Well, we all deserve to be spiritually awakened in order to understand and comprehend the reason we were born. With the films mentioned below, you will be able to understand the different takes on self-discovery. These films take you on a voyage of self-discovery and provide you insight into the meaning of your life. 

You will learn a valuable spiritual lesson from each awakening film, and you will begin to remember why you were placed on this planet.

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Well, Interstellar has a sophisticated plot, significant effects, and a fantastic musical score, in addition to offering tremendous spiritual truths. Despite the fact that it seems to be a science fiction movie, it gives us a peek at spirituality and an amazing, completely alive world.

Peaceful Warrior

In the love story Peaceful Warrior, a professional gymnast looks for meaning in his life. He meets a stranger who helps him learn more about himself and directs him toward enlightenment. Therefore, you shouldn’t miss this one if you like watching movies that explore the path to enlightenment.

The Matrix Trilogy

The Matrix movie’s red and blue pills are well-known. The Matrix and its illusions are maintained by one of the tablets, and the illusion is destroyed by the other to expose completely another perspective of reality. The movie is fantastic and has a great story in addition to being spiritual.


Inception is a science fiction movie about manipulating people by invading their dreams to extract information from targets. It is significantly more realistic than science fiction because you may adjust your expectations of what is real. 

Your consciousness is raised while simultaneously being inspired by this unusual, action-packed spiritual movie. Leonardo DiCaprio portrays one of his best characters in this blockbuster.

Green Mile

The character of John Coffey, a black man accused of killing two young girls, serves as the central figure in the plot of the inspirational movie The Green Mile. It is a movie about spiritual healing, and it shows us that people should learn to look past outward appearances in order to see the broader picture.

Cloud Atlas

The movie Cloud Atlas centers on six protagonists from various generations. The movie is insightful because we see all six characters suffer emotionally and progressively understand how their responses and deeds affect the ones they care about. 

The movie is intellectual and well-written, and it aids in our understanding of others who, like us, have various goals, ideas, and philosophies.

Life of PI

In the movie Life of PI, PI Patel, the lead character, must maintain his life while cohabitating with a male Bengal Tiger in a boat that is adrift in the ocean. Although the movie’s images may not be particularly spiritual, it encourages us to persevere in the face of the immense challenges he faces while he is on the boat. The film also teaches us about the power of empathy and determination.


Rocky is a film about overcoming overwhelming odds and is nostalgically spiritual. It talks about how boxers suddenly start vying for the top rank in the sport. Thus, if a movie falls under the category of “sports spiritual movie,” this is the highest of them all. 

This film is driven by a profound grasp of life and the disguised reality.


One of the all-time great spiritual films, Terminator raises red lights about what would happen to society if we choose a path focused on fear and greed rather than love. Although the majority of people would conclude that Terminator is science fiction, other people believe it is more realistic. 

The movie is essential viewing for anyone interested in spirituality, science fiction, the development of Virtual Reality, or Artificial Intelligence.

I Origins 

I Origins analyses how the eyes are the portals to the soul by examining the human eye. The plot of the film is spiritual enlightenment. It examines the mysticism concealed in well-known locales and the idea of reincarnation, making it one of the best spiritual films.

Astral City: A Spiritual Journey

The spiritual drama Astral City centers on a deceased doctor who visits the astral world in the afterlife. Strong and possibly life-altering, Astral City is a location in the afterlife. The movie provides a spiritual window into what life is really like. 

Into The Wild

The film Into The Wild is about Christopher McCandless’s journey into the woods. You can’t sleep at all after watching this inspiring spiritual movie because it makes you wonder how the main character managed to cut off all links to the outside world and move into the wilderness. 

The movie is based on real events, which gives out a very strong message about the horrors of consumerist human nature and society. 


Avatar, one of the best spiritual films, demonstrates the power of the mind, the functioning of spiritual reality, and the potential of humanity for future generations. The struggle between the spiritual and material worlds might be seen as the movie’s central topic.

Final Reflections

The aforementioned movies are some of the most informative, thought-provoking, and spiritually awakening movies ever made. If you are trying to search for meaning in life and right now it seems like your feelings are all over the place, you should consider watching these films for inspiration. In fact, everybody on a spiritual quest must watch these movies.

Author: Caroline Eastman

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