My Perfect Stranger, AKA Run Into You (Season 1), Episode 13: This episode focuses on proving Hae Joon’s innocence and revealing to Dong Sik and the Principal who Hae Joon and Yoon Young are. Soon Ae recovers in this episode, but her life is still at risk. Amidst all the chaos, the episode brings some light and fun moments.

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My Perfect Stranger, AKA Run Into You (Season 1), Episode 13 Recap:

“Time flies, Love remains.”

The episode begins with the principal buying a watch for his future grandson. The shopkeeper asks him if Yeon Woo has got his girlfriend pregnant. He tells him that it is not like that, but because of a dream he had, making him buy the watch in advance and he cannot wait to give it to his grandson. Yoon Young argues with Dong Sik on behalf of Hae Joon, explaining Hae Joon had not committed the crime. Hae Joon asks Dong Sik to give them a moment alone. Hae Joon asks Yoon Young to live with Soon Ae, and he promises to her that he will be out of jail soon. He also asks her if she can drive in case something goes wrong. Yoon Young tells him that no matter what, she will wait for him until he comes and wil not leave. Hae Joon promises to her that he will not get hurt.

Dong Sik’s colleague tells the other officers that all the evidence was against Min Soo and that he will be behind bars when Dong Sik comes in with Hae Joon. The officer sighs after seeing blood on Hae Joon’s hand. The police search the crime location. Soon Ae’s father is furious with the police officers for not finding the real culprit. Hee Seop is sobbing. Yoon Young breaks down too. Soon Ae’s mother finds the Bong Bong teahouse matchbox, and the police officer grabs it and runs to call his superiors. Yoon Young follows him out and overhears the police officer’s conversation.

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Dong Sik starts questioning Hae Joon. Yoon Young meets Mi Sook and asks her to tell her who the real culprit is. Mi Sook behaves like she does not know what Yoon Young is talking about. Yoon Young tells her that many people have fallen in danger because of her, and her plan is messed up. As Min Soo is  arrested, another crime takes place. She also tells her that she will find other ways to help her out but to come out and reveal the truth. Mi Sook still pretends like she does not know what has happened. Yoon Young tells her that Hae Joon has been arrested as the police need a scapegoat; this information shakes Mi Sook up. Mi Sook insists she that has no idea what she is talking about and asks her to leave.

Dong Sik asks Hae Joon what he was up to when Ju Young and Kyung Ae died. Hae Joon answers truthfully, but Dong Sik warns him not to blame Bum Ryung. Hae Joon tells him that Bum Ryung is not the culprit, and he was researching the same. Dong Sik can check the handwriting from school assignments and exams. Dong Sik asks him why he had a Bong Bong teahouse matchbox on him and he replies that he had picked it up by accident. Hae Joon also asks Dong Sik to listen to Soon Ae when she wakes up, and find out why Bum Ryung had to die. Dong Sik tells Hae Joon that he was always suspicious of him.

Yoon Young visits Soon Ae in the hospital. Hee Seop has not left the hospital. Soon Ae’s parents take him for dinner. Soon Ae’s mother cheers him up by saying she will wake up soon and he should eat. Hee Seop refuses, saying Soon Ae is in the hospital because of the criminal and he will beat him once he finds him. Soon Ae’s father tells him that for that to happen, he needs to eat and be strong.

Dong Sik finds out that Hae Joon’s alibi is fake and confronts Hae Joon. He tells him that this is more dangerous than being a murderer. He also tells him that he wants to arrest him and Yoon Young as spies, but he owes him one as he cares for his nephews, which he cannot do for them. He demands answers from Hae Joon and asks him to explain things in a way he can understand. Hae Joon asks if he would believe him if he told the truth. Hae Joon tells Dong Sik that he does not owe him anything, but he feels that way. Then, he asks him to bring the Principal to his house as he has something to show to Dong Sik.

Hae Joon shows Dong Sik and the Principal the room he was working in with all the details of the future. He tells them that they need to see this to believe he has come from the future. He also tells the Principal that he is his grandson and tells Dong Sik that Yoon Young is his nephew’s daughter. Dong Sik loses his mind and does not believe Hae Joon. The principal notices the watch in Hae Joon’s hand and asks him to show it. He realizes it’s the same watch he had brought the previous night to give to his future grandson. Dong Sik asks the Principal why he supports him, and the Principal explains his reasons, but Dong Sik is not ready to believe this story.

My Perfect Stranger (Season 1), Episode 13
A still from My Perfect Stranger (Season 1), Episode 13

Soon Ae wakes up, and the police arrive to ask her for details about the culprit’s. The police ask her if Hae Joon is the culprit, and she says that’s absurd and that it was not him. Yoon Young rushes home to find Hae Joon, and she hugs him tight. The principal coughs to let them know they are watching, and Hae Joon tells her that they already know everything. Yoon Young tells them that Soon Ae is awake and has told the police officers that Hae Joon had helped her.

Hae Joon gives his blood to get evidence of everything he is claiming. Dong Sik pretends not to believe anything Hae Joon has said but is excited to know Hee Seop and Soon Ae marry. Yoon Young tells him that he knew nothing about him as his father had never mentioned him once, maybe because they did not stay in touch. Hae Joon promises Yoon Young that he will catch the culprit and tells her that they have an eye witness and a police officer on their side. Hae Joon finds small, funny ways to prove he is from the future, to Dong Sik.

Hae Joon asks Dong Sik to trust him, promises to share all the information he has, and asks him to work together as a team. Dong Sik asks Hae Joon if they should visit Mi Sook first. The Principal asks to take Hae Joon out for a while. Hae Joon and the Principal have a heartfelt conversation. Principal warms up to Hae Joon. He gets drunk, and Hae Joon drops him home. He also asks Hae Joon who his mother is, and after finding out in his drunken state, the Principal wants to visit her. But Hae Joon takes him home.

Hae Joon visits Bong Bong teahouse and sees his mother. As he is about to leave, she stops him and tells him everything is free for him that day as he is the 20000th customer. She tells him that being the 20000th customer is just an excuse to talk to him. She tells him she is leaving the village, and Yeon Woo does not know about it. Hae Joon asks why, and she tells him that he had to have put more effort before getting to know her, and then she would have told him the reason.

Yeon Woo tells Hae Joon that he is a good person. He also tells him that he will meet his girlfriend as she is upset with him because he was working on the car, and it consumed most of his time. He rushes to meet her. During Bum Ryung’s funeral, Hae Joon asks Yeon Woo if everything is okay with him and his girlfriend, and he says that they had a nice date.

The episode ends with Hae Joon visiting Soon Ae. He brings her a fruit basket only to realize that there are already so many of them in her room. Among them, Hae Joon notices the Bong Bong teahouse matchbox. He asks them how it has been there for. They open the matchbox to find a note that says, ‘I’m glad you regained consciousness; I’ll see you soon.’ Hae Joon realizes the culprit had been in the room.

My Perfect Stranger, AKA Run Into You (Season 1), Episode 13 Ending, Explained:

In this episode, people other than Hae Joon and Yoon Young finally know about the future and where these two are from. Dong Sik’s adorable side emerges in this episode as he loses his mind trying to understand time travel. His attempt to pretend not to believe the time travel story also brings a warm side to Dong Sik.

Soon Ae’s life is in danger, as we see in the last scene of the episode. The real culprit has managed to leave another note to Soon Ae. With Bum Ryung out of the picture, we do not know who the real culprit is. Mi Sook might not reveal the true culprit until the last episode. So how the story unfolds will be interesting. The culprit now knows that Hae Joon and Yoon Young are protecting Soon Ae. The culprit might attack Yoon Young next, bringing out Hae Joon’s vulnerable side.

It will also be interesting to see when Dong Sik chooses to come out as a hero while trying to help Hae Joon. Yeon Woo will have an important role to play as well. By the end of it, there is a high chance that Hae Joon will gain his parents’ love if everything is done right.

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