In episode 11 of My Happy Marriage (Season 1), Miyo learns the truth about her mother’s marriage to the Saimori family and her supernatural abilities. Miyo learns from Yoshiro what it means to be a family. The episode delves deep into the Usuba clan’s history, revealing the sacrifices made by Miyo’s mother, Sumi, and the extraordinary abilities passed down through generations. The episode’s climax turns unexpectedly as Kiyoko faces a life-threatening situation, pushing Miyo to the edge of disobedience. Torn between duty and love, Arata reveals a shocking truth about the Usuba clan’s agreement with the Emperor and the consequences of Miyo’s actions.

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My Happy Marriage (Season 1), Episode 11 “My Mother’s Legacy” Recap:

The episode begins with Yoshiro telling Miyo he would tell her why her mother married into the Saimori house and about her abilities. He tells her that the story begins a few years before Miyo was born and Tsuriki Trading had failed with some business negotiations. The company was in the worst state from the time of its inception. They had a massive pile of debt, which was the only source of income, so they were in a terrible financial situation. Amidst all the bad news, a family had approached them with a marriage offer. They somehow knew about the Usuba clan debt and had offered to take on a large sum to clear off, but in return, they had to marry off Sumi to their family. Yoshiro tells her he is against this proposal, but every time he rejects the family, he sends in a new proposal. Sumi eventually took matters into her own hands, approached the family, and decided on an engagement date.

Yoshiro was furious with Sumi as she had to carry the Usuba bloodline and did it with another family. Sumi defends her decision by saying the way things were, the Usuba clan would cease to exist. Sumi was sick, and Yoshiro asked her what she could achieve with her sickness. Sumi apologized to her father and told him she never wanted such things to happen. The family Sumi got married into was the Saimori family, but since the day of her marriage, all communication was cut off, and they were not in touch.

Yoshiro stops the story and tells her he wants to show her something. He tells her that her ability was called the Dream-sight, and even Sumi could not achieve it. Yoshiro asks Miyo to touch her hand on the bark of the Cherry Blossom tree. She does as told, seeing a powerful white light emitted from the bark. Miyo also sees the past, after Sumi’s marriage, when the guests discuss her origins in the Usuba clan.

Shinchi’s father tells him that this wasn’t just a political marriage; he says he knew and had to carry the Usuba bloodline. The father tells Sumi that he is counting on her. Sumi gives birth to a baby girl, and Shinchi is very happy. Sumi touches the baby’s forehead and learns the child has the dream sight. Sumi was getting sick, and she overheard a conversation between Shinichi and his father, who wanted to quickly confirm if Miyo possessed supernatural abilities, and if she didn’t, he needed to produce another child as Sumi would pass away soon. Sumi starts coughing blood and realizes she does not have much time left. She tells baby Miyo that signs of her gifts will soon start showing and people will misuse them; hence, even though she will go through many hardships, be alone, and probably blame herself for not being gifted, it is essential to seal away her abilities for the time being. She touches Miyo’s forehead and the Cherry Blossom tree and seals the ability. Miyo drops to her knees, and Yoshiro asks her to rest as she has seen everything that has happened.

My Happy Marriage (Season 1), Episode 11: Recap & Ending, Explained
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Yoshito and Godo fight the grotesqueries, but they keep coming to attack. They panic, but Kiyoko comes to their rescue. Kiyoko takes the lead, and they finish the remaining grotesqueries as quickly as possible. Miyo wakes up after a good night’s sleep, and Arata visits her. He sees her and tells her that it is evident that she didn’t have nightmares and requests her to wear a specific garment that was passed down by the Usuba clan. He explains that people who possess the dream sight wore a particular garment. Miyo starts getting better over the next few days as her nightmares stop, but she misses Kiyoko more than ever. She starts falling much more in love with him as time and distance grows. At breakfast, Miyo asks Arata to return her Cherry Blossom kimono, a gift from Kiyoko. Arata says he would not be able to do that. Miyo tells him that he should let her speak to Kiyoko as she feels she is at fault and needs to apologize. Arata cuts her off and tells her that later she would want to leave the Usuba house, and he will not let that happen as he has waited a long time for her.

Arata tells her that Usuba has rules, one of which is to not take on a lover from outside the clan or make close friends. He tells her that the day the dream maiden appeared, everyone was given a role, and his duty was to protect Miyo forever and take on her husband’s role. He begs Miyo to stay and let him do his duty, as he cannot entrust it to anyone else. Arata is happy to finally have a role to play. Meanwhile, Kiyoko is fighting like a warrior to destroy grotesqueries. They make a final blow, and Yoshito and Godo celebrate, but they see a branch fall, which is sizzling hot. They look up to find another grotesquerie and panic. They take a position to attack, but the grotesquerie is fast, and Kiyoko pushes Godo away from the line of fire and faces the grotesquerie alone. In that battle, Kiyoko hurts himself and loses consciousness.

Yoshiro checks on Miyo to see if she is getting adjusted to the place and if she is unhappy with something. Miyo tells him she is fine, but she asks if she cannot meet Kiyoko. Yoshiro rejects the idea, but Miyo persists, and Yoshiro tells Miyo that she is just like her mother, as her mother is also stubborn. He regrets pushing Sumi away as Miyo would have lived a better life and apologizes to Miyo. Yoshiro tells her to rely on them as they are her family. Miyo faces inner turmoil as she does not understand what a family means. She feels she is hurting everyone around her, and she also manages to anger Kiyoko. She realizes she is loud and apologizes to Yoshiro. Yoshiro tells her he is happy to hear how she feels and explains that relying on family means sharing the burden, and she has a right to disappoint and anger her family, but the bond would never be broken. Miyo asks him if he felt the same even when Sumi got married and left against his will. He tells her at first he was angry but regrets how he handled things.

Yoshiro tells Miyo that he loves and cherishes her as much as he did Sumi. Miyo is surprised by this statement, and Yoshiro tells her he is happy to meet her, irrespective of the circumstances. Miyo touches the Cherry Blossom tree again and returns to the time her powers were sealed. Sumi tells baby Miyo that she will get the powers one day, but it should be her choice to use them. Miyo absorbs all the energy from the tree and sees Sumi telling her she loves her. Miyo realizes her mother is inside the tree and sobs. Yoshiro tells her that a part of the seal was broken.

My Happy Marriage (Season 1), Episode 11 “My Mother’s Legacy” Ending, Explained:

What deal did the Emperor make with the Usuba clan?

Arata comes rushing in with the bad news that Kiyoko had gone down because of grotesqueries. He informs that Kiyoko is still unconscious, and Miyo rushes out of the house. Arata stops her; she pushes him away and asks him to stop her or do what he wants, but she is going to go to Kiyoko anyway. Arata reveals that the Emperor granted the Usuba clan’s wishes, but Miyo was not supposed to have any contact with a gifted person in exchange.

Miyo is shocked, and Arata tells her that if she disobeys, the entire clan will be in danger, and she will be punished. He doesn’t know why he is doing that. Arata gives in and tells Miyo that he wouldn’t give up on her just like she wouldn’t give up on Kiyoko, and hence, if she wanted to go, he would accompany her. Yoshiro permits them, and Miyo’s cherry blossom kimono is brought out. Miyo reaches the Kudo house and is glad he is alive. Arata tells her she should try to use her dream-sight ability to wake him up.

In the next episode, we can see what dream-sight power can do when she tries to bring Kiyoko to consciousness. Miyo and Kiyoko must fight the Emperor to break the deal between the Usuba clan and him. Arata is not ready to give up on Miyo, and he might come in the way of breaking the deal with the Emperor. Miyo and Kiyoko will face many obstacles to have their happily ever after. Will Miyo and Kiyoko be able to reunite in the end? We have to wait and watch.

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