Behind Your Touch (Season 1), Episode 1: Recap & Ending, Explained – Unveiling Psychic Powers – A Perverted Mess or a Hidden Gift?

Behind Your Touch (Season 1), Episode 1 Ending, Explained

Behind Your Touch (Season 1), Episode 1 begins with the audience delving deep into the life of Bong Ye-bun, the story’s protagonist. She has had a sad childhood filled with loss, and as she grows up, she struggles to be accepted by her grandfather. She is a veterinarian by profession. On one meteor shower night, she gains some psychometric abilities. We are also introduced to Jang Yeol, a police officer who has arrived in town from Seoul. He has a culture shock in the city but is determined to return to Seoul in a month.

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Behind Your Touch (Season 1), Episode 1 Recap:

The episode begins with Bong Ye-bun running towards an accident, only to discover that it is her mother. Her mother is dead, and she goes to live with her aunt and grandfather. Her aunt asks her grandfather, Dr. Jung, to take her to school, but he ignores her. Her aunt tells her that her mother’s best friend has a daughter, and she is studying at the same school. She introduces Ok Hui to Ye-bun. Ok Hui seems like a quirky girl. She briefs Ye-bun about the school and people. They become very close over the years. Ye-bun leaves the town to complete her veterinary studies and training. She comes back to town, and she runs a vet clinic. Her aunt would bring cows and pigs into the vet clinic despite Ye-bun explaining that they were livestock animals. Ye-bun is forced to treat these animals as they are a good source of income. She is also forced to put up posters and distribute them to people.

Moon Jang Yeol, a police officer from Seoul, comes to this town. He joins the Violent Crime Unit. Ye-bun and Jang Yeol meet as she gives him the poster. On his first day at the station, the force hurriedly leaves for a crime scene. Jang Yeol asked his team if the crime involved drugs, and they said yes. Jang Yeol and crew are all set, and they see Ye-bun screaming as the cow she’s on charges ahead. Jang Yeol is confused and asks his superior if this is a crime and how it involves drugs. Deok Hee tells him that the cow had gone crazy after being injected. Hence, it was a drug-related case.

Jang Yeol is convinced that there will be violent crimes as long as there are humans; he also informs his colleagues that he intends to collect some brownie points to return to Seoul. Since he did not have a place to stay, Deok Hee took him in and introduced him to his sister Ok Hui. Deok Hee is afraid of his sister as she is loud and rude, and Jang Yeol understands it after meeting her. On the other hand, Ye-bun is arguing with her aunt about treating cows. She hides under a desk, saying she fears cows and wouldn’t treat any. A man had arrived asking to get his cow checked as she was pregnant, and he was worried. Seeing Ye-bun in this fearful state, she decides to blackmail her. She asks Ye-bun to find a way to pay her grandfather’s rent and finally decides to go. It was also the day meteor showers were going to be seen. They were stuck in a traffic jam to see the cow. The police were handling the situation. Ok Hui is seen selling things to people stuck in traffic. Deok Hee asks his superior if he should arrest her, but he tells him that she is making a living and is okay.

Even though she is afraid, Ye-bun gets close to the cow and diagnoses it. As she examined it with her hand, a meteor flashed close to them, and she got some powers. She had fallen unconscious and was asleep for three days. The next day she hugs her pet cat and can see the cat’s memories, and she is freaked out. She then touches her dog and experiences the same thing. She visits a doctor, and he tells her that everything is normal. She explains to him that she sees things, and the doctor recommends seeing a psychiatrist. She then returns home and touches the dog but sees nothing. She eventually realizes that she needs to touch the animal’s butt. She then confides in Ok Hui to give a solution to her problem. Ok Hui is annoyed with her as she is such a light drinker that she takes a sip and naps for a few minutes. In anger, she asks her to see a shaman.

Behind Your Touch (Season 1), Episode 1 Ending, ExplainedThe shaman seemed to take on the energy of a general. He tells her what she is going through and asks her to become a shaman, and if she does not choose this path, people around her will get sick or die. To her bad luck, her grandfather had fallen while volunteering for election duty. Ye-bun gets scared and decides to become a shaman. The next day she gives her card to her aunt, asks her to eat whatever she wants and meets the shaman to perform the rituals. The shaman encourages her to get in touch with her emotions, and Ye-bun tells her sad life story bringing the shaman to tears. Ye-bun was asked to walk on the straw cutter as a part of the rituals, but she got scared and asked him to show her how to do it, and she would follow. To keep up the image, he walks on it, cuts his feet, and screams in pain. Ye-bun realizes this shaman might be a fraud and asks him to bring the general’s energy. She speaks to him in English, and he does not respond. Ye-bun decides to call the cops, but the shaman requests her to pay some as he has to take care of his family. She is back home and watches videos about psychometry.

An older man comes to the clinic because his dog is not eating. Ye-bun uses her psychometry powers to tell the older man that the dog had felt like he was a burden, and because of him, the older man could not eat properly and had to go to work. The dog did not have control over the bladder, but he had decided not to eat. It was an emotional moment for them all, and the dog finally did eat. Ye-bun gives some canned dog food to the older man. She wonders if it works on humans and animals on a bus and wants to test it out. She sees a man pickpocketing someone and goes close to him. She touched his bottom once, making it seem like an accident, but she couldn’t see anything. She was about to try to grope him again but was handcuffed by Jang Yeol. She gets out of the situation, but her aunt gets excited and runs to the police station to rescue Ye-bun.

Behind Your Touch (Season 1), Episode 1 Ending, Explained:

Unveiling Psychic Powers – A Perverted Mess or a Hidden Gift?

We see a flashback to Ye-bun’s aunt in her younger days dating Jung Muk, now the police station in charge. She reminds him of the good old days; he plays along but asks the other cops to put her in a holding cell. Ye-bun is shocked to see Jang Yeol moving in across her house. Jang Yeol warned her that he would keep an eye on her. Jang Yeol and Deok Hee carry the mattress up the stairs, but Jang Yeol loses his balance. Ye-bun tries to rescue them, but she grabs onto his bottom. She sees his life just before he arrives in this town. He was fighting some gangsters, and as he reached one of them, that person called him brother, which seemed like they knew each other. At that moment, someone hits Jang Yeol. Jang Yeol, in the present, is annoyed and calls Ye-bun a pervert and attacks her.

In this episode, Ye-bun and Jang Yeol’s relationship starts with many misunderstandings. The show has added a bit of humor to all relationships. Despite being paranoid about these psychic abilities, Ye-bun is beginning to see its usefulness. Still, the only problem is she would need to touch somebody’s bottom to know their memories and past. In the coming episodes, it will be interesting to see how Jang Yeol and Ye-bun’s relationship develops and Ye-bun’s strategic use of her abilities.

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