Happiness Battle (Season 1), Episode 13: This episode gives you all the adrenaline you need. So many more revelations come to light. We see the reality of Su Bin and Yu Jin’s relationship. We see a connection between Do Jun and Ji Ye. Jung Ah’s forgiving side is revealed. Jung Ah and Su Bin’s relationship goes through a rough patch. Na Young and Jo have an interesting interaction and Na Young might have a secret of her own.

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Happiness Battle (Season 1), Episode 13 Recap:

The episode begins with Do Jun saying he had stabbed Yu Jin and laughs. He tells Na Young’s husband that he was joking, and even if he did, there was no evidence. Na Young’s husband warns Do Jun that this is not over because he can be in trouble if a lead is found. We see a flashback to 4 days before Yu Jin died. Do Jun had found a recording in Yu Jin’s laptop, and in that recording, we hear someone talking about money for murder. Jang looked for Su Bin’s folder in Pandora’s folder, but she could not find it. She looked for him on social media, but he was not using it. She sees Jung Sik’s profile on Jung Ah’s social media and reaches out to him. He agrees to meet her. Jung Sik also blackmails Su Bin about meeting Jang and indirectly asks for money.

Na Young comes home to find Jo crying. Jo reveals her situation but in a fictionalized manner. Na Young plays along. She tells Na Young that she never intended to like a married man, but the man had forced her, and she was pregnant, so she could not leave him and wanted to marry him. Na Young asks her what mistake the wife and child made to go through this, and Jo tells her that her husband cheated on his wife because the wife was a piece of work. Na Young tells her that a married man cheating on someone shows he is not decent. She also tells her that the wife might already know about the affair and would not even imagine what she could do to her. Jo calls Na Young’s husband and threatens him. He tells her that even if he got a divorce, he would not marry her, and she would be a single mom. Jo calls him naïve and hangs up. Na Young listens to the whole conversation. Na Young is throwing up, and we see her touch her stomach implying she is pregnant.

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Jung sik and Jang meet. Jung Sik tells her that Su Bin has a secret, and Jung Ah walks in with Su Bin. She pushes Su Bin and Jang out and starts beating Jung Sik. Jang and Su Bin make their way inside the room, and Jung Ah slaps Su Bin and tells him that she knows that he used to work in a male escort service. She tells Jang that it was not a big enough deal to kill Yu Jin. Jang asks Su Bin if there is anything else he is hiding. Jung Ah insists that he had not killed Yu Jin. She calls the police to say Jang has assaulted her and snatches her phone. Jung Ah tells her that she would do anything to protect her family. Su Bin wants to talk things out with Jung Ah, but she tells him that she is not interested in knowing how he fooled around with other women and she had married him assuming he would be a tameable husband; she warns Jung Sik that no matter how much he blackmails Su Bin, she would not leave him.

Jung Ah visits Jang at her office and tells her that Su Bin does not have a motive to kill Yu Jin, but Ji Ye does. She tells her about Ji Ye’s loans, which was a motive to kill Yu Jin. Su Bin visits the bank and draws all the money from his account. Jang is now suspicious of Ji Ye and wants to investigate more. Do Jun is looking for something in Yu Jin’s clothes. Do Jun argues with his father and leaves in anger injuring his father’s hand. Jang cares for the kids, and a girl follows Jang around. Once Jang, the kids, and Jin Seop enter the house, she throws candy at the door. Do Jun comes home, and the kids are happy to see him. They lock the door and do not allow Jang to enter, as they want to sleep with their father. Jang finds Do Jun’s phone in the washroom and tries to unlock it, but he receives a message from someone which reads ‘Let’s take this case to the grave.’ Do Jun asks Jang if she has read it, and she says she has not. Do Jun threatens her using physical force, but Ji Yul comes to the rescue.

Happiness Battle (Season 1), Episode 13: Recap & Ending, Explained
A still from Happiness Battle (Season 1), Episode 13

Jang is unable to sleep because of fear. The following day, Jang tells Jin Seop about the situation. She informs him that she will follow them to find out who is Do Jun’s accomplice – Ji Ye or Su Bin. Jung messages Su Bin asking where he is as he had not come to work that day. Su Bin prints an application for divorce. Jang sees Ji Ye and Su Bin head in the same direction but in different cabs. Jin Seop and Jang follow them, but Ji Ye is heading in another direction. Jang decides to follow Ji Ye instead of Su Bin. Jung Ah comes home to find the divorce application. Jang follows Ji Ye into a room in a hotel and finds Ji Ye and Do Jun meet. Jang records a video and pictures of both of them. Do Jun pushes her away and snatches the phone. Do Jun tells Jang that Ji Ye has killed Yu Jin, and she starts to fight with him, asking him not to lie. Do Jun asks Ji Ye if he should reveal everything to Jang. She rushes outside the hotel. Ji Ye insists that she did not kill Yu Jin and tells her that Ji Yul’s drawing in the locker was the evidence. She tells her that she cannot say anything to the police. Do Jun pulls Ji Ye, whispers something to her, and drags her away.

We see a flashback to 15 days after Yu Jin’s death. Ji Ye asks for 200 million from Do Jun to keep her mouth shut about his hand in Yu Jin’s death. Do Jun had asked her to think as he would not go down alone. In the present day, in the car, Do Jun tells her all that is left is to get on a plane and leave the country. Su Bin was at the airport but came back home. Jung Ah asks him why he has returned; he tells her he cannot live without her. Jung Ah asks him not to be absurd as she knows he loves Yu Jin. We see a flashback to Jung Sik revealing this information to Jung Ah. Jung Sik also tells her that Su Bin was waiting for her at the parking lot the day Yu Jin died. Su Bin and Yu Jin kissed. Jung Ah forgives him by saying that she does not abandon her people that easily.

Jang reaches out to the police, and the cop asks her not to get her hopes up and says he will do his best. Jang asks Ji Yul what she had drawn, and she tells her it was their family. Jung Ah and Su Bin pretend to be like a normal couple. Jung Ah opens a locker, and we see a package with ‘Yu Jin’ written on it. The weakness that Jung Ah had found in Yu Jin was her mother. Jung Ah confronted Yu Jin about her past, and Yu Jin told Jung Ah to prepare to see something she cherishes the most get ruined. Jang convinces Ji Yul to draw her family. Ji Yul draws five people, and she tells her that she cannot tell her about the fifth person as it is a secret. But Jang convinces her, and Ji Yul reveals that her mother had told them they had an older sister. At the very minute, Jung Ah was at Yu Jin’s door carrying pictures of Ji Yul’s older sister. The same girl had thrown candy at Jang’s door.

Happiness Battle (Season 1), Episode 13 Ending, Explained:

The episode ends on a high note revealing Yu Jin’s secret and an answer to who the girl is. We see a lot more of an aggressive side to Do Jun. He is starting to look like a perfect villain. Jang cannot get enough of the revelations and is in shock right now. This is her motivation to go forward in finding Yu Jin’s killer. At this point, Jang might get closer to her goals as she has the support of one good cop. Ji Ye will indeed be cornered, and she may break and reveal the truth. It will also be interesting to see Jang’s interaction with Ji Yul’s older sister.

Jung Ah will cause Jang to find Ji Yul and Ha Yul’s older sister. Does this also mean that Do Jun knew about it, and he was hiding this information in the locker? We will have to wait and find out.

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