Mob Psycho 100 (Season 3) ‘Hulu’ Review, Recap & Ending Explained: Mob Psycho Explores the Importance of Mental Health (Will There be Season 4?)

Mob Pyscho 100 Season 3

Mob Psycho 100 (Season 3) ‘Hulu’ Review, Recap & Ending Explained: Mob Psycho is back, and so are all the shenanigans in Seasoning City. Based on the hugely successful Manga by ONE (Creator of One-Punch Man), “Mob Psycho 100” had two seasons produced by Bones (Full Metal Alchemist). The two seasons have been received as positively as the Manga was. The third, and probably final, season of this series aired its final episode in late December 2022. The full series is now on Hulu for streaming.

The third season has all the usual Mob Psycho tropes that we came to love. Mob, his wide range of friends and family, his cutely futile attempts at romance, the great psychic power-fueled duels, and the lies of Reigen Arataka. But this season excels at one aspect that has only been hinted at in the previous two seasons. It is the importance of mental health. “Mob Psycho 100” completes its story with great world-building and offers a heartwarming exploration of its protagonist’s struggle with mental health.

Mob Psycho 100 (Season 3) ‘Hulu’ Recap

Super Quick Recap of Previous Seasons

Mob Psycho 100 is centered around the middle school-aged boy Shigeo Kageyama, who is nicknamed “Mob.” Mob is a calm and kind boy. But he is the most powerful esper in the world. It is always a fight for Mob to stop himself from reaching 100% of his psychic powers. Hence the series name “Mob Psycho 100.”

Mob works under Reigen Arataka, who is the founder of “Spirits and Such Consultation Office.” The purpose of the endeavor is to exorcise people and places. Reigen has no psychic power but overcomes this barrier simply by confidence. Mob respects Reigen and considers him “The Master.” Reigen, although not always, has shown enough to indicate that he truly loves Mob.

Mob, his many friends, Reigen, and Mob’s brother Ritsu fought against a powerful group of espers known as “Claw.” Claw wanted espers to dominate the human world. Mob put a stop to that. In the final battle, a gigantic broccoli got raised in the middle of the city.

Psycho Helmet Cult Arc

One of the students of Mob’s school, Ichi Mezato, spearheaded the Psycho Helmet Cult movement. The disbanded members of Dimple’s religion formed this cult, and they were looking for the god-like figure who wore a hat on top of his head. This figure vanquished Dimple. Obviously, this was none other than Mob. Mob’s haircut inspired the crude caricature of the god known as “Psycho Helmet.”

In the third season, the cult becomes the first real challenge for Mob. It all starts with Dimple, the evil spirit who forsaken evil and became friends with Mob. Dimple argues with Mob, and he assumes the position of the Psycho Helmet Lord. It is to be noted that Dimple always had this desire to become God. Dimple utilizes the enigma that is the Divine Tree (the broccoli from the final fight between Mob and Claw boss Toichiro). Dimple brainwashes the entire city before Mob steps in.

Mob, instead of using force, apologizes to Dimple. Dimple, who still cares for Mob, could not look away. But, by that time, the tree itself has become a sentient being with hypnotic powers. Dimple sacrificed himself to save Mob.

Telepathy Club and Others

The season, in typical “Mob Psycho 100” fashion, had plenty of weird single-arc episodes too. The Telepathy club’s quest to find an extraterrestrial lifeform finally gets successful with help from Mob, Ritsu, and Reigen. Mob, Reigen, and Serizawa also perform their usual spirit-catching activities.

Mob Pyscho 100 Season 3

Mob also struggles with the idea that he might have become popular in the school. Things take a turn when Mob learns Tsubomi (Mob’s long-time crush) will leave school in two weeks.

Mob’s Breakdown

Mob decides to tell Tsubomi how he feels about her before she leaves. For that, he prepares himself. On the predetermined date, he sets off to meet her, flowers in his hands. That is when he gets hit by a car while trying to save a little boy. Heavily bleeding, Mob seems to lose consciousness. That is the moment when Mob’s 100% psycho self takes over his body—demolishing everything and everyone that comes his way to Tsubomi.

Mob Psycho 100 (Season 3) ‘Hulu’ Review

The third season starts a little eclectic. It might seem a bit too eclectic for some. For some, it might seem meandering. However, “Mob Psycho 100” always has that eclectic charm. Things start to escalate quickly with the “Psycho Helmet Cult” arc. By the end of the final twelfth episode, we have a beautiful finish to the entire arc of Mob Psycho.

The animation is top-notch. Especially if you are accustomed to ‘Bones’ production house works. The typical humor featuring Dimple and Reigen are there. However, Mob’s mental health exploration and the subtle acceptance of oneself take the proverbial cake. Like many manga/anime, Mob has excellent world-building. But under the guise of a young adult story, this astute discourse on mental health would put “Mob Psycho 100” in the top-tier manga/anime series.

Mob Psycho 100 (Season 3) ‘Hulu’ Ending Explained

How Did Mob Survive the Accident?

Mob’s usual self loses consciousness to wake his 100% self. The omniscient self shares the same desire to tell Tsubomi. Despite the difference in power, both parts of Mob always harbored a soft corner for Tsubomi. Fueled by this desire, the omniscient part of Mob takes control of the body. It is not difficult for that god-like self to overcome mere bodily obstacles like losing blood.

This Mob ruthlessly destroys everything that tries to stop him, including his good friend Teru Hanazawa. Teru, a great esper himself, could only stop this Mob for a couple of minutes. The city authorities see no choice but to deploy one person who might have a chance. It is the incarcerated Claw boss, Toichiro. But even Toichiro, and his son, Sho, could not pose a great challenge to Mob.

Ritsu rushes in to save his elder brother. Seeing Ritsu, Mob stops, but it is not enough. The internal fight between the two Mobs seems to go the way of the all-powerful, cynical Mob. It is at that moment, Reigen enters the field

How Did Reigen Save Mob?

Reigen Arataka has no psychic power. That much was always confirmed. He is primarily a fraud. However, at times, he has shown great aptitude that surpasses all the great psychic powers. He had done the same when Mob transferred him his powers last season. This time, Reigen bravely goes against the most powerful psychic force in the world: his disciple, Mob.

The all-powerful part of Mob always knew Reigen was a fraud. This part chastises Mob for tolerating Reigen for so long. But despite seemingly knowing everything, this super being underestimates Reigen’s earnestness. Reigen truly loves Mob. So, when Reigen confronts the 100% Mob (with help from the returning Dimple), both Mobs are surprised. Reigen confesses to knowing nothing and using Mob’s talent for his gain. This changes the situation. The omniscient part finally sees Reigen’s love and accepts the benevolent Mob’s outlook.

Mob calms down as both opposing parts now accept each other within him.

Will There be a Fourth Season?

Mob proposes to Tsubomi but gets turned down. But he does not lose himself again. He cries his way out. With time he starts smiling with his friends. He even continues to have phone conversations with Tsubomi as a friend. These are the indications that Mob has stopped himself from repressing. The struggle to not reach 100% is no longer valid. So, it is the perfect ending to the story.

With that, we see all the other characters’ arcs ending beautifully. Everyone gathering at Reigen’s office to celebrate his birthday is an underlining epilogue.

Above all, the creator of the Manga, ONE, has not extrapolated on the story and seems to have ended it. And the third season of the anime covers everything from the Manga. So, there is little chance of a fourth season.

However, there is a chance of a spin-off on Reigen Arataka, as there is spin-off manga series for that. So, Mob fans might have that to look forward to.

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