Mayor of Kingstown (Season 2) Episode 5: Previously, on ‘Mayor of Kingstown,’ we witnessed increasing violence inside the Tent City prison and the town outside. While Mike was still concerned about Iris’ safety, he was also concerned about Bunny’s and the other leaders’, who had entered the prison as part of an agreement with him.

Amidst the constantly rising pressure on this liaison, the prison encountered another shocking incident that is bound to create a long-lasting impact on the town’s safety and security. When Mike reached there, the gates were wide open. He is distraught because he walks around with the responsibility of the entire Kingstown’s peace of mind on his shoulders.

In the new episode, directed by Guy Ferland, we witness Mike dealing with the repercussions of these terrible circumstances. Let’s take a spoiler-filled look into what happens in ‘Kill Box.’

Mayor of Kingstown (Season 2) Episode 5 Recap:

Episode 5: Kill Box

Mike’s (Jeremy Renner) office is swamped with people seeking his help. Since his mind is occupied with clearing out the mess from the prison, Rebecca (Nichole Galicia) is left to deal with their anger. One of these people is Bunny’s (Tobi Bamtefa) cousin – Rhonda, who demands to speak with him immediately. So, he meets with her to speak about his deal with Bunny and about trying his best to get him out of there. Since the unrest also disrupts her personal life, she orders him to look after Bunny and get him out safely. Mike assures her that it will get done.

Meanwhile, we see Bunny inside a prison cell, in between the shouting and screaming of other inmates from the outside. He looks out to find one of them getting killed in a gruesome manner. Seeing this man’s skull being torn apart, Bunny worries for his safety in this place.

To learn where Bunny is, Mike calls a prison guard to search inside the prison. While this guard does not have a clue about where Bunny and the other gang leaders are, he is vigilant about it. He looks around to find two of those leaders. Then, Mike orders this guard to keep an eye on them while constantly looking for Bunny. Then he goes to meet Ian (Hugh Dillon), Stevie (Derek Webster), and Kyle (Taylor Handley) about the bonds they procured at the station. Mike suspects that Milo (Aidan Gillen) must be looking out for that huge amount and will stay back in the town to get hold of it. So, they must be on alert about it.

Unlike Mike, Kyle sees no point in following Milo’s traces. He thinks that if Milo gets the money, he will run away, and it will help them get rid of a big problem. Instead of finding him, Kyle believes they should work on getting Bunny out. But Mike is perhaps invested in the well-being of Iris and of Kingstown as a whole. He feels that Milo needs to be lawfully reprimanded for disturbing their peace.

Inside the prison, Bunny is left alone with other inmates. He is scared to socialize due to the fear of being killed. However, he soon gets approached by a black inmate who professes his loyalty to him and mentions that all the black inmates consider him (Bunny) to be the leader. Bunny appreciates this gesture and walks back inside. On his way, he speaks with another inmate about his worry for his family’s safety. He then talks about Mike’s plan for controlling the chaos. That’s when he sees a white man dropped down dead due to some injury. That brings the prison guard’s attention to Bunny, who learns that he is in prison.

Mayor of Kingstown (Season 2), Episode 4 Recap and Ending Explained

Meanwhile, Kyle gets a call saying that he has been cleared for duty by the KPD, which is supposed to make him happy since the charges against him have been discarded. He mentions this news to his wife – Tracy (Nishi Munshi), who asks whether he wants to pursue that job or go work with Mike instead. He is unsure of what job to pick for his future. Furthermore, he worries that he will be a terrible father to their child. She comforts him and tells him to take more time to heal before going back to being a cop again.

Mike goes to the scene of the crime, where the police rescue a woman’s dead body, which is heavily scarred. He sees it as a sign of violence to procure the bonds back from the police. He believes that the town’s security is in jeopardy until the bonds are not kept moving.

Inside the prison, Kareem (Michael Beach) gathers all the gang leaders (including Bunny), who are supposed to be transferred from the Tent City prison to the Kingstown penitentiary. One of them mentions that Mike should stay truthful to his words before making them enter the prison. But Kareem ignores his request and warns them all instead, saying if they create a disturbance, they will bear the brunt of it. After he leaves, another leader threatens Mike’s life for not following up on his agreement. That makes Bunny scared for his life.

On the other hand, Mike goes to meet Rhonda at her hairdressing shop. She believes that he considers ‘showing up’ as an act of courtesy. Mike takes it personally and assures her that he is someone who always stands by his words. Meanwhile, Kareem learns from a prison guard about an inmate who was taken to the infirmary and then brought to ICU. The guard does not think that death is natural but a part of a bigger plan against them. That leaves Kareem even more distressed about how they should tackle this grave issue.

In his bar, a man takes Joseph (Geroge Tchortov) away to get him to meet Milo. Inside a church, Milo questions him about killing the man who had the bonds that he was looking for. He does not like the way Joseph handled the matter and asks about it. Due to Milo’s intimidating presence, Joseph ends up apologizing for not being able to make the man talk and, instead, murdering him. Sensing Joseph’s incompetency, Milo decides to fix this financial matter himself.

In prison, Mike sends Bunny a phone to talk to him. He senses that Bunny is clearly distressed by the omnipresent danger and offers to secure his family until the plan to get him out pans out. Meanwhile, the bonds inside the police custody get stolen by a hooded figure, who is most probably one of Milo or Joseph’s men. Mike learns about it. He then orders Stevie to go through the security footage to find who took it and then destroy the tapes.

Mayor of Kingstown (Season 2) Episode 5, Ending, Explained:

Ian meets an inmate named Charlie to procure details about their case. He makes Charlie feel comfortable to open up by offering security for his family for sharing the information. Meanwhile, Kareem goes to the hospital to see the condition of the Tent City inmate, who has been terribly wounded and is on the cusp of death. From another officer, he learns that the responsibility is being directed onto their prison.

Meanwhile, Mike comes to the prison to meet Bunny and speaks about his further plan. He mentions that he has something to offer to D.A. that can get Bunny out. However, Bunny does not see a point in waiting and fears for his safety. Mike recognizes his distress and tells him to stay the course and not to do anything reckless. But Bunny is not optimistic about his escape anymore, largely because of Mike’s failure to help him.

After their dialogue, when the prison guard takes Bunny back to his cell, he gets stopped by some other officers. They take away Bunny and put him in solitary confinement. Mike learns about it and calls Kareem to speak about it. But he cannot connect with him (probably because he is dealing with the stress of the wounded inmate). Meanwhile, the man who spoke earlier about solidarity with Bunny burns one other gang leader to death. Mike is in the parking lot when this happens, and he realizes that things have already taken a nasty turn.

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