Directed by Derek Pike, the thriller “Model House” revolves around Zoe’s journey from getting a chance to become a renowned model to ending up on a night full of terrors. “Model House” opens up with a very prominent shot that will intrigue the audience about what the film can produce in the later chapters. But, surprisingly, the film lacks depth in the characters as well as in the plot. The climax is very rushed because Derek Pike takes a longer time to establish the threat, and then when 85 minutes are up, you find yourself in a very predictable premise with not much to praise. But, considering the length of the movie, it can be considered a good thriller for a one-time watch.

Spoilers Ahead

Model House (2024) Plot Summary and Movie Synopsis:

The film starts with a renowned model named Bella Baylor talking to her model friend Sydney over the phone while some of her fans take a selfie with her. Bella is crossing the road when a car hits her, and she is dead on the spot. Later, we see Zoe, an upcoming model, scrolling through Bella’s news on her phone. Zoe is Bella’s replacement for a model shoot. She is being mentored by Nadia, one of the senior models. Nadia is very helpful and Zoe starts to grab the attention of the photographer on the very first day of her shoot.

What do the Models learn about Zoe?

Zoe’s innocence attracts Nadia along with the others on the first day when she is called to be in the center of the image. Out of excitement, she slips, falls, and gets a swollen foot. The models are given a property to spend the night and Zoe arrives there. Later that night Zoe finds a random stranger texting her, sending a link to a wildlife video as they both are interested in biology and animals. Other models in the house, such as Nadia, Trudy, Carla, and Sydney, start to know Zoe better.

Trudy tells Zoe not to reply to direct messages on Instagram because renowned models do not do that. Carla is of Spanish origin, and she brags about her perfect figure more than anything else. She even mocks Sydney for her chubby figure, which results in a spat between the two. As time progresses, they learn that Zoe does not talk to her father because he used to hit her mother when she was a child.

She never liked whenever her father returned home drunk. Her mother decided to leave her father. From that time onward, she never answered his phone calls because she knew that her father was drunk and he would share his guilt for not taking good care of Zoe. Zoe does not want to listen to this because she believes she has seen enough of her father’s mistakes, and these guilt-talks won’t matter much.

How does Nadia’s boyfriend track her?

Zoe learns that Nadia lives with her boyfriend, Steven, But since they recently broke up, Nadia is more than happy to stay inside the model house. While the girls are having fun in the evening, they find out that a car stops outside the property. Steven knocks at the door, and seeing Nadia annoyed about this, the others make fun of the situation. Nadia opens the door to talk with Steven and sees Trudy and Sydney making vulgar gestures at them.

Anyway, Steven tries to sort things out with Nadia. She seems interested in his apologetic nature. However, she says that she deserves some privacy and alone time before she thinks anything further. She later wonders how Steven even knows where she is staying so he says Nadia forgot that they both shared their locations with each other. Nadia asks Steven to leave as no guests are allowed inside the house. Subsequently, the couple bid goodbye to each other as Steven leaves for his home.

What Do the Intruders Want?

Later that night, when Carla and Sydney have a spat, Nadia offers comfort to Sydney. Sydney smokes a joint for a while and finds a car parked outside the property. Sydney slowly walks toward it. Suddenly, a man holds her at gunpoint. Later, two intruders enter the model house and hold all five models captive. The models do not have any clue what they actually want. Finally, the female intruder says that they want their followers to participate.

The intruders are wearing masks so their faces can not be seen. Their plan is to post the models’ pictures from their social media accounts and ask their followers to donate to a certain link, which will eventually redirect the money to the intruders’ accounts. Their target is to collect 1 million dollars through this process. After that, they will leave without harming the models. They start posting pictures where the models wear more revealing dresses to grab the attention of their followers.

How Does Carla Die?

Since the process takes longer than the intruders expected, they want the models to go live and ask for funds. Trudy agrees to do that so that they can all get rid of the mess as soon as possible. Seeing Trudy go live, Carla willingly shows her desire to perform as well. Carla asks the female intruder to tap the live button as she starts flaunting her body. Suddenly, she screams to call the police as they are being held hostage inside the house.

The female intruder outsmarts Carla as she doesn’t even go live yet and then smiles at Carla’s innocence. However, Carla tries to grab her phone and go live to seek help. At this moment, the female intruder accidentally pushes Carla, and she hits against a table and dies on the spot. The male intruder fears that things have gone beyond their control and asks his partner to leave the place with whatever money they have. However, the female partner reminds him of his dreams of traveling the world and manipulates him into staying.

Who kills Steven?

Model House (2024) Movie Ending Explained
A still from “Model House” (2024)

Steven, on his way back, sees Nadia and her friends are seeking money for a fundraiser and he donates some amount. He finds it very odd that Nadia does not mention anything about this charity thing she is doing all of a sudden. So, he heads back to the house to talk to Nadia about this. He finds the male intruder (this time, he removes his mask) answering the door. Steven is shocked to see him as Nadia earlier told him that no guests are allowed inside the house except for the models. The man tells Steven that Nadia is not inside and he should leave.

Steven thinks that Nadia is still angry, so he decides to stay for a little longer. However, he goes to the backyard to see if anything is wrong and finds the girls tied up inside. Steven gets hold of the male intruder and snatches the gun from him. Later, he asks the female intruder to free the girls, and out of nowhere, Steven is shot from behind. Steven dies on the spot as we see the third intruder, Flip, enter the scene and shoot Steven. Flip is not wearing any mask, and he is a totally unpredictable guy.

Model House (2024) Movie Ending Explained:

How Does Zoe Manage to Escape?

After Flip’s arrival, things start to gain more pace than before as his sister, the female intruder, Annie, has been accidentally shot by Zoe. Zoe was taking advantage of Flip and other intruders not being around. She takes the gun, and while returning to her place, Flip grabs her. Right at that moment, Thomas, the male intruder, stops Flip from doing any harm to Zoe as he does not want any more casualties.

In between, seeing Zoe has a gun in her hand, Annie tries to take it away from her and is accidentally shot. Annie is severely injured while Flip and Thomas go to the garage to take care of Carla and Steven’s bodies. Later, when Zoe sees Flip slapping Annie in front of them, it triggers her survival instinct as she has seen her father slapping her mother. She plans an escape and somehow manages to fulfill that plan. But unfortunately, during the process, Flip kills Trudy, and Nadia is stabbed numerous times by him.

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When Nadia and others are trying to fight against Flip and Annie, Nadia informs the police. Thomas shoots at Nadia a couple of times to stop her from escaping, but ultimately, she manages to escape. In the meantime, Sydney has choked Annie to death, but later, Flip has already killed her. Later, Thomas, being tied up by the girls, helps Zoe with the gun, and she shoots Flip multiple times to get rid of him.

Thomas explains that it was all Annie’s plan as she always wanted that kind of followers for herself just like the models. He says that Annie used to text Zoe, and when Zoe pressed the link to the wildlife video, their location was exposed. The police arrive and catch Thomas. They secure all the dead bodies, and at the end of the film, we see Annie is still alive, and she escapes from the police somehow. Zoe is the only model who manages to escape the terrifying night.


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