Casino movies have always been incredibly popular for movie enthusiasts for a variety of different reasons.

Many fall in love with the action and the storytelling that each one provides, with some of them having been based on true stories regarding certain things that everyday people have experienced when they have been playing their favorite games.

Indeed, with this in mind, it would not be a surprise if we were to see a film be created about an individual who perhaps manages to win big while playing at one of the best sites available on in the future as it will be a true story that many will want to be able to watch on the big screen!

However, something that many have noticed over the years is the fact that many of the titles that utilize the casino genre tend to be American. Now, this might be down to the fact that the country has a number of glamorous casinos in places such as Las Vegas, however it is impossible to deny the fact that gambling is a popular pastime across the entire world, and perhaps even more in some places than it is in the US.

This got us thinking, though, about some of the best non-American casino movies to have ever been released. What films are there that can spring immediately to mind and rank highly? Thankfully, we managed to come up with a number of titles to have spawned from all corners of the globe, from Europe and all the way to Asia.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the biggest titles to have been released on the big screen, not from the United States of America…

God of Gamblers III: Back to Shanghai (1991)

If you want a film that has a little bit of everything, then God of Gamblers III: Back to Shanghai is certainly one that you are going to want to check out. This Hong Kong movie was released back in 1991 and it stars some huge names in the industry such as Chow Yun-Fat, Max Mok, and Joey Wong.

The story revolves around a man named Ko Chun who is a world-renowned gambler. After he retires, he heads off to America where he meets someone who looks exactly like him. The two end up swapping lives for a short while before Chun decides that he wants to get back into gambling and sets his sights on taking part in some high-stakes games in Shanghai.

It is a fantastic film that has a little bit of everything, from comedy and drama through to action, making it perfect for those who want to be entertained for the duration of its two-hour runtime.

From Vegas to Macau II (2015)

Again, another Chow Yun-Fat film makes the list, this time in the form of From Vegas to Macau II. This is a sequel to the original 2014 release and it sees the star take on the role of a con artist who ends up teaming up with a magician in order to pull off a heist.

The two end up flying out to Macau where they set their sights on robbing a casino there. It is an action-packed movie that does not disappoint, and it is certainly one that any gambling fan is going to want to check out as soon as possible.

The Gambler (2013)

An export from Lithuania, The Gambler is a drama directed by Ignas Jonynas that was released back in 2013 and it stars Viktoras Bokštys in the leading role. It tells the story of a man who is addicted to gambling and who ends up losing everything as a result, including his family, his job, and his home.

With nothing left to lose, he decides to take on one final bet in order to try and turn things around. He ends up winning big, but not before some very tense moments along the way that will have you on the edge of your seat!

Demons (2012)

From Estonia, Demons is a supernatural thriller that was released back in 2012 and it stars Ott Sepp, Laura Peterson, and Mirt Preegel. It tells the story of a man who heads to a casino in order to try and win some money so that he can pay off his debts, but things do not quite go according to plan.

He ends up losing everything and is then confronted by some demons who give him an ultimatum – he has 24 hours to come up with the money or they will kill him. It is an intriguing premise that makes for an excellent film, one which any gambling fan is sure to enjoy.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few of the many great gambling movies that have been released over the years that happen to be non-American. Each of them will provide movie enthusiasts with plenty to enjoy when they are watched, too!

Author: Anna Martyushev

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