Once Upon a Small Town (K-drama), Season 1, Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: After Ahn met with an accident, Ji-yul became less mechanical. He has developed more protective feelings toward her even though he continues to restrict his emotions from doing so. On the other hand, Sang Hye-on gives enough space to Ahn to process everything that has taken place between the two. At the same time, Ahn finds it challenging to decide since she likes the town’s doctor and has never seen her best friend in any other sense.

The latest episode mainly focuses on unraveling new details of these young people and how they are connected; the show also allows you to become humble and learn life lessons from Huidong’s people.

In this article, I take a detailed look at episode six and explain what takes place in the end that changes the course of the show. Spoiler alert, please read at your discretion.


Episode six begins with a flashback to the painful memory of Ji-yul’s childhood when he lost his parents in a car crash. While waiting for Ahn Ja-young to gain consciousness, he looks at her tenderly, thinking about the worst that could have happened. In the meantime, Sang Hye-on rushes into the room, where he finds Ji-yul by Ahn’s side. Both exchange concerned looks, and Sang Hye-on goes away to take care of the hospital’s routine formalities.

When Ahn gains consciousness, the first thing she asks is about the first sergeant who was driving her. Sang Hye-on assures her that he is doing alright and she must rest instead of worrying about others. Ahn shares that Doctor Han got her out of the car. Sang Hye-on tells her that Ji-yul called the police chief and reported the accident. He then excuses himself to call in the doctor to check upon her. Later, while resting in the car, Ji-yul notices that Ahn gets discharged from the hospital, and Sang Hye-on takes her home.

When home, Ahn considers writing a perfect message to Ji-yul to show her gratitude for saving her life. However, she is unsure how exactly to express her feelings. On the other hand, Sang Hye-on recalls that Ji-yul was still at the hospital until Ahn was discharged. The accident has shaken everyone from the core and changed the dynamics of the relationship these three people share with one another.

The following day, both the officers resumed their professional life at the police station. Since Ahn and her partner are back at work, the chief of town police lectures them about not prioritizing their life over work. However, Ahn reassures her boss that she is doing better after taking ancient medicine therapy. She is fit and healthy, and he shouldn’t worry about her anymore.

Even though the police head doesn’t believe a word Ahn told him, he wants her to go home. Ahn becomes stubborn and tells him that since he doesn’t want her to do a desk job; she will take up the patrolling job for the day. She takes her bike and decides to visit Ji-yul at Director Han’s clinic. When she doesn’t find Han Ji-yul at the clinic, she learns from assistant Lee that he has gone out and must call him if she needs him. While talking to Ahn, Yeong-suk realizes that she had come to thank him for saving her.

We then see Ji-yul visiting his parents’ burial site. After witnessing what Ahn had gone through, the haunting memories of his parent’s death have opened up unspoken wounds and traumas. In the meantime, while patrolling the town on a bike, wondering where Ji-yul could have been, Ahn happens to meet him on his way back to the vet hospital.

When Han gets out of his van to speak to her, Ahn gets nervous and musters up the courage to thank him. However, the call of his assistant back at the clinic interrupts their conversation, and he has to run back to the clinic.

The next moment, we see Sang Hye-on on a farming truck calling out Ahn. Lee Sang Hye-on asks her why she is still working when she should have been resting. However, Ahn’s restless personality doesn’t allow her to stay still for too long. While chatting over random things about the town, Ahn brings up the conversation when Sang Hye-on reveals his love to her. However, he wants her to think about it more before coming up with a decision.

On the other hand, the episode also sheds light on euthanizing livestock animals that become part of their owner’s family. When Ji-yul visits one of the farmer’s bulls, who hasn’t eaten anything for almost a month, he suggests that there isn’t much he can do about the bull’s deteriorating health. However, the farmer explains to him how important this animal is to him, and he doesn’t want it to die a painful death. So he requests Ji-yul to see if he can euthanize the animal to save him from its terrible pain.

Meanwhile, Sang Hye-on has taken officer Ahn to the community meeting at the school center. He fears that the presence of a police officer may lighten up the mood of the panel, where people usually lose control while discussing pressing issues of the town.

The people of Huidong and Majeong have gathered together to discuss their plans for their town’s development. The leaders of both parties argue their points in front of the city council so they can win the trust fund. However, while putting up their issues and plans, the two towns break into a brawl that night during the meeting.


The episode, at this point, shows two parallel stories. On one side, Han Ji-yul needs to be rational and make a difficult choice of finding a suitable medicine that can ease the bull’s pain, helping the poor man get out of the misery of seeing his close member in distress. On the other side, Sang Hye-on tries to ease Ahn’s burden, even if it only means momentarily.

Ahn decides to walk by herself to clear her head after what just happened, and at the same time, Ji-yul gets an alternative way to help the older man’s dying bull finally rest in peace. After bidding a teary-eyed farewell to his long-time friend, the old man shares a heartwarming conversation with the young doctor. He shares that he took care of Ji-yul when he was young after his parent’s death. Learning this, the two men bond over their respective tragedies, where Ji-yul gains a rewarding lesson from the old man that things that we lose with time somehow always come around.

Right before Doctor Han gets up to leave, the old man shares that as children, Ji-yul and Ahn played together a lot. Listening to this reminds him of the vague memories he has of him with young Ahn. He now realizes that Ahn tried to make him see her through all this time, and he never paid any attention to who she was. In one of the flashbacks, we see young Ahn sitting by the river, and she becomes his friend after helping him overcome the tragic loss of his parents in the car crash.

The episode ends with a pool of memories – both Ji-yul and Ahn sharing a look standing in front of one another, right at the spot where they used to hang out as kids.


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