Only Murders In The Building (Season 3) Episode 7: The likes of Joy, Kimber, Loretta, Tom, Bobo, Ty, Clifford, and Donna did not feature in the last episode. Add to that the absence of the likes of Uma and other Arconia members, and this season has been a tad boring. Some of them have been (temporarily) eliminated from suspicion, but the only sure-shot name that can be crossed out is Gideon. ‘Boring’ is a word audiences may use to describe Season 3, especially for those who have gotten tired of Charles and Oliver’s bickering. It got annoying to the point that Mabel ditched the duo and continued her work on the murder investigation with Tobert.

Loretta remains a person of interest, but only Oliver knows the truth about her obsession with Ben Glenroy. Charles also knows something regarding that, and his punching incident is out. Clarification of informing anyone of any hunch is off the table as well after Oliver’s outburst and Charles’s distrust of Mabel. Will Mabel accept Cinda Canning’s offer? Will the trio reunite? Who locked KT’s room at Goosebury? And most importantly, will the fish named President McKinney just go? Mama G (Mrs. Gambolini) was way more fun. While Uma and Lester return, Loretta does not. Meryl Streep fans… look away.

Only Murders In The Building (Season 3) Episode 7 ‘CoBro’ Recap:

CoBro begins with a voiceover from Uma. It is a flashback featuring her and Bunny Folger. She speaks about being fond of people but not always trusting them as they have a bad habit of leaving. The audience then realizes that it is a flashback, as Uma is all alone. She gives the viewers a hint of being a kleptomaniac. This is because, unlike people, things stay long after the memories fade as well. She has a closet full of things, which possibly include Ben Glenroy’s missing handkerchief. The sequence shows Uma looking at it rather eagerly when Ben falls through the elevator.

Charles runs into Uma at a cafe. She still believes Charles, Oliver, and Mabel killed Bunny. Surprisingly, she then invites Charles to share her meal and asks him what happened. Charles shares the story that he quit Death Rattle Dazzle. Uma taunts him before he talks about how the musical was eating him up. Charles believes Mabel and Oliver will reach out to him and apologize. Uma abruptly thanks her neighbor for the meal and leaves, but not before Charles identifies Ben’s handkerchief in her purse. Uma does not deny it, as she says that Ben is not going to use it. Theo is helping Mabel pack for her move away from The Arconia. She says she doesn’t need Charles and Oliver, and she is the only one who cares about the case. Theo informs her Dickie is having a movie auction for Ben’s movie props.

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Oliver, Clifford, and Donna are at auditions to find a replacement for Charles’s role (The Constable). They are struggling for a replacement, and Oliver refuses to call Charles. Donna is insistent that Oliver get Charles back, as he is their only name to lure patrons to the Goosebury Theater. Clifford manages to get a replacement that works out. Oliver bursts out into applause as Charles walks through the open door. It is Matthew Broderick who secures the role. Charles has an interaction with his replacement, but the situation shows a hint of remorse on both sides, i.e., Charles and Oliver. Broderick says he understands the Constable but asks Oliver for help to become the role. He refuses to take a day off as opening night is under two weeks away, and he has a 38th rehearsal. The replacement actor opts for a 39th as he gets a new tidbit about his character. Oliver and Tom look taken aback as Broderick heads back to the stage.

Oliver has a chat with a colleague about Broderick. The man, upon finding out whether Putnam had said he was open to the stage performer’s ideas, informs him that he is ‘fucked’. Hours later, the director has changed to his night suit as Broderick enthusiastically continues to rehearse. He finally snaps and instructs the actor to go home. Broderick hears it all and promises to be back at 6 a.m. As Oliver opens the door to show him out, they find Charles trying to eavesdrop. Oliver forgives Charles and re-hires him. He says he just wants to hang out but eventually agrees to do the play. An elated Oliver fires Matthew Broderick as he did not have fun for those hours when the actor tried to get deep into the skin of his character.

Only Murders In The Building (Season 3) Episode 7: Recap & Ending Explained 
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Mabel and Theo walk into Ben’s apartment, where the latter reveals himself to be a huge CoBro fan. Mabel tries to get information about Ben, but Dickie shuts her down with disgust. She then apologizes to Dickie and hears his take on Gregg. When Mabel tries to defend Gregg, he reminds her of the incident from earlier in the season. The one where Gregg captured and chained Charles and Mabel in a basement. He also reveals Gregg followed Ben for years and blames himself for taking his eye off things. However, once Mabel returns to her apartment, she looks at a picture and concludes Gregg wasn’t at The Arconia at the time. Why? It is because Ben’s watch had 12:06 on it when he fell, not when he died. Also, Dickie informed Mabel that Ben always set his watch 20 minutes ahead. This means Gregg had left the building much earlier than the time of Ben’s death (12:26). Charles waits outside Uma’s apartment to get the handkerchief. She tells him that she sold it for seven grand to a ‘snake dork’ upstairs.

Mabel begins recording the podcast with Tobert and concludes that the name will have to change. Tobert suggests ‘The Bloody Mabel Podcast’ and unveils a picture of Mabel with a dagger between her lips. She says no. Tobert has an awkward interaction with Theo. Theo shows Mabel a comic and points out that B. Glenroy is R. Glenroy, or Dickie, whose actual name is Richard. Mabel then remembers Dickie’s mention of Ben always getting the credit. Tobert says it out aloud. Dickie is thinking of CoBro and Ben getting the credit. Mabel calls it ‘motive’, pins it to the murder board, and decides to record the same. When seeing all the fancy equipment, she pauses and elects to just use her phone. Her wallpaper makes her stop and think.

Only Murders In The Building (Season 3) Episode 7 ‘CoBro’ Ending Explained:

Who is the needle pointing at now?

After Kimber, Joy, Loretta, and Tom, this episode focuses on positioning Dickie as the killer. Loretta is still not in the clear though. To be fair, no one is – it’s just that some names have presented their version to cast doubts elsewhere.

What do Charles and Oliver do after burying the hatchet?

The septuagenarians have a drink and spill their discoveries. Charles tells Oliver about the handkerchief; Oliver reveals why he erased the mirror in Ben Glenroy’s dressing room.  He shows Charles the scrapbook he took from Loretta’s apartment. When Charles says he doesn’t think she did it, Oliver talks about his partner’s instincts and looks upset as the light dawns on him. Oliver and Charles decide to mend fences with Mabel and share the clue as a peace offering. If that doesn’t work, they plan to grovel.

What do Charles and Oliver see at Mabel’s apartment?

When Oliver and Charles knock on Mabel’s apartment door, a middle-aged woman opens it and asks them if they are the movers. The two wonder where Mabel is, and their phones beep. After learning that Mabel has moved out, they see something else that shocks them.

What did Mabel do?

Mabel, after leaving The Arconia, decides to record her podcast solo. She releases a teaser of her podcast and reveals to her listeners that she is flying solo. Her listeners include Oliver Charles, Uma, Dickie, Lester, and Detective Biswas. The latter gets a phone call from an unnamed individual and agrees that the trio is a pain. He agrees to re-open the Ben Glenroy investigation. Who is the caller? Is it Detective Williams?

Find out next week in Only Murders In The Building Season 3 Episode 8: Sitzprobe.

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