in his visions. But what he failed to do after that is to live his life freely without being preoccupied with meticulously fulfilling his visions. Javier failed to do his extra bit towards his girlfriend. Lucia made the extra effort, but it was met with no amount of surprise, which upsets Lucia. She feels that all her efforts at creating special moments for both of them are foiled by Javier’s attitude of already knowing what will happen. Lucia is disturbed by this fact and simply wants to enjoy life’s surprises.

Lucia makes a trip with Esther and notices that whatever was predicted by Javier is coming true. Still, she is adamant about changing the situation or not being bothered by them and endeavors to make the best of the time. She enjoys every bit and returns from the trip. Javier realizes that he made a mistake by being the cause of breaking Roberto and Lucia’s relationship and, therefore, wants to reunite them. He makes a plan for dinner and skips it himself, leaving only Roberto and Lucia. Roberto and Lucia start on the wrong foot, but as time passes, they accept each other. And both of them fall in love with each other once again.

Was Mon FORTE publication moving from strength to strength?

Mon Forte publication was under debt, and Javier wasn’t able to do anything. Just like his love life was becoming monotonous, the books he was publishing were becoming monotonous and plagiarised. Mon FORTE needed a new lease on life, and hence, when Lucia enters Javier’s life, she requests him to meet Santiago Donate, a famous writer. She also forces him to request Santiago, the bestseller, to publish his books with Mon FORTE, but he is already aware of the losses the publication is going through and refuses the offer.

Sonsoles Duran, too, is trying her best to churn out an interesting story, but she fails every time. Only her first book seems to have created the magic and remained with the readers. At one book signing event, Sonsoles drives her fans who were coming to sign her first book copy. Sonsoles wants her readers to buy her latest book, but unfortunately, the readers wouldn’t. It was as if she had reached a stage where she could produce nothing different and new. But while conversing with Ariana, Ariana digs deeper into Sonsoles and requests her to write her life story. To write what she feels about life and love. Sonsoles takes the courage to write and becomes a bestseller once again. The publication wasn’t doing well until the publication of Sonsoles’ book.

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