Released on Valentine’s Day, “Not Dead Yet” Season 2, Episode 2, titled “Not a Valentine Yet,” is all about recognizing love not just in your foreseeable partner or current lover but also deep within yourself. Now we know how Nell is keeping a tight secret inside about seeing the ghosts she ends up writing about. But is she making it a habit to delay the happiness she really deserves? The latest episode shows Nell finding a possible prospect, but will it bloom into a relationship?

The new season of “Not Dead Yet” also takes a special interest in Lexi’s life – especially how terrific her performance and arc were in the first season. After sharing a kiss (maybe three or even four secretly) with Edward, it seems some new connections are expected to be seen in this season.

The article dives into what takes place in the second episode, discussing if Nell will find a valentine this season. Please be aware that the article contains spoilers; reader’s discretion is advised.

Not Dead Yet (Season 2) Episode 2 ‘Not a Valentine Yet’ Recap:

The episode opens with Edward walking around in Nell’s office. Nell is surprised to find him, considering he doesn’t even work there. However, Edward uses an excuse that he came to deliver her a package under her name. But we know he is mainly there to see Lexi.

As Edward’s eyes set on Lexi, he excuses himself, and we see Nell curiously opening up the package. It turns out the package contains an instant pot cooker that she had registered for on the occasion of her marriage. The pot cooker even has “Nell and Phillip” engraved on it, which makes Nell a bit sad, remembering her past that literally changed the course of her life. Seeing her coworker eyeing the precious ‘wedding gift,’ Nell ends up keeping it in Sam’s office.

There, she learns that Sam has been prepping up to see her husband (who lives in a different city and coincidentally missed his flight) later in the evening. Sam is worried that her mother’s word about the ‘seven-year curse’ doesn’t come true, as she believes that after every seven years of marriage, the genes of people regenerate, leading them to become completely different people that can eventually lead to issues in marriage.

Nell obviously knows Sam is hyper-paranoid about superstitions, and living a long-distance relationship can take a toll on her friend. So she advises that nothing is going to happen and she will indeed end up having a nice Valentine later with her husband.

Does Nell meet someone on Valentine’s Day?

Nell then goes out for a coffee break, and at the café, she happens to meet this really nice guy, Andres, who proposes to share his cupcake when the café runs out of the Valentine’s special cupcake Nell wants to try. The meet-cute leads Andres to invite Nell to have coffee with him. However, before Nell could venture into the possibility of sitting with this cute guy, Denis comes in and assigns her next obituary subject.

The problem here is Nell, who wants to take things ahead when it comes to her dating life, often gets stuck and canceled right before the ‘first base’ because these ghosts have more opinions about the guys she likes than Nell could ever have. Turns out, the dead person she is going to write an obituary was actually a state senator who happens to be Andres’ mother.

While enjoying the cupcakes and coffee, Andres and Nell talk about things. However, Andres’ dead mother keeps interrupting Nell from having any smooth conversation. Nell finds out that Andres wishes that the newspaper could use his mother’s letters as a way of honoring her and recounting the good times she had. Nell agrees to look into it, and that is when Andres invites Nell to visit his art gallery later in the evening. While Andres’ mother wants Nell to go, Nell makes an excuse about her work, leading Andres to think he pushed his luck too hard after just one meeting.

What is going on between Edward and Lexi?

Not Dead Yet (Season 2), Episode 2
A still from Not Dead Yet (Season 2), Episode 2

On the other front, Edward and Lexi have shared kisses here and there after what we saw in the first episode. Edward is curious to know if Lexi means something by this, but as we know, Lexi is like a hardboiled egg. It takes a few taps to get inside her mind or understand her instincts and dilemmas. However, just when Edward and Lexi shake hands about never repeating their actions, Duncan Rhodes enters Lexi’s office, claiming to take her office back until he can figure out what is going on with Lexi and her husband and if she is getting a divorce.

In this episode, Duncan also gets introduced to Edward, and we can see Edward standing tall and confident in front of Lexi and her father as Duncan becomes more curious about Edward. When Lexi gets asked about her marriage status, she gives an ambiguous answer and leaves instantly. In the lift, Lexi and Edward make out yet again, and we know something is definitely going to come out of it if these two continue to hook up.

Later, Duncan finds Edward and Lexi together again in the storeroom, and this is when Edward stands up for Lexi and advises that he will look into the legal matters that Duncan is worried about, even though he is an environmental lawyer. It turns out that Duncan is bothered by Lexi’s confused mind regarding her marriage with her husband, as they have been long separated.

He wants an answer as to whether or not she will divorce him, and this is when Lexi blurts out that despite being a single mother to a growing teenager, living a separate life from her husband, running a company, and making important decisions, she is overwhelmed and needs some time to think things through.

Duncan’s pressure on his daughter leads Edward to take Lexi’s side one more time as he tells him that instead of riling Lexi up with tenacious work, he needs to be cooperative and gentle with her. Duncan understands and commends Edward, leading Lexi to thank him for being kind to her.

Not Dead Yet (Season 2), Episode 2 ‘Not a Valentine Yet’ Ending Explained:

What does Cricket advise Nell?

Later, we see Nell visiting Cricket at her bar and finding Sam waiting at the table. Sam is yet again paranoid as her husband missed another flight, leading her to spend Valentine’s alone. Cricket sees Nell and tells her that instead of thinking about her friends, Nell should really consider thinking about herself more often. Cricket also believes that Nell has been making excuses here and there in order to delay her life from making the turn she actually needs.

This makes Nell visit Andres at his gallery, where his dead mother’s ghost keeps telling Nell to convince him to give up on painting, as he is not very good at it, and people only bought his artwork to set up meetings with her. Nell doesn’t like the fact that the ghost uses a shotgun on her shoulder to hit the spot, but when she looks at Andres’ painting, she understands what the poor dead mother of Andres is really trying to do.

Does Nell find a Valentine?

While Andres tries to draw a portrait of hers, Nell courageously puts her foot down and explains everything. However, Andres already knew the truth about his painting and agrees that he sucked. He says that he continued doing artwork because his mother wanted him to be an artist, and he loved her too much.

Just when Nell leans forward to kiss him, the ghost of Andres’ mother interrupts the moment asking her to tuck his hair behind his ears. When Nell does it, Andres remembers that his mother used to do this, too, leading him to realize that he is distracting himself with Nell instead of grieving. Nell comprehends, and as usual, the ghost triumphs again, delicately steering her away from yet another potential relationship that might have developed into something more.

Does Sam’s “seven-year” curse actually come true?

The ending of “Not Dead Yet,” episode 2, shows Nell returning to her friend with a pot roast in her ‘supposedly’ wedding gift. Sam is drunk and had earlier disrupted Cricket’s Valentine’s date, leading the women to come together and enjoy drinks together. Seeing Sam in her miseries, ranting about the seven-year curse, Cricket downloads her truest wisdom on Sam, telling her that relationships are always supposed to taste the highs and lows, and it is important to always rise above the worst and hit the surface with your best efforts. This makes Sam feel better as we see the women raise a toast together on the occasion of celebrating Valentine’s together. Before letting the night roll into its best phase, Nell submits her assignment about the dead senator in order to escape the ghost overtaking her fun.

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