Only Murders in The Building (Season 2), Episode 7  Recap and Ending Explained: Welcome back to The Arconia. Last week’s episode of Only Murders in The Building provided us with yet another suspect for Bunny Folger’s murder. However, this week was an episode about awakening as the realization comes forth and repressed memories return. It didn’t play with us and provided us with yet another name to debate over.


Only Murders in The Building (Season 2) Episode 7 “The History of Forgetting” Recap: 

The episode begins with young Mabel working on a puzzle with her ailing father. She snaps out of the flashback and sees a bloody coat on a bed. Wait? She’s in a bed? She seems confused and springs out immediately as she is concerned about her location. After hearing the key jiggle, Mabel moves away in search of a weapon. Theo Dimas enters and received a blow to the back of the head. Mabel wants answers and sees her video, where she learns what happened with her on the subway in ‘Performance Review’.

Meanwhile, Charles Haden Savage and Oliver Putnam are hunting for her and have checked the local haunts. When the doorbell rings, surprise surprise Detective Williams walks in with her newborn infant son. She tries to get information out of them to help them, and Charles even convinces her to take a knife from Oliver’s house. As Putnam hasn’t hidden it, he tries to use the Arcatacombs and Charles goes to check in on him. In classic Charles-Oliver humor, their whispers are heard clearly by the detective who is standing at the door. They feign ignorance and eventually hand the knife over. This comes after a touching moment where both parties learn they will do anything if it will ease the comfort of the ones they love. The scene with Martin Short and the baby was heart-warming.


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Mabel realizes she zoned out in the subway and Theo, her go-passenger, got her out of the public space and into safety. She also learns that the one she stabbed (Glitter Guy) took her bag, which contained the crucial matchbook. Thanks to Theo’s help, Mabel recognizes that the Glitter Guy is connected to Coney Island. This exchange came with Selena Gomez’s character, not understanding ACL and realizing that lip reading in movies is not a regular real-life thing. Hence, Theo writes and communicates. 

When he offers to drive Mabel to Coney Island, she refuses and reminds him of his killing of Zoe and letting Oscar take the fall. After a pleading exchange, the duo set off to the amusement park. Once in, Theo keeps watch while Mabel browses through the employee files to identify the Glitter Guy. Eventually, they pack up the documents but need to stay put as Dimas needs to charge his ankle monitor. This kind of rules him and Teddy Dimas out as suspects, as they are being monitored 24/7 with no excuse for a monitor with no charge being available.


Mabel watches as Theo plays whack a mole and they share their guilt for Zoe and Tim. While Theo thinks about it every night, Mabel reminisces about the tough moments from her past as well. She also says she could have stabbed Bunny as it fits her natural instinct. A flashback even plants the idea in the audience’s head that Bunny’s death could have been due to Mabel reacting before thinking.


Mabel visits the washroom and sees glitter in the sink. She then moves to the locker room and runs into a wounded Glitter Guy. When she makes a sound, he goes to hunt but gets overpowered before pursuing a fleeing Mabel. When she is with Theo, the Glitter Guy lumbers past, seemingly ruling out Theo as someone who lured Mabel into a trap. 

Only Murders in the Building Season 2 Episode 7 Recap Ending

Mora remembers her father’s advice and flips the piece. This helps her zone in on that fateful night and she realizes that she isn’t the culprit. In what can be branded as a car ride of awakening, Mabel urges Theo to reconnect with Teddy before she meets Charles and Oliver at the diner.

Following the warm greetings, Mabel shares a photo with Charles. She picked it up from Glitter Guy’s bag and it has Charles with Lucy (from episode 4). The trio immediately understands the implications and looks to locate Lucy. She is at Charles’ house, but the lights go out. Oliver identifies it as a blackout.  

Only Murders in The Building (Season 2) Episode 7 “The History of Forgetting” Ending Explained: 

Lucy could be going the same way as Tim Kono

Flipping the Pieces ended with Charles frantically dialing Lucy. When she replied, she surprisingly revealed that she was in The Arconia. How the hell does she keep pulling that off? Why hasn’t the flat owner ensured that his ‘ stepdaughter’ can’t just March in on her own free will?


At this moment, the lights go out, and the call disconnects. Why don’t they opt for normal calls instead of app-based calls reliant on Wi-Fi? Oliver rushes to the diner window and exclaims blackout. This is similar to what happened on the night of Tim Kono’s murder, where a power failure saw chaos take center stage and Jan completes her dastardly deed.


Glitter Guy had the same outfit as Lucy’s tunnel man; Mabel remembers seeing him as well. 

The trip to Coney island saw Mabel run into Glitter Guy, and the events rule out one suspect as the culprit. We also saw Mabel’s mind clear up, and she realized she didn’t stab Bunny Folger. Pressing into her repressed memories and drawing them out saw something more to her flashback. A black hooded and masked figure fled through the passageway, after which a bloodied Bunny collapsed into Mabel’s arms. This resembled the figure Lucy saw in the Arcatacombs. Whilst it could be a coincidence that the parties had the exact same outfit, it could also mean that they are the same person, or two people, working in cahoots.


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Are there two culprits working in tandem? 

It looks likely as there is no way Glitter Guy managed to beat Theo and Mabel into the city and head to The Arconia to eliminate Lucy. It could be another one, working behind the scenes. This seems likely as they could be giving alibis to the other, or being present in a crowd when an incident takes place to throw the scent off them. 

Does the killer know Lucy was in the passage on ‘The Last Night of Bunny Folger’?

Looking at the picture, one might say yes, as the killer is going after Lucy. However, it could also be a simple blackout that happened by chance. We will believe this, as the Mrs. Gambolini incident from the beginning of the season is still fresh in everyone’s heads. It could also be a ploy to keep Charles in check as he would back out from the podcast from trying to clear Mabel’s name if he realizes that by doing so he can save what is the closest thing he has to a child. This would keep with the theme of the episode. 

What did you make of Episode 7 of Season 2?


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