Not Dead Yet (Season 1), Episode 4: Recap & Ending, Explained

Not Dead Yet Season 1 Episode 4

Not Dead Yet (Season 1), Episode 4: Filling in for the wife this week, ABC’s new comedy Not Dead Yet has officially reached its penultimate episode. While things are starting to look up for Nell on her work front, her personal life is still in shambles as she is not ready to move on yet. The episode is all about Nell trying to understand and get to that ‘one connection’ that will help her sail through her life. 

Not Dead Yet (Season 1), Episode 4: Recap:

“Not Dating Yet”

The new episode opens with a classic Nell and Edward interaction. Nell has woken up early because of Edward’s constant binging on the new StarTrem game on the television set in the living room. This is when Edward offers to take up Nell under her command to play along with him in the new version of the ‘space opera’ before Nell opens her Instagram and looks at a picture of her ex Philip, who has just posted a picture with his new date. Nell is surprised that he has moved on so fast and thinks that his new girl looks quite like her. Edward disagrees.

The first ghost of the episode is Rand – a mathematician whom Nell has been assigned to write an obituary for. On the offset, he warns Nell that her behaviors, like over-tipping at the Barista, can eventually lead her into financial hell.

Nell reaches the office, and everyone from Dennis to Sam has seen Philips’s post. They all try to downplay the new girl that Philip is dating so that it doesn’t irritate Nell, but they seem to agree with her when she corrects them by saying that she is gorgeous. This is where Nell claims that since Philip has moved on with his life, she has also decided to move on. However, just seconds later, she assigns Mason – the office internet, to find everything about the girl in Philips’s post.

Meanwhile, Lexi, Dennis, and Sam discuss Nell’s situation as they unanimously decide that it’s time she goes out back into the world of dating. So they call her into the conference room and offer to set her up. She declines and goes out of the room just to hear Mason talk about the greatness of Philip’s new girl. After hearing that she is apparently on the 30 under 30 list, and is supposedly freaky in bed, she spontaneously asks her friends to set her up with any men they think would be suitable.

Next, we see Nell on a date with a guy that Dennis sets her up with. The date feels pretty awkward at first since Nell hasn’t really dated anyone ever since Philip broke up with their engagement. All seems okay before the guy suggests that they can check each other’s compatibility based on a mathematical equation. This is where Rand’s ghost warns Nell that this guy can’t be right in the head, and the date ends without a conclusive advancement.

However, Ross – the guy that Nell went out with, and Edward hit it off, with both of them exchanging numbers upon hearing their ‘space opera’ theme as their ringtone. Lexi, on the other hand, tries to set Nell up with a much older, albeit rich, guy named Alistar, which doesn’t really work either.

Saddened by this, Nell goes back to her desk as Rand starts to poke her for sucking at math. Consequently, he also finally starts to let her into his personal life by saying that he was good at math but was really bad with people. He says that “Relationships aren’t predictable like numbers. They’re like unsolvable equations.” Nell concludes that maybe this is the lesson Rand was supposed to teach her. She realizes that maybe she isn’t the kind of person who gets into relationships. Getting a leeway into Rand’s mind allows her to complete his obit; and as soon as she sends it, his ghost vanishes.

Not Dead Yet Season 1 Episode 4

Next, we see Nell trying to eat her Bagel for lunch; Sam intervenes and forces her to try not to get dishearted just yet. She tells her to keep it casual but give ‘getting back into the game’ another try. Both Nell and Sam head off for her date together, and they meet this really hot guy who exudes young-hot-dad-vibes that Sam is into. Nell notices that and tells Sam that she is not into him. Sam initially disagrees but soon gets onboard when he asks her to drive him home because he is apparently ‘too upset to drive’ as his son has a temperature of 98 degrees.

Not Dead Yet (Season 1), Episode 4 Ending:

The ending of the episode is, of course, set in Cricket’s bar, where Sam drinks on the counter and asks her if she thinks love is an unsolvable equation. Cricket tells her that love is not meant to be solved but to be felt. Cricket suggests her not force herself out of one relationship into other.

This is when she receives a text from Mason praising another new thing about Philip’s new girl. Nell gets angry at a random guy at the bar who is trying to talk to her or comfort her subtly. She soon settles down and talks to him about what’s upsetting her. She also apologizes to him for getting angry at him. The two then slowly start to open up to each other, and the night slowly starts to turn better as they walk back to their homes.

The episode draws to a close when Ross and Edward team up on the new StarTrem game while Nell and the stranger walk through the night and catch the sunrise in the most cliche first date way. But all the good feelings lead to a sad end when Nell decides to click a picture of her first date with this guy. The picture turns out to be just her, and the guy is, in fact, a ghost that she was talking to.

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