My Happy Marriage (Season 1), Episode 1 Recap & Ending, Explained:Cinderella-like storytelling about our protagonist Miyo who lost her mother when she was a child. Her father remarried, and her stepmother ill-treated her all her life. She also has a stepsister who treats her poorly. Her father has decided to marry her to a man rumored to be cold and ruthless. When Miyo meets him, she starts to feel things she has never felt.

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My Happy Marriage (Season 1), Episode 1 Recap:

“The Meeting”

The episode begins with Miyo Saimori describing her painful life using analogies. She believes that her existence was never needed in this world, but that changed when she met a man. We see a flashback to Miyo’s life. We see Miyo’s stepsister, Kaya ordering Miyo to make better green tea, and Miyo obliges, despite rude tone of voice. Once Miyo leaves the room, Kaya tells her mother and Miyo’s stepmother Kanoko that she cannot believe Miyo cannot make green tea. Kanoko blames her mother for Miyo’s clumsy nature. Miyo’s father, Shinichi, asks Kanoko if she is accusing him, and she says that Miyo is his daughter, and he asks to be spared. Miyo listens to this conversation from outside the room.

Mr. Tatsuishi arrives and brings food for the servants. Servants gossip and wonder if Mr. Tatsuishi has come to meet Shinichi for a marriage proposal. They wonder who the proposal is for. Miyo overhears this conversation. Mr. Tatsuishi’s son, Koji, finds Miyo and tells her that she is diligent as she is sweeping the ground. He tells her that he just found an excuse to talk to her. He gave him candy, and she liked it. He flirts with her saying he will bring her more as he is happy to see her smile. Koji wishes he could spend time with Miyo like this forever. He wants to help her get away from her miserable life.

Kaya asks Shinichi if she can buy a new Kimono for her school, and he gives her permission to buy a few. He asks Miyo what she does the whole day, and Miyo tells him that she cleans around the house. He asks her to be available during the day in the coming days. Kaya finds Miyo washing dishes and dirt on her face. Kaya mocks Miyo for looking shabby and goes away.

Koji brings sweets for Miyo and others but has a dull face. Miyo asks him what he was doing there that day, and he tells her he has important things to discuss with her father. A servant tells Miyo that her father has summoned her. Before she goes in, she makes sure she looks okay and tells herself that she should not get her hopes up about a marriage proposal from Koji. She takes a deep breath and goes inside.

Her father informs them that the meeting was about the future of the Saimori family and the marriage with Koji. He tells them that the one marrying Koji will be Kaya. Miyo calms herself by thinking she is prepared for something like this as she is treated like a servant, and she could never marry someone she likes and lives a happy life. Her father further tells the group that Miyo should get married and leave. He informs her that she will marry into the Kudo family and Kiyoko Kudo will be her husband.

A still from My Happy Marriage Season 1, Episode 1.
A still from My Happy Marriage Season 1, Episode 1.

Kaya teases Miyo, saying she is keen on seeing how long Miyo will survive being Kiyoko Kudo’s wife. Her father tells her to pack up as she will leave the next day. Miyo excuses herself and goes out but overhears her father discussing the engagement ceremony with Koji. Koji finds Miyo standing outside in the rain, and he feels sorry for her.

Koji argues with his father about his marriage. His father tells him that it is to help Miyo leave the house as she would be happier. He argues about his getting married to Kaya, and his father tells him he must marry her for the family’s prosperity. Koji apologizes to Miyo, but she tells him that he is not to be blamed and it is okay. He asks her if he resents him and she says she has forgotten about such feelings. He tells her he wants to laugh with her like ordinary people, but Kaya hears this and intervenes. Koji does not say anything further. Miyo thanks him for his kindness and leaves.

A servant brings in a Kimono for Miyo and informs her that her father has asked her to wear that when she departs. The servant warns her that Kiyoka Kudo’s fiancées had all run away as he was rumored to be cold and ruthless, and she has to be careful. Miyo leaves with a heavy heart.

We see a flashback to when Miyo was a child. Miyo’s life came crashing down after her mother died and her father remarried. We see Miyo that was always ill-treated by her stepmother. Miyo reaches the Kudo house amidst the countryside. She is greeted by a servant who informs her that they have been waiting for her. Miyo introduces herself to Kiyoko Kudo. He asks her for how long she had intended to bow her head. Once she lifts her head, she feels a lot more hopeful about her life.

The episode ends with Kiyoko introducing himself to Miyo. Miyo finds him attractive.

My Happy Marriage (Season 1), Episode 1 Ending, Explained:

The episode has an interesting arc. The episode begins with Miyo being upset about her existence and the bad luck she carries as she has led a difficult life. But the episode ends on an exciting note as she finds Kiyoko attractive, and suddenly, she feels hopeful about her life. It is interesting to see Miyo fall for Kiyoko despite being warned that he is a cold man. This proves that Miyo has suffered so much in life that what other people deem cold and merciless is her ticket to a happy life.

The first episode of the anime seems promising. The animation is brilliant as it is not over the top but simplistic, setting the right tone for the anime. It is also interesting to see how the show has not spent too much time showing Miyo’s tragic life but was still able to deliver the message perfectly. It is going to be interesting to see how the anime moves forward.

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