Dave Thomas’ “Murder at Country Club” is a 2023 crime-drama starring Alex Mitchell, Adam Harper, Kyle Findley, Layla Cushman, Cody Kahaku, Dilon Ballard, Donald Ome, Alex Bowling, and more. The movie follows the story of Cassie, who joins the Pinecrest Country Club as a new assistant account manager. Just a few days into her job, Cassie discovers many financial discrepancies in the company’s account, embroiling Cassie in a web of corruption, secrets, and danger involving the club’s leadership. Amidst complex relationships and suspicious motives, an incident puts lives at stake, forcing Cassie to navigate treacherous paths and expose the truth.

Murder at Country Club (2023) Plot Summary & Movie Synopsis:

The movie begins at the Pinecrest Country Club, and we see Adam (Adam Harper) trying to land a putter. Adam’s date for the night continuously interrupts his game, trying to divert his attention toward herself. In anger, Adam pushes her, and the latter hits her head on the golf cart and dies. Realizing the gravity of the situation, Adam contacts a mysterious someone, informing them of the problem and asking them to take care of it. Adam is an ignorant man who believes money can open all doors. Adam has a tendency to walk over others and treat them like they’re nothing just because their wallets are not as heavy as his. The movie introduces the audience to Cassie (Alex Mitchell), who’s very excited to start her new job as an assistant account manager at Adam’s Country Club.

Even though Cassie is having first-day jitters, she’s confident she can excel in her new job. Cassie was hired after the last manager departed abruptly, leaving everything in the mess. Cassie asks Eva (Layla Cushman) why her predecessor, Lisa Harkin, left the job. But the latter advises her not to poke her nose in matters that don’t concern her. Moreover, Cassie also finds that the operations account is empty, which is odd. The following morning, Cassie discovers Frank coming out of Eva’s office, suggesting they’re having an affair. In addition to being a wealthy man with mediocre golfing skills, Frank is a womanizer who has sexual relationships with many of the female staffers. However, this was just a prelude to what was coming her way.

How Was Frank Sanders Changing the Country Club?

While checking the last year’s cost report, Cassie finds that the total exceeds what they have in their current budget. Cassie tries confirming this with Eva, who advises her to disregard those numbers completely. According to Eva, the accounting team co-mingled the data from multiple events, but she caught it before it circulated to the membership. Eva also mentioned that she has transferred some funds from the payroll account to compensate for the deficit. Casie’s sister, Tracy, creates a scene in the club’s lobby, claiming that the administration has something to do with her sister’s disappearance. Eva responded that Lisa was dealing with some personal issues and left without saying anything.

Tracy, on the other hand, staunchly believes that Lisa was murdered after she discovered the club’s illegal financial models. Cassie mentions this to her father, Brad (Donald Ome), who’s also a respected member of the club. Brad reveals that the club finances have been going downhill ever since Frank Sanders took over as the president. Frank established new policies to raise cash following his joining and even started a new membership drive to lure more members. Moreover, Frank also started taking money from the payroll account to sustain his affluent lifestyle.

The staffers learned from Milo (Cody Kahaku) that the club plans to cut their pay by 20% in the coming weeks. The club is throwing a huge tournament next week, and instead of giving its employees a bonus, they intend to cut their pay. Milo tries to convince his friends and fellow caddies to go on a strike while they have leverage. However, others reject Milo’s idea, fearing for their job. Milo also reveals that the club’s scholarship fund is a scam, and they’re taking way more money than they’re giving out.

Murder at Country Club (2023) Movie Ending Explained
Cade Gass as Owen in “Murder at the Country Club”

Eventually, Milo spills the beans to the media, leading Jamie (Kyle Findley) to investigate the matter. Cassie realizes that something illegal is going on at the club, and Lacy Harkin is the center of it. She breaks into Eva’s office to find any clues that can help her figure out what happened to Lisa. As luck would have it, Cassie encounters Milo, who surprisingly has the same idea. Milo reveals that there is a lot of shady business going on in the country club, and the administration is embezzling money from the scholarship funds.

Murder at Country Club (2023) Movie Ending Explained:

What Happened to Eva & Frank?

Jeb (Dilon Ballard), one of Milo’s friends, has been secretly working for Frank all along. He betrays Milo by revealing his investigation into the scholarship fund to Frank, putting Milo in danger. Frank tries to run Milo over with his car to save his secret, clearly intending to eliminate him. Miraculously, Milo survives the hit. However, he ends up in a coma due to the severity of the impact. Later, Frank and his men try to eliminate Tracy, Lisa’s sister, by sabotaging her bar.

Thankfully, the only damage Lisa sustained in the crash was some minor stretching and scratches. After learning about Milo, Eva instructs Cassie to visit him in the hospital and check on his condition. As Cassie arrives at the hospital and stands in the parking area, she overhears Jeb talking to Frank about the horrifying incident – Milo being intentionally hit by a car. Meanwhile, Frank meets Venessa, his illegal business partner, who presents him with her demands, threatening to out his secret to the world if Frank fails to deliver.

Lisa and Jamie’s story is compelling, but since it lacks evidence, they can’t pressure the police to release Lisa’s case files. With no choice, Cassie confronts Eva about the scholarship fund. Realising Cassie is getting too close to the truth, Eva terminates her contract and threatens to hurt her if she investigates any further. Cassie tries to convince Jeb to go to the cops and tell them everything he knows about Frank, but it proves ineffective. That same night, Cassie breaks into the club and prints the document Lisa was printing before she vanished. Fortunately, she overhears Frank and Eva conversing about their plans.

Frank finds Cassie hiding in the archive room. Eva pulls out her gun and forces Frank to drag her to the court. In reality, Frank has no role to play in Lisa’s death. He only advised Eva to scare Lisa so she would stop investigating them. Instead, Eva took a permanent route and killed her. She also tried eliminating Milo and sabotaged Tracy’s car to cover her traces. Frank tries to convince Eva to drop the gun, asserting they can take their chances in court. On the other hand, Eva is in no mood for talk and shoots Frank. Next, she aims the gun at Cassie. But before Eva can pull the trigger, Tracy intervenes and extracts a confession from him. As the movie draws closer, the cops arrive at the scene and arrest Eva for her crimes.

Who was Venessa? What Was Frank and Eva Planning?

Venessa ran a call-girl service and supplied her wealthy clients with sex workers. Frank Sanders was one of his oldest clients. Things got sour between them when Frank accidentally kills one of his most sought-after girls by pushing her against the golf cart. Venessa took care of the matter and soon after began blackmailing Frank for money, claiming his action put a big dent in her business. Frank paid a substantial sum to Venessa on multiple occasions to save his neck, but the latter kept getting greedy. Venessa even threatened Frank for 20 % of whatever they planned to embezzle from the club.

As for Eva and Frank, they were planning to embezzle millions from the club. The duo was raking millions from their members in the guise of scholarship funds and membership fees, but in reality, they were gobbling the sum. Frank and Eva also planned to file for bankruptcy after they’d stolen enough money. Lisa found out about this and threatened to expose them. Frank asked Eva to scare Lisa in response, but the latter decided to silence her forever.

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