Bad Sisters (Season 1), Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: It isn’t that ‘Bad Sisters’ is slowing down. In fact, this penultimate episode of the season is clearly the calm before the storm. Gabriel is elevated from an incidental character to a crucial one to the plot, something that could’ve been done earlier given how likeable he is but that’s nothing to complain about. A shocking revelation is made, which again threatens the narrative congruence of the show and it seems like the season finale will have a lot to cover. Then again, nothing that has happened till now warrants any doubt on our part as to what the writers of this show are capable of.


Once underwater, JP is shaken back into consciousness and starts to flail around desperately. Gabriel notices this (he lives in a boat, as shown two episodes back) and immediately dives into the water. He saves him, much to the disappointment of the Garvey sisters who had been watching everything unfold all along. Realizing that they will be detected, they leave in a hurried fashion but Gabriel notices them nonetheless.

The following morning, JP wakes up in a hospital, physically fine but completely unaware of what happened to him the previous night. He tells Grace that he believes someone is trying to kill him, something she doesn’t believe, especially because of the suicidal voice texts he left on her phone before he nearly fell and drowned. When Grace tells his other sisters about JP’s paranoia, they become quite anxious, thinking he knows it’s them who are trying to murder him. To clean up any evidence, Becka decides to go over to JP’s place and remove the nasal spray bottle containing Rohypnol.

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It’s on this very morning that JP and Eva have their interview for the Financial Director’s post. Eva aces the interview, following which she finds out that Gabriel knows about her presence at the marina the previous night. She makes up a story that she was there to drink with him but left after seeing he was already occupied with someone else. Eva asks Gabriel to keep it a secret from JP, citing how angry he might get if he found out that Eva saw him without pants. JP arrives for his interview and does extremely well, but not before characteristically playing dirty by telling Gerald about Eva having had a breakdown from her supposed alcoholism in the past.

At JP’s place, just as Becka is cleaning up his mess from the previous night, he arrives home. She manages to find the nasal spray just in time. JP notices her secretly putting something in her pocket and when he almost physically forces her to reveal it, Blanaid’s intrusion in the scene allows her to escape, while Blanaid’s view of her father somewhat diminishes on seeing him get aggressive with a woman. The person JP believes to be behind the attempt on his life is Roger, though he can’t procure any information as to if he was out of police custody or not the previous night. After Grace returns, she tries to tell him that they need to talk about what she thinks was a suicide attempt. Not wanting to seem weak, JP insists that he isn’t suicidal and in a scuffle, pushes Grace down the stairs leading up to their house, causing her to fall and injure herself. Yet this doesn’t make him show the least bit of concern for her.

Bad Sisters (Season 1) Episode 7 Recap (2)
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Ursula’s boyfriend, Ben, comes back into her life and she can’t resist resuming their affair. At the hospital where they’re taking Grace, JP notices Ben and realizes they’re back together again. When Grace comes back to her senses, she insists that her fall was an accident, having already been gaslighted by JP. Grace asks Becka to do Minna’s shopping for her as neither she nor JP can, at the present moment.

In the present day, Matt and Becka’s romance continues to blossom and he reconciles with Thomas, who tells Matt that he’ll protect him no matter what. Theresa uncovers from JP’s file that Matt stole, that JP had told his psychologist (recommended by the hospital as a preventive measure) about his belief that someone was after his life. She asks the two of them to interrogate Gabriel about what happened that night. At Gabriel’s place, they find out about Eva’s presence at the marina that night, as well Becka being with her, though not the other sisters.

This baffles Matt who then reveals the check he found at Becka’s place to Thomas. The latter is overjoyed, and when Matt argues that she didn’t cash the check, Thomas informs him that it’s because Minna’s account is practically empty, so she couldn’t have in the first place. Therefore, according to Thomas, Becka had a motive to kill JP for the large insurance sum, having failed to squeeze money out of his mother.


A new rift is drawn between Matt and Becka as he stops answering her calls and messages out of his uncertainty regarding her complicity. Thomas uses all the information he’s gained to finally get Inspector Loftus to sanction the exhumation of JP’s body.

In the past, Minna tells Becka that ‘he’ likes to go down to the basement and check on his birds, and recently, ‘he’ has been down there all the time. Becka thinks Minna is again referring to her dead husband George in a confused state but when asked, she replies it’s JP.

Becka is intrigued and makes his way down to the basement which is full of dead birds and all the requisite apparatus for taxidermy. There, she finds a hidden key to a walk-in refrigerator. On entering it, she discovers, to her utter shock, that hidden underneath a pile of dead birds, there’s George’s frozen corpse.


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