Luther: The Fallen Sun marks Idris Elba’s much-anticipated return to the central role. Elba played the badass character for almost a decade in a television show of the same name. Neil Cross, who helmed the series, also comes back for the film continuation. The action-packed mystery film on Netflix has newer story elements than the show and stars Andy Serkis, Cynthia Ervio, and Dermot Crowley in supporting roles. Crowley also reprises his role in the film version.

Most of the story that takes place in Luther: The Fallen Sun is independent of the plot of the series. For new viewers like yours, truly, the movie feels fresh and not confusing. Luther: The Fallen sun is not a prequel to the series, although it shares some similar parts of the same cinematic universe. We have come up with this ending explainer piece for Luther to clear up all confusion about the plot and answer pressing questions like David’s motives behind Red Bunker and how Luther and Odette catch him. 

Luther: The Fallen Sun Plot Summary

Idris Elba in Luther The Fallen Sun
Idris Elba in Luther The Fallen Sun

Luther investigates the sudden disappearance of Callum Aldrich. David Robey, a serial killer and sociopath, get Luther arrested for his dubious acts while in service. He mocks Luther in jail by sending him Callum’s screams before David kills him and many others. Luther concocts a plan to get out of jail and pursue David. Odette Raine, who takes Luther’s place on the case, does not want his help. But Luther keeps the police in the loop through his former mate, Martin Schenk. David’s evil plans have an immense scale, and he also involves Odette’s daughter Anya as personal revenge. Luther and Odette must risk their lives and apprehend David. But to do that, they must dig through his past and meet an old foe from his life. 

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How is David able to expose Luther’s dubious police work?

Although it was not revealed earlier, David used his source in the police to get sensitive information from police files. He wanted Luther to be out of his way as David feared his plan would be derailed. He calls Archie to make sure Luther does not find Callum. Since Luther has an analog presence (no digital footprint), Archie’s help is required. He had special access to the evidence room and records of previous cases. David wanted dirt on Luther to get him arrested. And a few days later, a dossier of incriminating actions is released in the media, and Luther is arrested.

Why and how does David Robey kidnap all his victims?

Robey’s victims include high-profile people like Cerys Jones and even low-profile men like Tom York. Their stature and background do not matter as much as their particular vices do. Robey uses an elaborate network of people to get dirt on people he considers vulnerable. He runs a facility with an  Estonian man, Arkady, where hundreds of people break into people’s privacy and get dirt on them watching porn or having an affair. They do it using AI devices like Amazon Echo (details might be fictional) and the cameras on phones and laptops to secure information and make the victims crawl to them.

We saw this with Callum Aldrich, who was asked to reach a certain spot by David, or else Callum’s screenshots would be sent to everyone in his contact list. Robey and Arkady are portrayed as unhinged sociopaths who want to connect with similar-minded people on the internet. They create a red room called the Red Bunker to invite all those people and enjoy the misery of their victims. Schenk called “Red rooms” fictional, but Robey’s initiative brought one to reality. The show makes a bold statement about the dark side of human nature and how it can quickly lead to horrible things.

Who is Georgette, and what is her connection to David? 

Georgette is David’s ex-wife. She is the burnt woman Luther and Odette contact to get David’s location and his evil plans. David traumatizes her through his actions. She initially wanted to stop David and admonish him for his sociopathic tendencies. But David responded by lighting her on fire.  Moreover, Schenk said that “each of the men claims to have a wife burn to death in a house fire in Ecclestone square” when investigating a commonality between all the victims. It is suggested that David is taking out his anger on both Georgette and all his victims because of what the world thinks of him.

His accomplices, including Arkady, fall in the same category. They worked on the same premise as David, thinking that the world ridiculed them for embracing their inner darkness while hypocritically being in the same boat.  

How does Luther escape Hawksmoor’s maximum security prison?

Luther gets a hostile reception from the inmates due to him being a former policeman. At the same time, Corinne gets a call from Callum. He asks her to get him. She goes to a big white house and sees his phone ringing in an isolated room. Other people too reach the house. And we see the dead bodies of the young kids hanging from the ceiling. Their phones are kept on the floor. Soon, the room catches on fire, and the masked man mocks them from outside. The house belonged to a Saudi national who had not come to Britain in five years. 

Luther is given a note with “65.8” written on it. It refers to a frequency on the radio. Luther hears Callum’s screams on the radio. David calls Luther, mocks him, saying he met him at a bus station, and even offered him a mint. He wanted to test if Luther could see that he was a killer. Corinne visits him. She admonishes him for breaking the promise. Luther calls Raine, and she warns him to stay away. Luther says David will be doing something even big, and this was all a warning. She doesn’t listen.

He asks Dennis, a friend from an older case, to break him out. He purposely asks police officers to cause a riot. They follow his requests, and the inmates head to Luther’s room. He is able to wade them off and stay alive. The police transfer Luther out, and Dennis intercepts them. 

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What leads Schenk and Luther to David’s location at Piccadilly Circus? 

Martin finds the note with frequency after being requested by Odette to help. Luther uses frequency to track down its source. Derek is the man whom David used to relay the message. Martin accompanies the police, who reach the source location. How did the transmitter get there? Derek refuses to answer. Luther pleads with his good instincts, and Derek complies. The box came by courier. He met a man online who was into extreme submission porn. They met and exchanged details. One night that man was waiting at Derek’s house. But the catfisher recorded everything and now blackmails Derek. He gives Luther a phone that the catfisher uses to text him.

 Luther then asks Schenk to trace the number he sent him. He agrees. That is how he got David’s location. The phone is at Piccadilly circus. Martin also tells Raine about it. We see that the targeted people are made to stand on roofs and ready to commit suicide. Police are also after Luther, whom they have caught up on cameras. He catches David, but all the people start jumping and creating chaos. He is able to get away despite Luther giving the chase. But he catches up, and they have a fight. Luther pins David down, but a policeman intercepts and hits Luther in the head. David knifes the policeman and runs away. Luther tries to bandage him up. And it turns out Jamal worked with Luther before. Jamal asks Luther to run. 

Luther calls Martin and asks tells him about the patterns between victims. In the right circumstance, the fear of being called out/shame is more powerful than the fear of death. That is how David targets his victims, and they are forced into saying what he asks of them.

Luther The Fallen Sun Ending Explained

How do Luther and Odette find David and stop him?

Luther: The Fallen Sun. Idris Elba as John Luther in Luther: The Fallen Sun. Cr. John Wilson/Netflix © 2023
Luther: The Fallen Sun. Idris Elba as John Luther in Luther: The Fallen Sun. Cr. John Wilson/Netflix © 2023

David and Arkady are running a red room. Luther informs Martin of the same. Martin ironically says to Luther, “You’re a better man than you ever allowed yourself to be.” He calls Luther’s actions “one last hurrah before his death wish comes true.” Georgette told Odette something in her ear, and she started packing her bags. Luther asks Martin to go with the police to GOergette’s room as David will send his source in the police there to kill her. David asks Archie to visit Georgette, and that will be it. Odette used her passport to go to a place in the snow lands somewhere in Scotland. 

Luther lost his wife before, and that changed him. Archie tries to kill Georgette, but Martin is there waiting. Archie kills himself out of shame. Luther and Odette make their way to the location given by Georgette. They find dead bodies floating under the ice on the route. They go to a large house, and it seems like Anya is dead. Eventually, they find the bodies hanging from the ceiling. Odette is inconsolable and sends John out of the room. But she sees the tattoos on the body’s hand and realizes it is not Anya. Arkady attacks her and takes her hostage.

John chases a shadow. It is David who attacks Luther. He is tied up and becomes the centerpiece of David’s show. Red Bunker steams live, and David announces Luther as the show’s surprise opening act. “Sociopaths don’t like to be policed,” says David. The red bunker is a place for them to express themselves and be safe from the police. Odette is also brought into the room and asked to knife Luther if she wants Anya to be alive, who is in the other room with Arkady. 

David’s purpose is philosophical. He wants to show what a monster these good and self-righteous people are. David mocks them and shows how circumstances can justify the means for these people. Luther is asked to break Odette’s knee cap but he can’t. He announces to everyone they will be arrested, and the users scamper off the platform.

Georgette told the police the location. Luther mocks David for his weakness of character. He tries to escape, and Luther runs after him. Odette saves Anya, but Arkady is still there. He initiates the burn sequence. Odette and Anya survive the room when Luther uses David’s phone to open the door for them. Arkady is killed in the fire. Luther tussles with David in the car that he is driving. 

The car breaks through the thin ice, and nose dives into the pool of water we saw the bodies floating under. David is able to get out of the car but cannot hold his breath and drowns. The police get there just in time to save Luther. Even though Schenk and Odette congratulate him, he needs to be arrested. But to Luther’s surprise, he is taken to a government-safe house. It is revealed that “the chief” has a job offer for Luther. The screen cuts to black. It seems like there will be more sequels to the story, given that ending.

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Luther: The Fallen Sun (2023) Cast:  Idris Elba, Andry Serkis, and Cynthia Erivo
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