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The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power (Season 1), Episode 5: Recap & Ending, Explained

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The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power (Season 1), Episode 5, Recap & Ending, Explained: Rings of Power continues to outrage diehard Tolkien fans and those who worship the film. Episode 5 adds to that pain of seeing the great legacy of those works being affected by studio interference and poor interpretation. “Partings” saw some important developments in the story that takes us closer to an impending war between men and orcs. Despite its imminent nature, the series doesn’t even come close to matching the distinguished aura of the trilogy. Granted the pacing to stretch the show over five seasons is adaptive. But that seems to be the problem in the first place. It is no excuse for Amazon to compromise the storytelling.

Episode 5 continued the frustrating trend of seeing grand moments being fed to the audience through regurgitated dialogue and operatic music without actual buildup. With so many sags unfolding in different parts of Middle Earth, creators have been unable to tie up all those ends into one united narrative. The tonal inconsistencies and mismatch are not easily forgotten in the course of a single season. And hence, this hurts even more. However, here is the recap and ending explainer for episode 5, “Partings”, of Amazon Prime’s The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.



Eleanor explains to the Stranger the concept of migration. Harfoots do it every season to survive. She also explains how they’ll face “perils” in the middle of their journey, which Stranger misconstrued to be him. But she reassures him that he doesn’t pose them a threat. He is “good”. Eleanor’s mother calls her and the family resumes their journey. A map shows their path from the Grey Marshes to the Trout Bend, and then to The Braids. The Stranger looks out at the moon wondrously and we learn the reason why. Another man like him has fallen from the sky to a far-off place. He is assessed by three mysterious-looking women wearing white cloaks.

Surprisingly, Adar can stand directly in the sunlight, unlike the orcs. It is most probably because of the combination of his Elvish descent and magical powers. He stares directly into the sun as an Orc informs him that the “tunnel is complete”. Wait; are they attacking them from below the ground? What will the tunnel be used for? Ador asks for his hand, which burns in the sunlight. He wishes the orcs could feel its warmth but says the sun will be gone soon. He commands the orc to summon the legions: “it is time”.

Bronwyn has become a leader of the pack, it seems. She declares the message Adar gave Arondir. She delivers a rousing speech to beseech the men and women to “stand and fight”. Waldren intervenes and says they have a better chance of surviving if they swear fealty to the enemy. Hordes of people follow Waldreg, while a handful remains with Bronwyn. They will stay and defend the tower. Fleets of ships prepare to depart from Numenor. Isildur asks Elendil why he hasn’t been enlisted to fight. The Lord questions Isildur’s guild. He is not part of any guard or legion. Elendil bemoans Isildur’s lack of honor and sincerity to serve. He made his choice by choosing to go West over his people. Earien tries talking to Pharazon along with a small crowd of others who reject the idea of going to war.

Rings of Power Season 1 Episode 5
Morfydd Clark (Galadriel)

Halbrand shows his skills in welding weapons but is called away by the Queen, who asks him about the enemy’s location. He guides them toward the Tower of Ostirith and the Queen thanks him. She hopes Halbrand will live up to his task as Galadriel had told her. Halbrand isn’t happy about Galadriel speaking for him without his consent, saying he is content on the island. He asks the elf to find “another head for the crown”. The Harfoots go through the woods but notice a strange emptiness in the place. Malva once again tries to convince Sadoc to leave the Brandyfoots behind but he isn’t persuaded. Eleanor notices wolf marks and they show up shortly.

They make a run for it but they catch up. The Stranger comes in between them and saves their lives, fending off the creatures. Galadriel shows the men and women how to kill orcs. She challenges them to attack her and teaches them a lesson. Kemen asks his father to “assert his influence” and stop the war. The father-son duo has an intense argument and then Pharazon reveals his grand plan for Numenor. They will help the “low-men” of middle Earth win the battle, give them a king they’ve always wanted, and that king will do whatever in his power to pay off Numenor’s debt.

Regent’s father dissuades her from going to middle Earth. He says that “darkness” awaits her there. We then cut to Eleanor informing the Stranger that the Harfoots are in awe of his abilities. He chants a mysterious spell and his hand in the water turns to ice. Eleanor tries to intervene but she too is taken by it. The Stranger breaks out of it but Nori is already scared. Khazad and Noldor’s union is celebrated by the Elves and the Dwarves. Gil-Galad asks Durin about his reinvigorated mines of Khazad, while the dwarf asks the high king about the expanding cities of Lindon. There’s still faint mistrust between the two factions. Elrond intervenes in the rising tensions.

Gil-Galad promises to send the table they dine on when Durin says it is made of sacred stone. Durin sincerely accepts his generosity. Gil-Galad explains to Elrond that when an Elven warrior fought to protect the tree by pouring all his light into it, one of Morgoth’s Balrog attacked it. Their and the lightning’s convergence sent a pure light deep into the roots of the tree. Durin had actually found the ore containing the last light of the lost Silmaril. What will Elrond do now: protect his own people or honor the promise he made to Durin? Galad asks Elrond if indeed the ore is down there but the Elf Lord honors his oath.

Galad shows the rot in one of the light trees in the courtyard. He presumes that it is the very light of Eldar that is fading. Elrond still decides against telling Galad about the ore but is deeply concerned by the changing situation. The expedition from Numenor prepares to leave. But not before a night of dancing and feasting. Isildur chases after Valandil to apologize to him and see if can get him a place on the expedition. Although Valandil and Isildur make up their friendship, he refuses to take him on the expedition. Kemon spots Isildur hiding on the lower deck of a ship. They fight with each other and inadvertently, set the ship on fire which then explodes. But it is revealed a passing brigand set it on fire. Some people in the city do not want the ships to leave.

The Queen has her doubts but defers making a final decision to the next morrow. Celebrimbor tells Elrond that mithril is the only solution to saving their race on Middle Earth. The light of the Valar could once again fall on every elf. Elrond is conflicted and upset that Galad deceived him. Celebrimbor reminds him how Elrond’s father a mortal man convinced the Gods to join their war.


Charlie Vickers (Halbrand), Morfydd Clark (Galadriel)

Does Numenor join in the war against Adar’s Orcs?

Galadriel asks Halbrand to join them at the council meeting tomorrow. Halbrand says his secret to survival is in a dark past. Halbrand presses Galadriel for an answer for her reason to keep fighting. She says it is her chance to reclaim her honor and avenge her brother. Galadriel once again tries to appeal to Halbrand’s conscience. Waldreg leads a faction of men and bows in front of Adar. He pledges his loyalty to Sauron and Adar attacks him. He grabs ahold of Tom and asks Waldreg to kill him to prove his loyalty and bond himself to Adar. The old man does the needful and kills him.

Theo shows the Hilt to Arondir, who discovers similar carvings on the tower’s wall. They discover that it is the key to something they do not know yet. But it could prove to be something of great significance. He tells Bronwyn that Adar is coming for this key. It is only days before he will reach the tower. When Bronwyn discovers this, she is shaken. She loses faith and even suggests they should bow to Adar. But Arondir says there must be another way. It seems unlikely they will be able to be saved and the horn in the tower is sounded to indicate that the enemy’s march is close. We see a sea of army Orcs bleed into the ground, their numbers running thousands strong.

Elrond confesses that he was led to Khazad to get mithril back to save his kind. If they don’t get it by spring, they’ll perish or either have to leave the shores. Durin agrees to Elrond’s request but still has to convince his father. The council meets in Regent’s court to decide the fate of the expedition. Although we do not see what the ruminations were, we know the result: Numenor is going to war. Galadriel’s resolve is stronger than ever and the elf puts on her silver Armor and boards one of the ships to fulfill her destiny. Halbrand too moves ahead with renewed purpose. And thus, the wheels of time set into motion a great coming together of the peoples of Middle Earth to fight a common – and familiar – enemy.


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