“Love, Divided” (Original title: Pared con pared) is a Spanish romantic comedy film streaming on Netflix. Written by Marta Sanchez & directed by Patricia Font, it is a feel-good romance. It revolves around the life of a young pianist who gets a chance to start over her life. But she has to make peace with her new neighbor, who hates noise in any shape or form. Yet, as it always happens, they eventually fall in love with each other. Starring Aitana Ocaña and Fernando Guallar in the lead roles, it is a remake of the 2015 French film “Blind Date” (Original title: Un peu, beaucoup, aveuglément!) based on an original story by Lilou Fogli. 

Spoilers ahead.

Love, Divided (2024) ‘Netflix’ Plot Summary & Movie Synopsis:

What is ‘Love, Divided’ on Netflix about? 

“Love Divided” on Netflix follows a Spanish romance film that unfurls between a young piano player and a young toymaker & inventor. She moves in next to his flat. He hates noise, but she has to practice her piano skills anyway. Eventually, they get over their differences and fall head over heels in love with each other. Directed by Patricia Font, this film stars singer & actress Aitana in the role of Valentina & actor Fernando Guallar plays David. Besides them, the film also stars Natalia Rodriguez, Adam Jezierski, Paco Tous, Miguel Angel Munoz, and Alex Maruny.

What happens in ‘Love, Divided’ on Netflix?

“Love Divided” on Netflix is a romantic comedy that follows a young couple in Spain. Valentina (played by Aitana), a young piano player, decides to move into a new neighborhood and start her career afresh. But the trouble begins even before she moves into her new flat. She has to get her piano to her floor. Somehow, she manages to overcome her troubles and enter her new place. But playing the piano won’t earn her a living. So, she has to look for a job. Her sister, Carmen (played by Natalia Rodríguez), suggests the same. Luckily, she gets hired at a local café.  

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You might think this will end all her worries. But no, she has to deal with something else too. At her flat, she hears some strange noises. Scared, she immediately decides to call Carmen. But then, she decides to deal with it by herself. It turns out the noise is coming from her neighboring flat. There is a thin wall between both flats. So, there is almost no noise isolation. Because of this, she goes to the house of a maestro (played by Miguel Angel Muñoz). In the past, he saw potential in her and pushed her to try music. Now, he thinks she shouldn’t stay in her present neighborhood. She still decides to give it a shot. 

Valentina & David

Valentina soon realizes that her neighbor, David (played by Fernando Guallar), is making those noises. He is an introverted toy inventor who is used to working as per his whims. With Valentina’s arrival, it cannot go on the way it did because she also needs silence to practice her musical craft. So, he and Valentina decide to make a compromise. They will do their work at specific times to not cause any nuisance to the other person. Despite some fallbacks, this plan mostly works for them. While working on what they love, they start having conversations about their lives.  

David & Valentina realize how they both appreciate silence. He teaches her to feel emotions while playing the piano. They find more common things in their behaviors. So, they start catching feelings for each other. But again, there’s an issue. They haven’t even seen each other in person. Valentina only knows basic details of David’s appearance. But she is impatient to meet him. At the café, she mistakes someone else for David and invites him on a date. Once he arrives in her flat, she realizes that this stranger isn’t David. After that, she decides to go on with their relationship from two sides of the wall. David agrees. 

Aitana as Valentina and Fernando Guallar as David in Love, Divided (2024).
Aitana as Valentina and Fernando Guallar as David in “Love, Divided” (2024).

The Wall

David & Valentina decide to be in a relationship from two sides of the wall separating their flats. They think it’s cute and romantic. David brings his friend & business partner to his flat, whereas Valentina brings Carmen. They talk about their different take on love stories. But their friends beg to differ. They think physical interaction is necessary for a relationship to grow. While dealing with these troubles, the couple has other issues. David’s business partner wants to sell their toys to a big corporation. But David is against anything that involves money, numbers, and figures. 

David doesn’t understand that his business partner is having a tough time running the business. He stays true to his idealistic stance and refuses the offer. Meanwhile, Valentina has to prepare for her new audition. The maestro expects her to excel in playing Beethoven’s compositions. She tries to perfect her craft. One time, when he comes to her flat, she doesn’t introduce him to David. So, David feels ignored and hurt. Later, he hears someone walk in and have sex in Valentina’s flat. He assumes Valentina is cheating on him. In reality, it was Carmen. But the damage is done. David and Valentina decide to take a break from their relationship. 

Love, Divided (2024) ‘Netflix’ Movie Ending Explained:

Do Valentina & David meet in person?

Valentina goes to her big audition and comes up on stage to play the piano. David arrives backstage and guides her to seek emotion in her musicianship. He impels Valentina to find her emotions. Suddenly, Valentina stops playing Beethoven’s composition and starts playing something that she wrote. Carmen and her café manager applaud her. Yet, she doesn’t get selected as the finalist. But she gets an offer to approach a music director for work. Then, she returns home. She and David decide to break the literal barrier between them. So, in the end, Valentina & David meet in person. 

Love, Divided (2024) ‘Netflix’ Movie Review: 

By now, Netflix can be considered a factory that exclusively churns out forgettable works. For them, they mean nothing but content. I’m tired of even repeating the same critiques about their works since almost every other Netflix romance is pretty much every other Netflix romance with just minor differences. “Love, Divided” stars two attractive people in the leads, who get paired as a couple. One is optimistic, and the other is cranky. An inconvenience brings them into each other’s lives. It means they have to deal with each other for better or for worse.  

Slowly, they catch feelings for each other. They appreciate silences and find some common factors that make them feel like – ‘Gosh, we’re made for each other!’ In “Love, Divided” it plays out like any other meet-cute rom-com. Trust me, if you want a better version of this set-up, watch the SNL sketch starring Kristen Stewart & Pete Davidson! Because, this Netflix film is just predictable, ambient entertainment. It’s the kind of thing you put in the background and don’t think about it. It gives you a candy-coated sugar rush and does not expect your active participation. If any of these factors satisfy you, “Love Divided” is a perfect piece of content for you.

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Love, Divided (2024) ‘Netflix’ Trailer:

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