In Episode 2 of My Happy Marriage (Season 1), we see a lot interaction between Miyo and Kiyoko. At this stage, they both are giving each other what they have never experienced in life before. The relationship started in a rocky fashion but eventually started to get better. Yurie seems to be the cheerleader for this relationship, as she seems to be rooting for them to get closer together. The episode ends with a shocking revelation that will impact many lives.

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My Happy Marriage (Season 1), Episode 2 “About my husband-to-be” Recap:

The episode begins with Kiyoko telling Miyo that as long as she stays in that house, she is to follow his orders without complaints or objections. Miyo gladly agrees and tells him she is looking forward to living there. Kiyoko is taken aback by witnessing her sincerity.

Ms.Yurie, the house caretaker, shows Miyo her room and tells her that she is aware of the rumors about Kiyoko, but she assures her that he is a kind man. As Miyo hits the bed, many thoughts run in her head. She had assumed Kiyoko would be abusive, but he was not. She wonders if he was kind to her as she was from the Saimori family, and he believed she had some superpowers.

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We get a flashback to when their father tested Miyo and Kaya to see if they had the super-spirit vision. Kaya could see the spirit, but Miyo could not. After that day, her father and stepmother neglected Miyo completely. The days of her ill-treatment began. Miyo was seen having negative self-talk as she believed she was useless because she did not have supernatural abilities.

Miyo wakes up with a bad dream and is determined to be useful in this house. She wakes up hungry and cooks a meal. Ms. Yurie appreciates her for making breakfast and tells her that Kiyoko will also appreciate her gesture. Yurie informs Kiyoko that Miyo has prepared breakfast, and he asks her to sit close to him and tells her to eat it first. She was surprised by this, and before she could respond, Kiyoko told her to try harder next time as he could not eat the food because he did not know what was in it. He tells her that the food could have been poisoned. Miyo gets teary-eyed as her efforts with good intentions are misunderstood.

Kiyoko and his comrade welcome the special Anti-Grotesquerie Unit recruits. This unit works on fighting off demons and evil spirits with the help of supernatural abilities. When one of the comrades comments, Kiyoko shows his power and tells them that these spirits have lived a long time in this realm and can be very dangerous; hence, they must be prepared at all times. He also tells them that these spirits have diminished over time, but it does not mean they will not reappear again.

Kiyoko is working in his office when his comrade interrupts him to deliver some papers. Kiyoko is lost in thought about the conversation with Yurie that morning. Yurie had told him that he did not need to be as rude to Miyo as she had put in a lot of effort. He realizes that Yurie does not defend anyone to this extent. He is surprised about himself as he was thinking about all this during his work time. Miyo thinks aloud that if rumors about Kiyoko were true, she would not be able to live there anymore.

Koji is being welcomed into the family. Koji offers to move things to Miyo’s room as an excuse to see how Miyo is living. She tells himself that if Miyo is kicked out of the Kudo family, he wants her to feel the safest with him. Kiyoko comes home to Miyo on her knees, apologizing for that morning. She tells him that she has overstepped her boundaries and that Yurie made the dinner. She also clarifies that she had not put any poison in his food. Kiyoko tells her that he did not seriously suspect her, but he did not feel like eating food made by a stranger.

At dinner, Kiyoko takes a bite of food and tells her it is cold, and Miyo apologizes. Kiyoko asks her why she always apologizes like it is natural, but Miyo does not answer. He asks her to stop apologizing. He asks her why she has not eaten, and she tells him she does not have an appetite. Kiyoko asked her if she was unwell, and she said she was fine. Kiyoko tells her that she uses supernatural abilities to heat water and does not have to do unnecessary things in the house.

My Happy Marriage (Season 1), Episode 2
A still from My Happy Marriage, Season 1, Episode 2.

After his bath, Kiyoko apologizes to Miyo for not eating breakfast that morning and tells her she is responsible for breakfast the next day. He also tells her to get in the bath as the water is still hot. Miyo tells herself she cannot mess up the breakfast the next day. We see a flashback to when Miyo was a child, and her mother’s heirloom and kimono were removed. Miyo confronts her stepmother, and she is locked in a room for that. Miyo wakes up ffrom this bad dream.

She starts preparing for breakfast and Yurie comes in early that day. Miyo tells her what had happened, and Yurie giggles because of Kiyoko’s behavior. At breakfast, Kiyoko asks Miyo to eat with him. Kiyoko tastes the food, and says that it is good. Miyo lights up listening to this compliment. She starts crying, and Kiyoko is shocked to see this. Miyo wonders when was the last time she was praised or accepted by someone.

Kiyoko realizes that Miyo was not raised like a typical daughter of a royal family and asks Yurie to keep an eye on her. Yurie teases him that he seems interested in this fiancée, and he is taken aback. Kiyoko also tells Yurie that Miyo can dislike him if she wants, as his former fiancées were after his wealth.

The episode ends with Koji’s father yelling at Shinichi for not fulfilling the promise of getting Miyo married to his family.

My Happy Marriage (Season 1), Episode 2 “About my husband-to-be” Ending, Explained:

The episode reveals the true kind-hearted nature of Kiyoko. We now understand why Kiyoko was considered cold or rude, as his former fiancées were after his wealth. Miyo is bringing out the softer side of Kiyoko. The episode ends with a new revelation. It is revealed that Miyo is supposed to be married off to Koji’s father’s family, not Kudo’s. This is going to bring trouble between families. If Miyo is called back and asked to be married to Koji, what will her decision be? Right now, Miyo is falling for Kiyoko, and she is receiving appreciation and is treated like a human being for the first time in her life but at the same time, before leaving, she has feelings for Koji, and he has feelings for her as well. Things may get complicated between all of them.

We also got to see Miyo’s troubled childhood with no support from her family. She grew up having low self-esteem. Yurie resembles Hana, the servant fired for taking Miyo’s side when she was a child. Just like Hana, Yurie seems to be taking Miyo’s side. It will be interesting to see how things pan out and what new revelations will appear once Kiyoko digs deep into the Saimori family.

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