In Behind Your Touch (Season 1), Episode 2, we see Ye-bun getting comfortable with her powers concerning animals, but the power seems to come with its dangers. She is experimenting and trying to understand how the power works on humans. Jang Yeol and Ye-bun bump into each other under weird circumstances, but they eventually learn to converse. Ye-bun and Jang Yeol have clear goals but need each other to achieve them.

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Behind Your Touch (Season 1), Episode 2 Recap:

The episode begins with Ye-bun being warned by Jang Yeol touching his butt. We see Ye-bun in her clinic treating cats, dogs, pigs, and more. The word spread around town that Ye-bun was a fantastic vet. The clinic was booked for the entire day. She helped pet owners understand why their pets were not eating, not wearing a leash, or being friendly. Ye-bun finishes for the day and asks her aunt for flatfish soup, but at that time, a man arrives asking for Ye-bun to check his cow. Ye-bun tells her aunt that they didn’t need to treat cows as they were making good money, but her aunt insists on her going. On the way out, she meets the shaman, who thanks her as he could visit his family in Australia. He asks the man to drop him off, and they ride together. Ye-bun tells the cow’s owner that the cow has some disease and needs to be looked after. While she leaves, the man falls, and his cap falls off. Ye-bun sees that he is bald now. They sit and have a conversation, and Ye-bun learns that he went bald because he overused the power of touch. The man needs to touch someone’s leg to see their memories.

Ye-bun is afraid to use her powers and decides she will never treat again. She argues with her aunt and tells her only some things are about money. The next day her aunt is being extra nice to her and asks her to get ready as they are going to eat the dish she had been craving. Her aunt tricks her into getting paid money, taking her to a flatfish farm. She is given food but needs to find out where she is. She meets her college junior there, and he informs her that they were there to inject vaccines into flatfish. Jang Yeol goes around town tasting every white powder as he believes there is a drug case in town. He is convinced after his colleague from Seoul gives him a lead. He thinks there is smuggling in the flatfish farm and takes Deok Hee with him. Ye-bun tries to escape the farm, but the farm owner catches her. Jany Yeol sees the owner tasting a white powder. The next day they raid the flatfish farm and take the owner, Ye-bun, and her friend Jong-hyeok to the police station. It is discovered that the white powder the owner was tasting was fish food.

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Ok Hui tells Ye-bun’s aunt that Ye-bun is in the police station, and she gets decked up and rushes over. She meets Jung Muk and tells him that she had heard he was not married because of her, and he threatens to use a Taser on her, but Deok Hee stops him. Meanwhile, she puts a blanket on Jong-hyeok, touches his butt, and sees a woman tied up and Jong-hook saying, “I thought I was the only man you loved.” Ye-bun is freaked out and keeps staring at Jang Yeol’s butt. He sees this and warns her. Her aunt brings Assemblyman Cha to the station.Ye-bun is out of the station, and Jang Yeol is sucking up to the assemblyman.

Behind Your Touch (Season 1), Episode 2 Recap - HOF
A still from Behind Your Touch (Season 1), Episode 2

The assemblyman meets with Dr. Jung, and they have a chat. At the police station, Jang Yeol begs Jung Muk to give a serious case so he can move back to Seoul. He sends him to a farm, and he believes it is a murder case of a human. He tries to give knowledge to Deok Hee but is embarrassed to find out that the murder was on onions as someone had used pesticides on his crops and they had died. The farmer invites them home and gives them food; it is evident that Jang Yeol does not know how to read a room. The farmer tells him that a neighbor, who is farmer growing pears could be the prime suspect as he was mad at him because his dog would defecate on his farm.

Jang Yeol meets with the pear farmer and takes him into custody as he had claimed he did not use pesticides to grow his pears, but his hand showed signs of using pesticides, and the only explanation was he had killed the onions. Meanwhile, Ye-bun is with the cute convenience store worker as they set out to help a kitten. As Ye-bun touches the kitten’s butt, she sees something buried in the backyard. The pear farmer asks Jang Yeol to search his house to find pesticides, but they don’t find anything.

Behind Your Touch (Season 1), Episode 2 Ending, Explained:

Will Ye-bun get over her fear of using her powers?

Ye-bun is busy digging the backyard, and Jang Yeol visits the same place in search of the pesticides and looks at each other in the dark, freaks out, and starts running in circles. Jang Yeol sees the pesticides where Ye-bun was digging and asks her for an explanation. She tells him he wouldn’t believe her even if she told him. He insists, and she tells him that she can see things when she touches someone’s butt, but he thinks she’s a psycho. He asks her to leave immediately; otherwise, he will arrest her as an accomplice. Ok Hui and Ye-bun hang out, and Ok Hui’s hip padding falls off. Ye-bun touches Ok Hui’s butt and sees her breaking a street lamp and kissing a man; she confirms the same with her. Ye-bun is worried about what she saw in Jong-hyeok’s memories. In the end, we see a woman running from a man, bruised head to toe, trying to hide, but the person catches her and is dragged to the floor.

In this episode, we see Jang Yeol and Ye-bun yet again meeting at the perfectly wrong time but towards the end, we see a sense of understanding, and if not, they are in a space of conversation. We are also starting to see the thriller mystery side of things slowly developing. In this show, humor takes precedence over serious mystery thriller moments. It will also be interesting to see how quickly Ye-bun will overcome her fears of using her powers and how much risk she would be willing to take to help people. We are also seeing a crush from Ye-bun’s side, and it will be interesting to see how that develops.

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