Nelma Kodama’s name has become synonymous with scandal in Brazil. From black-market currency trading to her involvement in Operation Car Wash, a sprawling corruption investigation, Kodama has found herself in the headlines time and again. Her recent arrest in a drug trafficking sting adds another chapter to her already notorious story. Now, she will be the central character in Netflix’s documentary ‘Nelma Kodama: The Queen of Dirty Money’ so its about time we dive into her life.

Early Activities and Lava Jato

Kodama first emerged on the scene in 2006 when the exchange house where she worked became embroiled in a money laundering investigation linked to bingo halls. This was merely the first hint of the financial web Kodama was allegedly weaving.

Years later, Kodama became entangled in Operation Car Wash, a massive probe that exposed a systemic corruption scheme within Brazil’s state oil company, Petrobras. Executives awarded inflated construction contracts in exchange for hefty bribes. Kodama was arrested in 2014 attempting to flee to Italy with a significant amount of cash hidden in her underwear.

A Colorful Character and Legal Troubles

Kodama’s appearances during the Lava Jato inquiries were anything but ordinary. In a memorable moment, she belted out a song to describe her relationship with her then-partner, Alberto Youssef, a notorious banker also convicted in the scandal. Kodama received an 18-year sentence for corruption, money laundering, and criminal organization. However, thanks to a cooperation agreement and a pardon, she was released early in 2017.

Despite this, Kodama couldn’t seem to stay out of trouble. In 2018, she sparked outrage with social media posts flaunting allegedly stolen jewelry. The following year, she raised eyebrows again with a video demonstrating how to remove an electronic monitoring ankle bracelet.

Recent Arrest and Alleged Drug Trafficking Involvement

Kodama seemingly vanished from public view until her recent arrest in Portugal as part of Operation Discovery. This sting targeted a criminal network smuggling cocaine to Portugal via private planes. Kodama is suspected of being a key coordinator, allegedly working alongside a high-ranking member of Brazil’s most notorious gang, the First Capital Command (PCC).

Kodama’s lawyer maintains her innocence, claiming the arrest stems from her past relationship with a lawyer allegedly involved in the smuggling scheme. Regardless, Nelma Kodama finds herself back in the spotlight, facing accusations that could add significantly to her long list of legal troubles.

What is the Premise of the documentary?

Nelma Kodama, a name synonymous with Brazilian financial scandals, is reportedly set to break her silence in a new Netflix documentary. Kodama, a notorious black-market currency trader, is poised to offer a firsthand account of a major corruption scandal, according to sources. This documentary promises to delve into the shocking world of Kodama’s currency trading operation, shedding light on a system riddled with corruption.

Nelma Kodama The Queen of Dirty Money Release Date: 

The documentary is set to premiere on Thursday 6th, June 2024.

Where to Watch ‘Nelma Kodama: The Queen of Dirty Money’?

The doc is exclusive to the subscribers. Netflix will be the only place where you will be able to watch it.

Does ‘Nelma Kodama: The Queen of Dirty Money’ have a trailer?

Yes. You can watch the trailer below:

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