Missed Connections (2023) Netflix Movie Ending Explained

Missed Connections (2023) Movie Ending Explained (1)

Missed Connections (2023), Netflix Movie Ending Explained: Jelise Chung’s ‘Missed Connections’ follows the story of a hopeless romantic. Mae, who meets Norman by a chance encounter, falls madly in love with him. For some reason, she just can’t seem to forget him. While her business isn’t doing too well, she spends all her time and energy on getting the man of her dreams. Her obsession leads her to several complicated experiences that change her outlook toward love, life, and relationships. 

The Flipino romantic comedy stars Miles Ocampo, Kelvin Miranda, Chienna Filomeno, JC Santos, Matet De Leon, and Jerico Arceo. Let’s find out what the screenwriter meant by the ending of this Netflix rom-com. 

*Spoilers ahead*

Missed Connections (2023) Plot Summary & Movie Synopsis:

We meet Mae (Miles Ocampo), a young woman, shopping at a grocery store. One of her clients calls her, angry at her terrible service. He had ordered a T-shirt from her website but had not received it for over two weeks. She eventually loses her calm and replies rudely to the client for calling her a scamster. Still lost in those thoughts, she walks to another aisle of products. Over there, she notices a guy arranging things inside the compartment and asks him for a product. He hands it over to her.

Within the next few moments, Mae realizes that this man wasn’t a worker but another customer like her. He says he was trying to tidy up the messy compartment. She follows him to the cashier’s counter and looks at him like a goofy lover. So, the cashier ends up thinking the two are together and adds one of Mae’s shopped items to his bill. He gives Mae that muffin and leaves the store. She follows him outside the store. But he leaves before they can meet. She opens the ‘Missed Connections’ app and posts details about this guy, hoping to eventually meet him.

Mae’s auntie (Matet De Leon), who separated from her partner, now spends her time gardening and making social media videos of her work. Mae laments how she has no such clue about what to do with her life as her aunt does. Suddenly, she notices a notification on the Missed Connections app. The guy she bumped into in the grocery store asked about a girl that matched her description. She thinks getting him is her calling, so she decides to meet him. 

Her aunt says she shouldn’t be fixated on a man. But Mae is unconcerned about such pieces of advice. She starts talking with Norman (Kelvin Miranda) on the app and starts stalking him on Friendspace. She learns that he is a web designer, gamer, and cosplay geek. Her ex-boyfriend, Mark (JC Santos), still appears in her imagination and talks against her pursuing Norman. She does not care about what Mark thinks about it either. 

Mae goes up to a restaurant, as discussed with Norman. Unfortunately, he didn’t mean her but someone else as his ‘grocery girl.’ She finds that embarrassing and decides to leave immediately. He thinks it would be too impolite to let her leave like that. So, he stops her and asks her to join him for a meal. She is over the moon about it. 

While having food, Mae reveals the bad state of her T-shirt business. Norman looks at her website and suggests improving it. She says she does not have the funds to pay to improve it. He offers to do it himself, and she accepts the deal. While walking back home, she invites him to her place. He gets shy and reveals that he has never gone to a girl’s place. Eventually, he decides to trust her and goes to her place. 

Norman finds it extremely untidy but makes peace with it for the time being. He looks at her website and thinks of ways to improve its design. In her imagination, Mark tells her not to pursue Norman, but she hopelessly falls in love with this stranger. She later has a heart-to-heart about her work. She ended up putting down things she could not say in her life on her T-Shirts. He empathizes with her. It makes her fall in love with him even more. 

The next morning, Norman looks through her T-Shirt designs. He realizes that she has just a single word written on them. So he suggests calling her website – a One Word T-Shirt. He keeps working on the website with her, and despite imaginary Mark’s skepticism, Mae gets infatuated with this web designer. Norman eventually shows the finished, improved design. Since his work is done, he decides to pursue the original Grocery Girl. He asks Mae for a hand in friendship. 

A still from Missed Connections (2023), now streaming on Netflix.
A still from Missed Connections (2023), now streaming on Netflix.

Mae’s aunt advises her to let go of the man, but she disagrees. She keeps texting, and he doesn’t respond. He eventually calls her to say that he is busy with his sister’s engagement preparations. He also reveals that he met the Grocery Girl – Julia Diaz (Chienna Filomeno), and plans to go on an actual date with her. Mae stalks Julia online to find out she is a vlogger, a beauty influencer, and a bar salon owner. 

Imaginary Mark jokes about how Mae’s hair is messy, unlike Julia’s. So, Mae decides to visit Julia’s salon as a customer. Despite her busy schedule, Julia finds some spare time to give Mae a haircut. That’s when the two talk about their personal lives. Mae reveals she is in love with a guy who is in love with another girl. Julia advises Mae should pursue the guy regardless of that. 

Later, Mae texts Norman to check if he is free to meet. He invites her to his current location. She goes thinking it is a date, But upon reaching there, she realizes he was there with his coworkers. Because of her new look, Norman’s friends assume Mae is Julia. Anyhow, since she and Norman are just friends at the moment, Mae tries to prove that their friendship is more important than love. 

Mae later attends an event at Julia’s salon. Julia recalls Mae was her customer and offers her a service. Norman eventually meets Mae outside the event since he feels just as out of place as her inside. He soon walks in and starts dancing with Julia. Suddenly, Julia decides to kiss Norman, which makes Mae jealous. She goes home and keeps drinking to ease her pain. Mark comes again in her imagination and says how they were separated because she did not reciprocate his feelings. 

In her sad state, Mae tries to find some dirt on Julia online. She eventually finds some articles saying Julia cheated on her ex with someone else. Without knowing whether it’s true or not, Mae decides to share it on social media. The next morning, she realizes that her post turned into gossip and defamed Julia. Unfortunately, everyone blames Julia. So, she ends up deactivating all her accounts out of shame. It also results in Julia and Norman’s breakup, who thinks he is just one of the guys who got pulled into her gravity. 

When Mae meets Norman at a bar, he invites her to a family dinner. She thinks she is being invited as his girlfriend and starts preparing with the same intention. Her family members also assume that she is his girlfriend. He reveals that she isn’t. He then tells Mae that they all thought they are dating because he had never brought a girl with him. While he sees Mae only as a friend, she keeps asking him to be more than that. 

Suddenly, Julia shows up and gets angry at Norman for being with Mae. He follows Julia outside to learn that Mae posted things about Julia online so that she could be with him instead. Besides, Julia confesses that she was truly in love with Norman. 

Norman gets mad at Mae for doing such a petty thing. Mae tries to convince him to be with her in any way possible. She says they are more compatible together than he and Julia – also says she can be an influencer like Julia. But Norman does not care about it and leaves her on her own. 

Missed Connections (2023), Netflix Movie Ending Explained:

After Norman’s final rejection, Mae returns home and sinks into depression. She spends lonely days in her apartment, texting Norman and expecting a response. She also deleted the Friendspace page, where she posted bad things about Julia. Eventually, she notices a box of photographs in her room. It has photos of Mark with his new girlfriend. 

Mark shows up in her imagination to say how her excessive love can be a burden and a reason for things not working out. He says she kept hanging out with these remnants of her past (i.e., him) and never learned to respect herself. She eventually slaps the imaginary Norman and decides to take control of her life. Since he keeps talking, she puts him inside a garbage bag and burns it – to metaphorically get over her past. It makes her happy. 

After getting rid of Mark, Mae starts tidying up her room. She cleans the room, takes out garbage bags, and becomes content with her emotional maturity. She also apologizes to her aunt for not trusting her advice before. Moreover, she accepts that she was the villain of the story and should not have forced her love onto Norman. 

Later, Mae meets Mark at a grocery store and has a casual interaction with him as a friend. On her work front, she grows her T-Shirt business and eventually hires some people to take care of the operations. 

Eventually, she bumps into a guy in the shop, like how she bumped into Norman. But she resists her impulse to post an update on the app to find this ‘Missed Connection.’ She also unfollows Norman on his social media and becomes pleased that he and Julia are back together. 

So, in the end, Mae decides to embrace her singlehood instead of desperately seeking a relationship as she did before. 

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