Directed by Jeff Chan, “Code 8: Part II” is the sequel to 2019’s “Code 8,” starring Robbie Amell and Stephen Amell. This film follows the journey of Pavani, along with Connor and Garrett. The story is not as layered as its predecessor, but overall, it is an average sci-fi action thriller. Connor and Garrett start off on the wrong foot, but as time progresses, they start working together, similar to the previous movie. “Code 8: Part II” features some brilliantly staged action sequences, which make the movie more enjoyable to watch. Now, let’s discuss the plot and the way the movie ends.

Spoilers Warning.

Code 8: Part II (2024) Plot Summary and Movie Synopsis:

The film starts with Connor being released from the jail and soon Garrett arrives to pick him up. When Garrett tells Connor that he owes him, Connor asks him to leave and never show his face ever again. Meanwhile, we are introduced to Tarak and Pavani, who are going through a tough phase because of how the situation has been for the ones who have powers. Tarak needs money for her sister to continue her studies in school. But Garrett is not allowing Tarak to earn more money. So, he decides to do something about it.

On the other hand, the LCPD has reformed its militarized tech program by replacing the armed humanoid robots, Guardians, with non-lethal companion K9 robots, which look similar to dogs. Sergeant Kingston leads the project, and it has been a success in making the streets safer. If a Power surrenders in front of a K9, it will not inject psyke into them.  Connor, on the other hand, works as a janitor at a youth community center run by Mina, after his release from the jail. He tries to keep his head down and stay out of trouble because the last time he was in, there were a lot of deaths.

How does Pavani meet with Connor?

Garrett, nowadays, has taken control over psyke production and he literally runs a drug empire in an apartment complex. He pays the hierarchy to keep the flow of the business constant. Even Sergeant King gets the payment for their protection. So, one night, when two of Garrett’s men dump the money in a garbage truck for King to pick up, Tarak steals the cash and tries to run away. But, eventually a K9 spots him and it stays down when Tarak surrenders himself. Soon Sgt. King and his corrupt cop give command to the K9 to inject him with psyke to make it look like an overdose.

However, right after Tarak dies, Pavani reaches the spot and witnesses the murder. When the K9 tries to attack her, she uses her power to malfunction the K9. The following day, behind the community center, Connor accidentally finds Pavani hiding. He takes Pavani to Mina, where she learns how the authority has murdered her brother. Meanwhile, a police officer has come to search the parameter as Connor leaves through the backdoor along with Pavani. The CCTV camera spots them and King goes to Garrett telling him that he wants both of them as he does not want Pavani to be a witness.

How does Connor save Pavani from the Memory-Wiper?

Knowing that he can not outrun the whole system to save Pavani, Connor asks Garrett for help to make a peace deal. But, since Garrett already knows about Pavani and he has made a deal with King, he can not set them free. However, Garrett offers a better deal that includes wiping Pavani’s memory of the murder. Connor thinks that it is better than losing their lives, and so he tries to make Pavani understand the situation. Pavani trusts Connor, and they reach a place where a woman has the power to reach the bottom of someone’s memory and clean it forever.

This makes Connor realize that the memory wiper is erasing every memory she has of her brother, Tarak, and so he tries hard to stop it. Connor uses his powers to exit the building safely with Pavani. Later with Mina’s help, they try to leave the city together but Garrett and his crew surround their car. Connor tells Garrett that he needs to kill him first before Pavani. Sgt. King watches the whole thing through the eyes of the Guardians that are standing to kill all of them if Garrett fails to finish the task.

Garrett fails to shoot Connor because of their old relationship, but the Guardians eventually start firing at them. Mina sacrifices herself to make sure Connor gets a chance to run away with Pavani. Garrett is injured and manages to get into the car with Connor and Pavani. Later, when King arrives and Mina is left with a few breathes, he asks her where he can find them. Mina spits blood on his face and dies.

Code 8 Part II. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2024
“Code 8 Part II.” Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2024

Does Srg. King has powers, too?

Detective Davis joins Connor, Pavani, and Garrett in crafting a plan to stop all of this and save Tarak’s sister. Davis makes them realize how powerful King has become in these five years. However, Pavani comes up with a plan and says that the only way to destroy King for his crime is by exposing him to the whole world. Once the government knows that the world knows what he has done, they will never back Srg. King, no matter what. So, they plan to break into his home and steal his K9 unit as according to Garrett they record everything. So, his unit has evidence of Tarak’s murder in its memory.

The plan was once the K9 unit is secured, Pavani will use her powers to transfer the video inside her memory and share it to the world afterward. Connor and Garrett enter the house while King is not home. Later, when King arrives, he recognizes them and tries to attack Garrett using his powers. By the look of it, it seems like Garrett and King both have the same kind of power.

But, because King has not used it in a while, Garrett manages to overpower him and escape the house. King does not reveal his power because he wanted to have his future in politics where the real power lies. So, he made a bargain with his powers and managed to hide himself for a long time. This proves why is it so difficult to destroy King because the government sees himself as one of their own and will go to any extent to protect him from the Powers.

Code 8: Part II (2024) Movie Ending Explained:

How does Pavani show the Truth to the World?

After stealing the K9, Connor, Garrett, and Pavani escape to the Towers. But, once again, Garrett changes his mind in order to control King by blackmailing him about the video they found on K9. He sees an opportunity in it and wants to make the most out of it. So, when King arrives, he makes a bargain with him, but King stabs him with a knife, saying that Garrett’s ambition is not big enough to make him afraid. King, along with the Guardians and K9s enter the building and a huge fight breaks out between Garrett’s men and the Guardians.

Garrett’s men let Connor and Pavani escape while they continue fighting the cops. However, soon after a K9 goes after Connor, and just when it is almost finished injecting the psyke into Connor, Pavani interferes. She takes full control of the K9 and makes it destroy another K9 that is about to attack them. Amidst all of this, a bullet hits Pavani, and Connor brings her out of the building. Pavani and Connor both struggle to breathe, while Garrett uses all of his power to protect them.

Detective Davis interferes to stop the force from attacking Connor or Pavani. Meanwhile, Pavani finds a camera of a media person nearby. She hacks into it and with her powers she manages to show the reporter how King used his position to launder money from the cartel and how he has killed Tarak. King tries to shoot Pavani, but Garrett stops him from doing so. Later we see both Connor and Pavani unconsciously lying on the ground.

Three months have passed, and we see Srg. King is arrested for all the crimes he has committed over time. Garrett is in jail, watching the news of King getting arrested. Meanwhile, Connor has managed to turn Mina’s place filled with children again which is deeply admired by Pavani. Together they share a happy time as Pavani finds a new brother within Connor. Connor will guarantee Pavani’s safety as if a third part is coming, and we are going to see a final face-off between Connor and King. By the looks of it, I guess Garrett will eventually die trying to protect Connor from King.

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The Cast of Code 8: Part II (2024) Movie: Robbie Amell, Stephen Amell, Alex Mallari Jr.
Code 8: Part II (2024) Movie Genre: Action, Crime, Drama | Runtime: 1h 40 Mins

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