Teresa Sutherland’s film Lovely, Dark and Deep is a slow-burn horror that is driven by strong visual imagery. Sutherland, who has also written the film, favors a dreamy, surreal space to operate in, freely dislodging narrative and temporal order. The film is languid and foggy; you often cannot take much of the stuff at face value, as the filmmaker has stuffed the tale with a loose, wandering, and wild logic of its own. Georgina Campbell excellently anchors most of the otherwise meandering drama, endowing high emotional stakes and palpable personal anguish. In fact, it is her performance that prevents the viewer from getting disconnected from the inordinate bizarreness on display.

Lovely, Dark and Deep (2024) Movie Summary & Plot Synopsis:

The film opens in the American backcountry woods. The story begins with a ranger, Varney, going missing. He puts a sign that curiously says the woods owe a body. The setting is established as the Arvores national park and we enter the story through the perspective of a newly recruited forest ranger, Lennon (Georgina Campbell). The park is notorious for recording a huge spate of disappearances. A lot of children have gone missing. Lennon is visibly motivated about her job but doesn’t gel in with her team. She chooses to keep contact to the minimum and refuses company. When she goes patrolling and discovers her radio battery has deadened, she is compelled to accept the help of a fellow ranger, Jackson (Nick Blood).

One night, she is woken to the aggressive knocks at her camping inn door and cries for help. An injured man beseeches that his friend, Sarah (Maria de Sa), has vanished. While chasing the agitated man who gets peculiarly frightened by her, she gets her feet wounded. Lennon is instructed by her superior, Zhang (Wai Ching Ho), to stay put. But the restless Lennon goes searching for Sarah. Through flashbacks, we learn Lennon had a younger sister, Jenny, who had gone missing too when they were kids. It might have spurred Lennon’s decision to become a ranger.

Ultimately, Lennon discovers a bloodied, aghast Sarah who doesn’t talk about what she might have seen or where had been. Lennon comforts her and guides her back to her kin. However, Lennon is reprimanded for not following orders, and Zhang informs her she has to leave as soon as her injured feet get better. This seems to be the point from which the narrative becomes stranger and more incredulous than ever, straining our comprehension. At night, Lennon finds someone lurking near a tent in her vicinity. But as she inches closer, the figure disappears. Unnerved, she scampers inside the tent and watches a long, hulking shadow with claw-like hands skulk outside. Lennon is terrified at the seeming monstrosity.

Suddenly, she receives an intercept from Jackson, notifying her of a wounded, disoriented man in her area. Jackson instructs her to follow the man. She plucks courage and ventures out. As she tries to walk around looking for the man, she finds herself in a spot where she shouldn’t be. It is right next to a lake. That she has landed there makes no sense to her as she has been walking for hours on end. As there’s another intercept, she realizes it’s not Jackson on it but voices from her own past. Swiftly, the film turns many shades darker, unpredictable, and sinuously heady. Reality becomes mystifying and the film starts to properly push away conventional scaffoldings of temporal linearity.

A still from Lovely, Dark and Deep
A still from “Lovely, Dark and Deep” (2024).

Lennon hits her head on a rock, and peculiar hallucinations start taking sway. She realizes she’s gotten lost and wanders around. She stumbles across an old couple who have stopped to rest on their hike, Mr and Mrs Finley, whom she is acquainted with. However, the couple cannot see her. To her horror, she watches several odd things happening with the couple. Her doppelganger appears and shoots the woman. In another scene, the woman is alive, and the husband is eating away at her flesh.

Lennon starts witnessing a series of key scenes from her childhood, especially the phase pivoting on her sister’s disappearance. She becomes a spectator to the unsettling tragedy that shatters her family. The sorrow of the missing sister destroys her entire family. Her mother loses all mental stability in grief, ultimately leading her to kill herself. The same happens to her father, who stabs himself in the bathroom.

The film turns into this series of fragmentary snapshots that depict Lennon grappling with the full force of tragedy and its unexplained, baffling reasons. An aspect of cosmic horror gains vigour and that the woods ‘take’ people is positioned as the mystery with no easily decipherable solutions. A deer is also a recurring sight. It pops up in her sister’s casket at the funeral. Sutherland builds a discombobulating psychological drama where the terrain of truth and reality is amorphous and difficult to define.

Lovely, Dark and Deep (2024) Movie Ending Explained:

Does Lennon Make Her Way Back?

What is actually and wholly real becomes increasingly unstable and slippery. So, Lennon has to repeatedly ask Zhang when she encounters her. Zhang reassures her she is real. She also tells Lennon she and the rangers are aware of the strangeness that transpires in the forest. Lennon had messed with the forest’s order by bringing back Sarah. So, she is made to pay the price. This is why the rangers are instructed never to take anything from the forest. Zhang tells her his biggest regret was the loss of her sister and that she couldn’t rescue her. Zhang gives herself up to the woods so that Lennon survives.

Lennon is shoved underwater, and she emerges from the water to find Jackson calling out to her. Jackson is appointed the new ranger head, and Lennon returns to the ranger’s routine. In the final scene, Lennon comes across yet another man who’s gone missing, but this time, she opts not to help, knowing the heavy cost she’d have to pay again. This signals Lennon’s complete collusive integration into the ways of the rangers who allow several disappearances go unexamined in a peculiar manner of helping the natural order stay intact. 

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