Happiness Battle (Season 1), Episode 14: This episode has so many revelations that keep you on the edge, with many things happening in every scene. Jang’s life is in danger as she digs deeper into the mystery and gets closer to the truth. Do Jun is getting quite notorious and abusive. Ji Ye is going to break anytime soon. Jin Seop is hurt. Na Young makes a move on Tae Ho, shocking him to bits.

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Happiness Battle (Season 1), Episode 14 Recap:

The episode begins with Ji Yul revealing to Jang that they have an older sister, and their mother calls her an angel. Ji Yul asks Jang if Yu Jin has said that, and the doorbell rings. Ji Yul locks herself in the room. Jang opens the door to find Jung Ah. She gives Jang pictures and details of Yu Jin’s oldest daughter and tells her that she is not sure if it is the same girl, but the chances are high.

Do Jun calls his detective agency to ask if they have buried Ji Ye’s phone and ask for a recommendation from an agency that would hurt someone slightly. He wanted to harm Jang. The cop arrives at Do Jun’s door and asks him if he thought Ji Ye would keep her mouth shut about what had happened. He warns him that an accomplice will reveal the truth even if there is a single crack. Do Jun asks the cop if his boss knew he was here and if he should go to a mental institution with Jang if he has so much free time.

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Do Jun messages Ji Ye to keep her mouth shut; otherwise, he will kill her and her daughter. Ji Ye calls one of the mothers to get the deal signed quickly. Tae Ho offers to drop A-rin at school that day. Tae Ho comes back home to receive a letter from the family court. The papers are for divorce, along with call recordings printed. He yells at Na Young about the papers. Na Young brings him evidence in the form of photographs. Tae Ho, in fear, panic, and confusion, admits to having affairs before. Na Young laughs at him and tells him that A-rin and her can live without him and that he needs to get out.

Do Jun calls Tae Ho to his hotel that day, and Tae Ho tells him he cannot. Do Jun gets frustrated. The cop meets Ji Ye, and she denies saying anything to Jang. He tells her that often witnesses become accomplices because they did not say what they had to. Jang goes to Hye Jung and asks her about Yu Jin’s daughter, and she refuses to talk. She asks her if Do Jun had paid her money to keep her mouth shut about this, and she does not answer again. Jang asks her to tell the police the truth, but she calls Jang mad. Jang asks her if she would be okay if she met Shim Ju-a, and Hye Jung is fearful.

A still from Happiness Battle Season 1 Episode 14
A still from Happiness Battle Season 1 Episode 14

Ju-a is talking to her friends on social media, and she sees a picture of Jin Seop, Jang, Ji Yul, and Ha yul, and is saddened. Jin Seop is taking care of the kids while Jang hunts Ju-a down. Ju-a tries to attack Jin Seop, but he does not know it is her and cannot catch her. Ju-a watches from afar. Ji Ye convinces the other mom to sign the real estate deal. Jang calls the cop to ask him to find information about Ju-a, but he tells her it is difficult.

Jang catches Ju-a spray painting graffiti on the wall. Jang confronts her about the attack on Jin Seop. Ju-a yells at her and says that she grew up without a mother and tells her that Ji yul and Ha yul were not the only daughters she had, but she was her daughter too. She threatens to kill her whole family. Jang sits her down and tells her that she was not her mother and she was just the kid’s aunt. Ju-a tells her that she had heard Hye Jung talk to someone that her mother lived in this apartment. Ju-a figures out that her mother had died. She insists on knowing everything about her mother, and Jang takes her to Yu Jin’s house.

Jang informs Hye Jung that Ju-a will spend the night at Yu Jin’s house. Ju-a is rude to Jang, but Jang gives her food before conversing. Hye Jung calls Jang and yells at her for keeping Ju-a there, and Jang asks her why she was reacting that way when Ju-a had nothing to do with Yu Jin. Ju-a finds the family portrait at home, and she starts crying. Hye Jung informs Do Jun that Ju-a is in his house. Do Jun drives to the apartment speedily.

We see a flashback of Ju-a and Do Jun being acquainted. We also see Do Jun give money to Ju-a. Afraid, Ju-a tells Jang that she does not know him and does not do anything. Jang hugs her and consoles her. Do Jun listens from outside the door to figure out what is happening. He calls someone and asks them to get something started as soon as possible. Hye Jung comes to pick her up. Jang receives a message from Ju-a threatening her not to say anything to anyone. Jang informs the cop about Ju-a. She also tells him that Yu Jin must have found out about what Do Jun had done.

The cop and Jang discuss the possibilities and how to find evidence. Jang is going on a guilt trip as she realizes that Yu Jin would have been saved if she had called an ambulance. Jang visits Ji Ye, but she does not open the door; someone is following her, ready to harm her. Jin Seop comes and takes her out, and a man on a bike tries to attack Jang, but Jin Seop comes to her rescue and is hurt. Jang is angered and goes to Do Jun’s hotel. They threaten each other, and Jang leaves.

Jin Seop consoles Jang and asks her to find the culprit. The gossip amidst the moms is about Jin Seop getting attacked. Ji Ye swindled scammed her clients by selling the same property repeatedly and now has one billion from each. Jin Seop and Jang realize what Ji Ye is doing, and Jang contacts the other mom and asks her to ask the bank to suspend the payment. Ji Ye requests to transfer 5 billion won to an overseas account.

Jang stops Ji Ye from running away and asks her not to scam people anymore. Ji Ye admits to her conning people. She tells Jang that she is jealous of Yu Jin. She reveals that she had followed Yu Jin one day and found the drawings in the locker.

The episode ends with Do Jun listening to Ji Ye’s tapped phone. Ji Ye reveals that the locker also contains a USB, as Yu Jin had hired someone to kill Do Jun, and that USB has the details.

Happiness Battle (Season 1), Episode 14 Ending, Explained:

The episode ends with another revelation shocking Jang. It feels like Jang is finding a lead or a piece of evidence only to hit a dead end. Jang’s life is in complete danger as Do Jun is becoming aggressive and notorious. If Ji Ye and Ju-a find the courage to go to the police and tell the truth, a lot of this mess can be resolved. Hye Jung is not being helpful either. Jang will not stop, and neither will Do Jun. We must not be surprised if we see Jang killed by the end of the season. Jang can be saved only if the cops keep an eye on her. Let’s hope the whole community comes together to solve this mystery. As the season gets closer to the end, the episodes are getting intense.

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