Episode 3 of Not Dead Yet (Season 2) finally succumbed to becoming a filler episode, and it felt like the episode had nothing much to explore. The idea behind the latest episode was to show how a child always craves attention, no matter what their age, and how they observe everything that takes place inside a household.

Unfortunately, as much as the episode tried to work around the idea, it could not deliver on its premise. It felt flat and clueless on how to execute the concept, giving little to nothing with a super-boring episode. Nonetheless, the characters do their job right, and I will still give the episode a pass, acknowledging that once in a while, we can watch a boring episode even if it does not offer much.

Not Dead Yet (Season 2) Episode 3 “Not in a Card Yet” Recap:

The episode opens with a focus on Lexi introducing her father, Duncan Rhodes, to the SoCal Independent employees and his plans for staying and overseeing the business. We learn that Duncan has been nominated for lifetime achievement awards for his contributions to the publishing company. While Sam and Denis have also been nominated for their respective departments, we find Nell struggling to find her name mentioned anywhere in the company email nominations list.

Right before setting up the excitement around the nominations, we see Nell speaking to her ghost of the day, who had 16 children of her own at one point. Nell is intrigued by the idea, but the ghost reminds her that having children of your own diminishes you to just be a provider, and the fun is only when you are the cool aunt to someone else’s child. As much as Nell’s maternal instinct kicks in, we see her listening to the advice very carefully and acknowledging that the idea seems plausible, given she is already the cool aunt to Sam’s daughter.

Does Nell find out who Edward is dating?

Nell has nowhere to go while everyone gets busy attending the awards later at night, so Sam asks her friend if she can babysit her daughter. Nell likes the idea, considering she and the little girl have always bonded quite well and looks forward to meeting her later in the evening. Back at the apartment, Nell is interested to know who Edward is currently seeing after finding sexy lingerie in the living room. Of course, Edward doesn’t give any straight answer because who would want to know if your roommate is seeing your boss?

Sam visits Nell to drop her daughter off at her place and finds Nell wearing a bright pink princess dress. Little did Nell realize that Sam’s daughter, Tilly, is growing up fast and has nothing to do with princesses anymore. After assuring Sam that her child will have a great time, Nell kisses her friend goodbye for the award ceremony.

What does Sam find out at the award ceremony?

At the event venue, while Denis is panicking over his acceptance speech, Sam overhears Lexi and a waiter discussing wrapping up the event before closing time. Sam is stunned to find out that Lexi took the ordeal of arranging a whole event, appointing a fake emcee to present a fake award to her father just to get two good words out of him about her. Lexi dismisses her at first, but when Sam gets up to leave the venue, Lexi tells her that it would mean a lot to her to see her father getting recognition for something he did in his life. Sam, of course, doesn’t like the idea, but seeing Lexi hopeful, she decides to stay back.

Does Duncan mention Lexi in his speech?

The event is filled with random people sitting together for the occasion of a fake award ceremony. Of course, Duncan has no idea about it, and as the emcee announces his name, he gets up to receive the award. While the waiter prods Lexi to wrap up the event as it is past their closing time, Lexi, on the other hand, is more eager to hear her father’s speech. Unfortunately, Duncan thanks everyone but her, leading Lexi to feel hurt and sad.

Why does Tilly get upset?

Not Dead Yet (Season 2) Episode 3
A still from Not Dead Yet (Season 2) Episode 3

Back at Nell’s apartment, Nell finds Tilly bonding more with Edward over video games and pretend-life scenarios. Nell finds it odd and feels left out, considering Tilly always liked her company as a little girl. Tilly proposes both Nell and Edward play a pretend scenario where she will host them at her pretend restaurant and the two adults enjoy pretend dinner and conversations.

Tilly comes up with a menu to order food and serve them while Edward continues to keep up with the game. Nell feels irritated. Edward and Nell get into feisty banter about how Nell is not equipped enough to hold herself together and keep things in her life in order. Tilly finds them fighting and yells about why it is difficult for them to keep their egos away and just enjoy a good meal. The little girl leaves, and Nell follows her to the other room.

When Nell prods Tilly about what made her upset, the girl, after much contemplation, tells her that back at home, her parents fight all the time whenever her father is home. She feels that while her mother tries to keep a calm environment, she believes that they fight because of her and how she cannot adjust to being a big sister. Nell, who had no idea that her friend Sam was going through all this at home, composes Tilly and tells her that her parents love her very much and she can never blame herself for such things.

Not Dead Yet (Season 2) Episode 3 “Not in a Card Yet” Ending Explained:

What advice does Nell offer to Sam?

After returning from the fake award ceremony, Sam spills tea about the event to Nell, who finds it ridiculous to know that Lexi put so much effort into getting her father’s validation. Nell then tells Sam that Tilly had a good time with her and is fast asleep. As Sam gets ready to leave, Nell mentions what Tilly told her, and Sam feels awkward and embarrassed.

It turns out that Sam and her husband have been living separately for some time now to figure out how to take care of things in the future. Since they have been having differences between them, Sam is completely overwhelmed with everything and is clueless about how to manage everything and the kids. Nell hears everything and quickly assures her friend that she doesn’t have to do anything alone and that she is there for her. Nell then hugs her friend and promises to take care of her and Tilly in this phase.

Does Edward and Nell finally patch up?

Episode 3, “Not in a Card Yet,” of Not Dead Yet (Season 2) ends with Edward finally apologizing to Nell for being rude to her at the pretend dinner. However, he really meant every word he said about Nell not trying hard to sort out her messy life and that she would be great at being a mother.

Seeing the warmth and love she has towards Tilly, Edward believes that Nell should start sorting her life as soon as possible. He even suggests she freeze her eggs as an option so she can start a family when she is ready. However, Nell reminds him that instead of telling her the truth that she already knows, he could just compliment her by saying that she would be great at being a maternal figure. Edward acknowledges the statement, bringing the roommates back to normalcy.

The episode ends with Lexi talking to her father’s cardboard-sized figurine about how much he means to her and how she has spent her entire life trying to impress him. It turns out that she has started to believe that Duncan doesn’t care about her, which makes her spill the truth about how she created a fake event for him. At least, for once, we see Lexi saying the truth to her father upfront, confidently, even if it means to a poster.

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