Mythic Quest (Season 3), Episode 5: This season, Mythic Quest is focusing on the new developments after the emergence of Grimpop. Their old creative studio is now in the hands of its executive producer, David, who is best at trying his best at everything he does. With every other character adding a bit of spice or sweetness to the show’s flavor, it is becoming increasingly rewarding to unpeel the layers of its characters. Be it the brewing friendship between Ian and Dana or Poppy’s new set of realizations as a creative head, and this season is backed by smart and witty writing, as always. This comedy-drama set in the gaming industry is streaming on Apple TV+.

Mythic Quest (Season 3) Episode 5 Recap

Episode 5: Playpen

Directed by Dany Pudi, the 5th episode titled ‘Playpen’ is written by Kyle Mack. Poppy (Charlotte Nicdao) is still persistent in her pursuit to make their new creation legendary. Just like Ian (Rob McElhenney) had a sense of complete creative control over Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet, she wants to have control over Hera. That is why she persists in making it fun after the new male game testers speak with her about it. While she enthusiastically talks with Ian, he worries about not being included in the Mythic Quest movie discussions.

Mythic Quest (Season 3), Episode 5

Right after that, Poppy stumbles upon an error that makes it clear that someone is stealing from them. Within moments, she realizes that it is Dana. She tries confronting Dana in a dramatic style with Ian, but that does not go well for her, and she gets embarrassed. However, she is still angry at Dana for using her code and sharing it with others. She told Dana it was worthless, so she gave herself a free pass to share. While Poppy is confused about whether to claim it worthless or necessary, Dana mentions it being well-received by her peers. That gives Poppy momentary satisfaction.

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Meanwhile, in the Mythic Quest office, David (David Hornsby) brings janitor Brad (Danny Pudi), senior employee – Carol (Naomi Ekperigin), and Rachel (Ashly Burch) in for a meeting. As always, Jo (Jessie Ennis) over-enthusiastically plays the role of his assistant. David shares the update for being asked about the new NFT feature related to their game. He is pissed at his employees for going ahead without consulting him. While he is confident that evil Brad is the mastermind behind this plan, Carol takes the blame on herself.

While David is persistent in pinning it on Brad, even Rachel chips in to take some other blame, her reasoning for doing so is to give Brad an out! Without saying a single word, Brad manages to make others do what he wants them to. While the meeting is adjourned, David is not happy with Brad going out with no acceptance of guilt. Meanwhile, in the Grimpop office, Poppy goes along with Dana to play a game that uses the tool she built called Playpen. While she mocks its silliness in the beginning, she starts enjoying it soon after.

Amidst her usual banter trying to assert her dominant position, Poppy genuinely relishes playing this game. Meanwhile, Ian shows up at David’s office to speak about the Mythic Quest movie. He earlier mentions to Dana and Poppy his displeasure for casting Joe Manganiello as their lead. He feels threatened by this taller, muscular man, who he fears would take control of the game away from him. Also, Dana & Poppy find him attractive, which frustrates him. When he goes to confront David, this executive producer feels giddy for bringing Ian to his doorstep. He almost celebrates his tiny moment of victory.

Ian shares his anger for not being included in the discussions about the adaptation of his creative child. He also mentions that he does not want Joe to star in the movie. David tries hard to keep his stance firm to assert dominance and make Ian feel worthless. He claims Ian has no say since he has now left Mythic Quest. And while Ian was leaving his office, he somehow permitted him to have the final say over further discussions. While David gets flustered while gaining control, Brad tries to manage the inner workings of Mythic Quest secretly.

He speaks with Rachel about the fear of losing himself, or more precisely, the evil part of himself. Rachel tries to console him and ends up getting assigned a position in Mythic Quest that she finds too mechanical and ruthless for her. Instead of being a creative writer, Brad makes her accept that she would be great as the Head of Monetization. Meanwhile, instead of getting fired for pitching the idea of NFTs, Carol gets promoted to another working title that gives her increased pay without the amount of work to justify it.

She seems to be over her moral dilemma and enjoys being promoted for ‘sourcing ideas from an underutilized talent pool’! She and Brad want this promotion of hers that white people take for granted. Meanwhile, Poppy is conflicted by an existential crisis about not being able to have a vision that Ian does. She fears ending up as an exceptional mechanic and nothing more. While she is devastated by this self-realization that shatters her dreams, Dana tries to calm her down. She then comes up with an idea to make Poppy feel good about herself.

Mythic Quest (Season 3) Episode 5 Ending, Explained

Poppy reveals that she constantly desired to gain recognition like the likes of Ian. As a result, Dana takes her to the game, where all her classmates who worked with her creation of Playpen applaud her in unison. She is delighted to witness her moment of triumph. Right afterward, she goes to Ian’s house to speak about Playpen. She is pumped about working just on it instead of Hera, where she believes her talent is getting wasted. Ian supports her drive for this Playpen thing and agrees for her to work on it.

He does not let her in since he is engaged in abnormal sexual activity with his ex-partner. As a result, they decide together that Poppy should go back instead! While Ian always has the final word, Poppy then asks for her win for the day and says the last goodbye. She revels in this discovery of her creative calling. While the previous episode focused on Ian & Dana’s chemistry, through this episode, we witness a bonding between Dana and Poppy. It seems like Dana is becoming an integral part of Grimpop after all. And with Playpen, Poppy seems to be on the way to a fruitful & satisfying creative pursuit.

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