Love is a strange feeling. It can cause us to do crazy things and become people we never expected to be. It can help us survive the worst of hardships or be the reason we would feel stuck without any progress. ‘OMG! Oh My Girl’ on Netflix tells a similar tale of love.

Directed by Thitipong Kerdtongtawee, this Thai romantic comedy presents two soulmates who keep bumping into each other at the wrong places and times. So, their love is always just a bit amiss from materializing into something more. Yet, despite years of distance or growing apart, something keeps them coming back to one another.

It takes us through the same journey through a stylized narration. Even when it is filled with a bunch of cliches, what makes it irresistible is its natural charm.

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OMG! Oh My Girl (2022) Plot Summary & Movie Synopsis

How do Guy and June meet each other?

The story is about Guy (Wongravee Nateetorn), who is deeply, madly, and uncontrollably infatuated with June (Plearnpichaya Komalarajun) from his school. However, for one reason or another, he misses every chance to communicate with her. One day, a magic moment arrives in his life when a banknote comes flying in between them. They both approach it to pick. It makes them share a meet-cute moment, which leads to their first conversation. While having a milk tea, he gets the first chance to charm her.

His best friend – Phing (Michael Pugh), asks for a pickup line to impress the girl that he has a crush on. Despite having no actual experience, Guy gives an elaborate plan with a pickup line, which he assumes will end up embarrassing Phing. But, as it turns out, Phing uses it for June and manages to charm her. Phing later tells her that Guy is his master. She asks how he became one. He mentions his three sisters, who taught him what girls want and how to impress them.

June gets mighty impressed with his skill and then starts sharing some more tricks. She demonstrates those tricks on his body, which makes him even more uncomfortable. Later, he tries to use the same with his date. But he doesn’t share the same spark with her as he does with June. While he tries to move on from his crush on June with his new girlfriend, June and Phing stay in a constantly on-and-off relationship, which confuses him.

One day, the two break up, and in no time, they decide to get back together. One day, Phing behaves like a total jerk; the next, he apologizes to June and promises to be a better person. She starts thinking whether she is stupid to still stay with him. Guy comes in to console her, and in their roller-coaster ride of interaction, he manages to forge a strong connection with her. It starts with a chain of messages between them where they keep spamming each other with stickers of a laughing monkey and a dog.

Because of this, the two become close friends. She asks him about his dream of being a film director and laughs at his phony answer. So, he shares the actual answer. He wants to be a director to sleep with the celebrities he will work with. They have a laugh at it. While they share a dynamic chemistry, Tah (Siwat Sirichai) uses it to bond with his crush – Lex (Wasu Pluemsakulthai).

During a later concert, June and Guy dance together, which he considers a sign of her being into him as much as he is. So, he breaks up with his girlfriend (thinking that June will start dating him). After that, he walks out to find Phing and June patching up again. So, he ends up losing another chance to be with her. Thereafter, he tries out his luck with another girl, picturing the entire scenario of how he will come out of it as a hero, but ends up miserably failing at it.

OMG! Oh My Girl

June makes fun of his embarrassing situation, which is why he challenges her to ask a long-haired guy from the bar for his contact number. While she approaches that guy, Tah tells him that she is once again single. Guy gets angry at him for revealing it too late. By that time, June returns to them, who failed to take the number. But instead of making fun of her, Guy feels pity. So, he joins her while she walks back to her home.

While the town is filled with a few inches of water, they make their way through it. He leaves her at her doorstep and, on his way back, realizes that he has a key to her door. Apparently, Tah tried to be a cupid for him by keeping it in his pocket. So, Guy walks back to June’s place. But by then, someone else had already let her in. This ‘someone else’ was Pete (Pachara Chirathivat) – who saw her during her embarrassing encounter with the long-haired guy. He charms her into being in a relationship with him. So, yet again, Guy fails at another chance to be with her.

Like every close friend, Tah keeps motivating Guy to try his luck with a girl that he has a crush on. But Guy accepts his defeat and thinks that he should move on. Still, seeing Pete singing with June, he gets overcome with feelings for her. So, he makes Tah record a video clip where he pours his heart out. In the middle of the night, while he’s drunk to death, he decides to send her that clip. The next morning, she texts him, saying, ‘Now is not the time.’

Guy sees it as a sign of her saying that she isn’t interested in him then and starts a new chapter of his life. He decides to get over his adolescent immaturity and move on to adulthood. Over the years, he gets into minor flings and relationships to finally come across June after over 1000 days. While he was in a relationship with another girl, June had started dating Pete by then. Despite that, Guy messes up his relationship (once again) because of his thoughts toward June.

For him, this breakup leaves the door open for him to pursue her. But Pete appears like an obstacle. Guy even starts envisioning Pete’s future with June, them getting engaged, married, and having babies when she even stops recognizing Guy on the street. After giving himself that negative blow, he swings back to his hopeless romanticism and starts seeing even her smallest gesture as her interest in him. He calls her phone, and Pete picks up. Since Guy has started working for ad films, he mentions that he wants June to be a model for their new shoot. She later picks up his call and agrees to do it.

Now the task for Guy is to convince his director to approve her as their model. He shares his emotional story about wanting to woo her. So, the director agrees. But on the set, she cannot act (or emote) to the level she is required to, which upsets him. He roasts her in front of the entire crew, which greatly impacts her self-worth. She storms out, out of embarrassment, and Guy goes to console her.

During their conversation, June ends up mentioning that she had a crush on Guy, but she thought he did not. Guy mentions the video where she cryptically mentioned that she said, ‘Now is not the time.’ She understands his confusion and says she only texted it because he sent the video clip at midnight, which is ‘not the right time.’ She did not even see the video. It makes their interactions awkward for the entire day. Later at night, he approaches to kiss her and ends up hurting her nose, and his (since she did not expect him to approach her that way).

Still, he wears that blood as a badge of honor and goes home with a determination to steal her from Pete. He goes to one of Pete’s concerts and tries to get a photo of him doing something inappropriate with a girl (to sabotage his relationship with June). But Pete is so modest that Guy fails at his attempt. While he keeps up with his attempts, he fails at all of them. Still, he senses that June still feels something for him, making him want to pursue her.

June goes back through her texts to see Guy’s video clips and gets emotional seeing his naïve romantic gesture. She also sees a sandal on his bed that reminds her of a sweet memory. He lost his shoes when he was walking her back home through their city filled with water. She looked for it and then took out a sandal instead. She sees how much it means to him, which makes her heart melt. So, after that, she cannot stop thinking about him.

OMG! Oh My Girl

It makes her feel guilty, as if she is cheating on Pete. So, she meets Guy and says they both should move on. She talks about Pete being a good partner and how being disloyal to him would make her feel she is bad. He finds it hard to move on by himself and rather asks her to block him. They decide to end their painful interaction with a glass of beer. But they get drunk and are more honest about their emotions. He says that, with her, the world feels easy. She gets charmed by his confession.

Once they leave, they start spamming each other, once again, with monkey and dog stickers, as they did before. It makes Guy want to rekindle their memories. He asks to spend the day with her. She agrees. While they are in a photo booth, he ends up kissing her. One of the photos captures that intimate moment. While she feels unsure how to react, she kisses him back right afterward. But again, she thinks about Pete and gets out of the booth.

Surprisingly, they get caught in a city filled with water on their way back. Their cab gets stuck in that water. So, they get caught in an awkward silence, which makes her leave and start walking. He also gets down and asks her to choose him over Pete. She feels burdened by guilt and decides not to. Back at home, Guy sees his sister’s husband cheating on her. Is this what June will go through if Pete catches proof about their hook-up? He starts to contemplate.

Meanwhile, June decides to break up with Pete by the ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ routine. Both get emotional about it, and she makes up a reason saying that she isn’t ready to be with him. She says that she wants to improve as a person and accomplish more. So he decides to break it amicably. But just the next moment, he sees a text she received from Guy. It had the photo strip from the booth, where they kissed each other. It makes him furious, and he takes out his anger on her. So, she moves out of his place.

Before leaving, she leaves a letter for Guy with Tah, where she writes down all the thoughts she wanted to express to him. Meanwhile, Pete meets a girl and hits it off effortlessly with her. This was the same girl who didn’t prove to be a perfect match for Guy before. Maybe not the perfect time, perfect place, or maybe not the perfect person or the perfect words coming out of his mouth. But Pete again manages to impress a girl that Guy is interested in!

OMG! Oh My Girl (2022) Movie Ending Explained:

Do June & Guy end up together?

While Tah and Lex are about to get married, Guy just cannot get over his feelings for June. By then, she had moved to London, and he tried getting busy with his family matters. He refuses to attend Tah’s wedding for fear that he will have to face June. His sisters still persuade him to attend the wedding. So, despite his initial fears, he agrees to do so. Later at the party, June comes and sits right at his table.

As it turns out, June had called him before the engagement to speak about it. She did not want him to miss his best friend’s wedding just because she is going to come there. While Tah and Lex embrace each other for their entire lives, June and Guy keep thinking about their earlier phone conversation. She says that she still has mixed feeling toward him. She apologizes for disappearing from his life. Yet, she is happy about her independence in a new country.

After the wedding, they both see a 1000 baht note on their table, like the one that made them friends in the first place. Guy accepts that there were not just bad but good things in their time together. He feels that he finally has no regrets in his life. He also decides to leave where he grew up, where he had fond memories of June.

However, during the celebration, he sees her with a nasal spray with a sticker of a monkey’s face. He recalls wanting to give it to her. He gets emotional, seeing that she keeps it in her purse. After all, he is a hopeless romantic. She says to not think of it as anything more. So, even if we do not see them getting together, there is a strong possibility that they will cross each other’s paths again. He ends his story seeing it as a sign that their love will never end.

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