“The mistake we make about somebody like Meryl is assuming that she’s somehow magical. In fact, what Meryl Streep is is an incredibly hard worker.” said Carrie Coon, who co-starred alongside Streep in Steven Spielberg’s ‘The Post’.

As the veteran artist Meryl Streep is soon to receive the Inaugural Tribute Actor Award at the 44th edition of the Toronto International Film Festival, those words reflect precisely what Street has flourished into over the course of 5 decades.

Streep’s gargantuan personality in the film industry might seem magical, but only because American cinema has rarely ever witnessed diligence and passion at the magnitude she operates on. Her reputation fails to decline, with a 21st career Oscar nomination for ‘The Post’, an admirable role in award winning series ‘Big Little Lies’ and an upcoming collaboration with Steven Soderbergh, in the past couple of years alone. The new Soderbergh feature, ‘The Laundromat,’ will also be presented at TIFF.

Festival Co-Head Joana Vicente said in an official statement, “Meryl Streep is undoubtedly one of the most talented and versatile actors of her generation. Her tremendous contribution to cinema, television, and the stage spans five decades; from her early roles in ​’The Deer Hunter,​’ ‘​Kramer vs. Kramer,’​ ​ and ​’Sophie’s Choice’​ to later films, including​ ‘The Devil Wears Prada,​’ ‘​The Iron Lady​’, and​ ‘The Post,’​ she has portrayed characters that are as compelling as they are timeless.”

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TIFF could not be more thrilled to honor such a skilled and exemplary artist”. From my first film of hers, ‘Sophie’s Choice’, to the latest one, ‘The Post’, I’ve seen Meryl Streep stepping into numerous female personas, shredding the archetypes attached to them, and restructuring them with her nuanced strokes. These honest portrayals have helped constitute a distinguishable voice and platform for generations of female artists, from Nicole Kidman to Kristen Stewart.

We’ll be cheering for Streep as she steps onto that stage for a deserved acknowledgment of her contribution to cinema while also hoping for more of her presence on our screens.

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