The Next 365 Days Soundtrack – Every Song Featured in the Netflix Movie: The next installment in Netflix’s 365 Days series is here and making all the news. This Polish film picks up where it left in the second installment of the story of Laura and Massimo played by Anna-Maria Sieklucka and Michele Morrone. Following the Italian erotic novel, Kolejne 365 dni by Blanka Lipińska, the Netflix movies started making news when the first installment, back in the mid-2020s was a huge success for Netflix. It also helped the lead actors earn a name, with Michele Morrone, in particular becoming the talk of the town.


The movie series follows Laura, a sales director whose path intertwines with Massimo, a rich mafia head when the latter kidnaps her and gives her 365 days to fall in love with her. Fast forward to the third movie which shows them dealing with trust issues while there are people trying to break them apart. The trilogy has got everything – a love story, some mafia action, and a lot of raunchy sex to hook people on. It may have failed to impress the critics but the no. of times it was streamed speaks volumes of its popularity.

The Next 365 Days Soundtrack – All Songs Featured In The Netflix Movie:

The soundtrack of the movie is equally notable as it sets the mood for the film. Some of the frequent names in the soundtrack list are – EMO, JJ Abel, John McFly, and Michele Morrone. Just like the other movies, a song by the lead actor Michele Morrone is included. This adds to the allure of the film as it became a topic fans loved to discuss; adding to the popularity of the movie.


  • “Prey” by EMO
  • “Someday” by EMO
  • “Mykonos” by JJ Abel feat. Kuinvi & Daniel Rondon
  • “Stop Stressing” by JJ Abel feat. Mimaa
  • “Ghost” by Marissa
  • “Stranger” by John McFly feat. Marissa
  • “Closer” by John McFly
  • “Call My Name” by EMO feat. YOLO
  • “Dancing with the Devil” by EMO
  • “Bye Bye” by JJ Abel feat. Adame
  • “Hey” by Marissa
  • “All Alone” by EMO feat. Marissa
  • “Kill This Love” by Józefina
  • “Lovesick” by John McFly feat. Kuba
  • “Addictions” by EMO
  • “Casual” by Bryska
  • “Wallows” by Tommy Docherty
  • “Whole Life” by Marissa feat. Tommy Docherty
  • “Learn to Love Again” by Tommy Docherty
  • “Choose” by Ian Scott
  • “On Me” by EMO feat. Marissa
  • “All I Have” by EMO feat. Oskar Cyms
  • “Angels” by Michele Morrone
  • “Heartbeat” by Ian Scott
  • “Control” by Natalia Krakowiak

Listen to Every Song Featured In The Next 365 Days Soundtrack Here:

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