9 Korean Dramas to Add to Your Watch List in September 2023

9 Korean Dramas to Add to Your Watch List in September 2023

Hold onto your seats, Korean drama aficionados, because September 2023 is here to unleash a whirlwind of captivating stories that will have you wanting more. Brace yourself for epic historical battles, thrilling crime-solving escapades, and heart-warming tales of growth and independence. So mark your calendars and get ready to be entertained! Here are nine upcoming Korean dramas that you can look forward to:

Korean Dramas Releasing In September 2023

A Time Called You, Release Date: September 8th

Where to Watch: Netflix

A Time Called You is an adaptation of a Taiwanese series called One Day. The show revolves around a couple, Han Joon-Hee and Ku Yeon-Joon. The story begins after a year of Ku Yeon-Joon’s death and Han Joon-Hee’s attempt to move on in life. Despite trying, she cannot move on from her boyfriend’s death and still misses him. One day, she travels back in time to 1998, where she is a high school student. There, she meets Nam Shi-Heon, who resembles her late boyfriend, and is surprised. Nam Shi-Heon is a lady’s man and quite attractive. The series stars Jeon Yeo-Bin from Vincenzo and Ahn Hyo-Seop from Business Proposal.

Arthdal Chronicles: The Sword of Aramoon, Release Date: September 9th

Where to Watch: tvN, Disney+

9 Korean Dramas to Add to Your Watch List in September 2023 Arthdal Chronicles The Sword of Aramoon

The second season of Arthdal Chronicles comes back to screen after four years. The series is set 8 years after where season 1 finished. We will witness the war between Agon’s Kingdom of Arthdal and Eun-seom’s Ago Union. After eight years, Ta Gon has become the king. There is also a cast change for season 2 of the series. Jang Dong Gun continues to play the role of Ta Gon, Lee Joon Gi from Flower of Evil plays Eun Seom, Shin Sae Kyeong from Run On plays Tan Ya, and Kim Ok Bin plays Tae Al Ha.

Han River Police, Release Date: September 13th

Where to Watch: Disney+

It is a mystery thriller about two cops with opposite personalities coming together to solve crimes around the Han River. We have the officers stationed at Han River Police Station. Han Doo-Jin is someone who upholds justice and plays by the rules. He is a little short-tempered. We have Lee Cheon-Seok, another police officer with a personality opposite of Han Doo-Jin. He is determined to keep the Han River safe. Both officers are constantly faced with emergencies and other small incidents every day. The series stars Kwon Sang Woo from Desperate Mr. X and Kim Hee Won from Moving.

The Day, Release Date: September 13th

Where to Watch: ENA, Genie TV

The Day is a thriller mystery series about a poor man with a kind heart who is in a tricky position as he needs money to get an operation for his sick daughter. His ex-wife comes up with kidnapping an 11-year-old rich girl called Choi Ro-Hee. Despite being a good man, he accepts the idea as he is desperate. As he goes near the girl’s house to kidnap her, he accidentally hits her with the car instead. He takes her home, realizes she has lost her memory, and believes Kim Myung-Joon is her father. Kim Myung-Joon wants to set things straight and takes the girl back to the house only to find her parents dead. Choi Ro-Hee realizes that Kim Myung-Joon is not her birth father.

7 Escape, Release Date: September 15th

Where to Watch: SBS

7 Escape

This is the story of seven people involved in one girl’s missing persons case. Let’s meet the seven people involved. Matthew Lee runs a mobile platform company, but he is a mysterious person. Very few people know him inside out, but he gets involved in a strange case, leading him to make himself known to the public. Geum Ra-Hee is the CEO of a production company. She is very good at her job. Money and success take precedence over everything for her.

Min Do-Hyeok, at one point, used to be a gangster. He has seen a lot of betrayal from people in his life as he trusts everyone unquestioningly. Han Mo-Ne dreams of becoming an idol. Her only weakness is she is filled with lies. Cha Ju-Ran is an OBGYN. She is married to a wealthy man. Yang Jin-Mo is the CEO of Cherry Entertainment and is greedy by nature. Go Myung-Ji is an art teacher who spreads rumors at school to hide her weakness.

Hyo Shim’s Independent Life, Release Date: September 16th

Where to Watch: KBS2

Hyo Shim’s Independent Life is a 50-episode family melodrama. It is a simple story of Hyo Shim, who has a leech-like family, and she wants to get out of their grip. Until now, she has been a good child to her parents with a good personality. She finally decides to get out of her sheltered life and be independent. The series revolves around her life as she navigates the independent life and all the craziness that comes with it. There is also a bit of romance when Hyo Shim meets Kang Tae Ho. The leads for the series are played by Kim Yu Jin from Ghost Doctor and Song Ha Joon from Destined with You.

Song of the Bandits, Release Date: September 22nd

Where to Watch: Netflix

9 Korean Dramas to Add to Your Watch List in September 2023 Song of the Bandits

Song of the Bandits is a period drama that also has elements of romance in it. The story is set in the 1920s during the Japanese colonial era. During the Japanese occupation, South Koreans headed to Jiandao in China, which is known to be a lawless nation. Everyone who had arrived at that settlement came together to protect each other. Lee Yoon served with the Japanese military but, because of circumstances, fled to China and became a bandit to protect the settlement. Nam Hee-Shin works as a section chief in the railway bureau for the Japanese-controlled government in Korea. Lee Chung-Soo led the Korean settlement in China, but he was an ex-army commander. Lee Gwang-Il is a Japanese military officer who does not like Lee Yoon. Eon-Nyeon is skilled with guns and was given a contract to kill Lee Yoon.

Twinkling Watermelon, Release Date: September 25th

Where to Watch: tvN

Twinkling Watermelon is a time travel story about a musically gifted boy. Eun-Gyeol is attending high school and has partially deaf parents. However, he is blessed with the gift of music. He is a fantastic student in school, playing the guitar in a band at night. One day, he visits a mysterious music store and travels in time to a mysterious place. He meets a younger version of his parents and two other people there. Eun-Gyeol decides to rope them in and start a band called Watermelon Sugar. Moreover, he builds a friendship with the younger version of his parents. The series stars Ryeoun from Adult Trainee, Choi Hyun Wook from Twenty-Five Twenty-One, Seol In Ah from A Business Proposal, and Shin Eun Soo from Magic School.

The Worst of Evil, Release Date: September 27th

Where to Watch: Disney+

The Worst of Evil is a crime thriller drama about two police officers infiltrating a drug dealing organization. Park Joon-Mo is married to Yoo Ui-Jung, and they are both police officers and protagonists of the series. Park Joon-Mo gets involved in a drug investigation involving a drug trade between South Korea, China, and Japan. Later, Yoo Ui-Jung joins the same investigation that her husband was a part of, and they infiltrate a criminal organization. They come across a charismatic boss of a newly formed crime organization. The series stars Ji Chang Wook from Healer, Wi Ha Joo from Squid Game, and Im Se Mi from Love on a Rooftop.

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