In “Monsieur Spade” Episode 4, Clive Owen’s enigmatically jaded detective stops clutching at straws and probes at the right places. As Liz Danvers from another ongoing detective show, HBO’s “True Detective,” would say, Spade has started to ask the right questions, with himself answering most of those. Scott Frank of “The Queen’s Gambit” fame and co-writer Tom Fontana have taken strides in putting the pieces together for this mystery thriller.

Let us recap the fourth episode and analyze its ending.

Monsieur Spade Episode 4 Recap:

We start with a flashback of Gabrielle (Chiara Mastroianni) taking a nighttime stroll with her then-husband, Jacques. The stroll quickly became an execution for Jacques, who had betrayed the country and was trying to flee to Argentina. We see all the inhabitants of the quaint town of Bozouls, including the current Chief of police, Patrice (Denis Menochet), firing their guns at Jacques—a la Murder-on-the-Orient-Express. And Philippe Saint-Andre (Jonathan Zaccai) saw everything, with his mother, Audrey (Caroline Silhol).

Back in the present day, Spade (Clive Owen) is about to be killed by the masked intruders we saw in the last episode. Henri (Oscar Lesage) makes the timely intervention. With Henri’s help, Spade unmasks one of the intruders and starts his interrogation. He understands that they are from the French Intelligence, looking for Zayd. The next morning, Spade has another surprise. The other intruder, who was shot in the shoulder by Henri and seemingly escaped last night, is found dead in Spade’s pool.

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Henri claims he only shot at the intruder’s (who we know to be from French Intelligence) shoulder. But the body has a shot in the eye. The Fitzsimmons, George (Matthew Beard), and Cynthia (Rebecca Root) have some theories about what could have happened. Spade and Patrice, who have come to investigate the murder, notice their enthusiasm. Spade also realizes, especially from Henri’s timely intervention, that Henri is not coming to the house just to help Spade. Henri, who is a sub-lieutenant, has orders too.

After Spade lets Henri go, Teresa (Cara Bossom) cajoles him to get some information. Henri does not oblige immediately. However, Teresa quickly shows how she is her mother’s daughter indeed. She kisses Henri and, with the same motion, steals a notebook from Henri’s pocket. After that, she pays a visit to her grandmother Audrey’s house. She asks the whereabouts of her father, Philippe. She asks her to tell him that some folks have tried to kidnap her, hoping to get his attention.

Monsieur Spade Episode 4 Ending Explained:

Why did Jean-Pierre hand Zayd over to Philippe?

Samir, who was sheltering Zayd, gets constant push from his wife that the boy could bring trouble to their family. One day, his wife notices a shadowy figure keeping a watch on their house. This makes her lose her patience. Samir reaches out to Jean-Pierre (Stanley Weber). As it was the bar of Jean-Pierre and Marguerite (Louise Bourgoin) where Zayd makes his contact with Samir, it seemed to be the right place to bring him.

Monsieur Spade Episode 4: Recap & Ending Explained
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Jean-Pierre, after learning about the boy, does the thing that we expected him to do but hoped against it. He calls Philippe Saint-Andre. We know Jean-Pierre never liked Sam Spade. That is one of the key reasons for him not to go to him or the police, who are also with Spade now. Jean-Pierre and Philippe are old friends. They also have war stories to swap. And Philippe could give him the money he needs to buy the vineyard off Spade.

So, Jean-Pierre calls Philippe to take the boy from his hands. Philippe visits Samir’s house. The thing he immediately does is kill the shadowy figure who was watching Samir’s house. Philippe mentions that the man was from Saudi Intelligence. After that, he meets Zayd. He whistles a tune, and Zayd responds to that by whistling back. It is to be reminded that Philippe did spend many months sheltering Zayd. They do seem to have a strange bond. The episode ends with Philippe leaving with Zayd.

Who Killed the French Intelligence Intruder?

The second intruder, whom Henri claims to have only winged, is killed by some other assailant. The body is discovered by the Fitzsimmons, and George blabbers a lot about how the man could have met his fate. It seems highly likely it was the Fitzsimmons who killed the man. It also feels likely that Spade has worked that out. Obviously, we already know that the Fitzsimmons are also on a secret mission. We saw them bugging Spade’s house and listening to the invasion. George had a gun out and wanted to intervene but was stopped by Cynthia.

It is likely George used the same gun on the other intruder and killed him. Spade investigates for a little while at the Fitzsimmons’ house, having breakfast. The antenna on the roof mostly confirms his suspicion. Although his investigation is cut short as he gets found by Cynthia, he sees enough to know (and tell Patrice) that the Fitzsimmons are not what they seem.

Who did Marguerite Visit?

In the last episode, we saw Marguerite stalked by a man named Chastain. In this episode, we finally see Marguerite relenting to Chastain’s pressure and visiting the man Chastain wanted her to visit. The man is Jean-Pierre’s father, Denis. It seems that both Jean-Pierre and his father fell for Marguerite. Denis seemingly used his influence to draft Jean-Pierre into the army so that he no longer thinks of Marguerite as he would be in the war. We know the war messed up Jean-Pierre really well.

It is understandable now why Marguerite and Jean-Pierre hate Denis. Denis kept all the letters Jean-Pierre wrote to Marguerite. As he is dying now, he gave them back to Marguerite. But it does not seem to soften Marguerite. After going back home, Marguerite confides to Jean-Pierre about this trip to meet the dying Denis. Jean-Pierre seems nonplussed, highlighting one more time how much they both hate Denis.

Who Were the Intruders?

As Spade rightly said, it appears that everyone is looking for the boy, from the Vatican to the CIA. The intruders belong to SDECE, the French Intelligence. Philippe also worked in SDECE. It was his mission to capture the boy and bring him to Paris. But, he went rogue and did not return the boy to French authorities. Spade, more or less, figures this out himself. Spade allows the intruder, the French Intelligence officer, to leave. But he tells him to convey a message to his superior that he is on their side.

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