Only Murders In The Building (Season 3) Episodes 1,2 & 3: Mabel Mora, Charles Savage, and Oliver Putnam hoped to interact as regular humans rather than people discussing murders. Their lives changed with Oliver getting recalled to Broadway, but something remained constant. A murder took place as the curtain rose, with Charles seeming to be the guilty party. After seasons 1 and 2 explored Mabel and Charles’s pasts respectively, season 3 is all set to be Oliver’s turn. What’s different is that the building in the title isn’t The Arconia. Or is it? Let’s find out.

Only Murders In The Building (Season 3) Episode 1 ‘The Show Must…’ Recap:

The episode begins at a Broadway show in the past with a young child discovering Broadway. This individual is revealed to be Meryl Streep’s character, who faces rejection after rejection to become a near-miss on Broadway. Oliver is at casting auditions with Loretta Durkin (Meryl Streep) entering as a walk-in. She apologizes for the situation and then auditions. As she performs, Oliver sits and took notice. Oliver moves to the stage and says, “Where have you been?” i.e., the exact words Loretta had wanted to hear right from the time she was a child.

After the opening credits, Paul Rudd’s character’s death is shown, and the audience sees blood oozing from his mouth. Mabel and Charles discuss the situation, with the former discussing causes and the latter saying it could have been natural. Oliver seems eager to just go ahead with the planned opening night party. Howard voices his apprehensions but is told to just do it. Four months back, Oliver and Charles told Mabel that they were not seeing each other anymore as they were busy. Mabel then wondered who they were without a homicide. The group heads to the table read for Death Rattle, where the lead is late. Clifford, the producer, proceeds to give a speech and performs a cartwheel. Charles goes on to describe his reel career and labels himself as not special. As he begings rambling, Oliver cuts him short. Mabel’s internal monologue sees her call the theater lame.

Ben Gilroy (Paul Rudd) shows up and has the casr sign NDAs to show they are okay with him filming a documentary about his Broadway debut. His documentarian introduces himself as Tobert, i.e., Robert with a T. Gilroy also reveals he moved into Amy Schumer’s house at The Arconia. The table read sees Loretta try a Scottish and French-Canadian accent before being asked to use her own voice. Ben seems upset at Loretta and asks Oliver to give her the boot. Loretta then says that she is not good at table reads and begs not to be given up on. Oliver motivates Loretta with a speech about a pst anecdote. Back in the present, the group returns to The Arconia. Uma praises the group for their consideration of keeping the body out of the building this time. Mabel floats her theory about the murder and says she could spend time with the two if that is the route. She also adds that she doesn’t pick “favorite olds.”

At the party, Oliver sits beside Loretta as she plays the piano and then learns that she has to get out of her costume very fast. In a shocker, Ben Glenroy walks through the front door. He explains the blood in his mouth as a consequence of him biting his tongue when he fell. Ben proceeds to apologize to Ty, Kimber, Jonathan, Donna, Bobo, KT, Loretta, and Charles. These were for all the different things he had said and done during rehearsals. Loretta responds to Mabel’s question about being glad for a Broadway return by saying that although Ben may be back, it doesn’t change one fact, i.e., “he’s a fucking asshole.” Mabel invites Charles and Oliver for dinner. They praise her apartment, and she says that the people who purchased it also loved it. She tells the two old men that she has four weeks to leave The Arconia as her aunt sold the flat. In the elevator, blood drops on Charles’s hat. A cracking sound is heard, and a corpse falls from the elevator ceiling onto the floor. The trip runs out and recognizes the person. It is Ben Glenroy.

Only Murders In The Building (Season 3) Episode 2 ‘The Beat Goes On’ Recap:

Ben Glenroy was pushed from a height, leading to the show’s cancelation. Oliver was upset at the stage team clearing his set. In the flashbacks, Paul Rudd’s character had an issue with the play. He then called himself a phony and said he hated his voice. Ben Glenroy revealed why he hated Charles. The veteran actor had raised an issue about him when he was eight, leading the producers to dismiss him. Glenroy said he could have Charles fired but kept him just to make his life hell. Mabel clicks pictures of the crime scene and stares at them while in her apartment. She has a crisis that Ben Glenroy (a figment of her imagination) attempts to solve by positioning her as a late bloomer who can take her time rather than waste it.

Oliver shows up at Charles’s for some attire advice for Ben’s funeral. Mabel asks if she could go to the funeral, and Charles deduces that she is sleuthing. Oliver seems upset at being made to watch the funeral on a TV in what is named Overflow 3. He decides to sneak out and tries to get Charles to cause a distraction. Mabel sneaks around and chats with Ben’s security guy. She receives an offer to look through his files on potential suspects. Oliver phones Charles to cause the distraction and sneaks away. Mabel and Charles go somewhere with Ben’s security guy to see the files he had maintained.

Mabel and Charles realize the pictures in the security guy’s house are photoshopped. The security person attacks Mabel and then gives chloroform to Charles as well. The duo is chained to a pillar where a discussion about them solving the case in record time takes the spotlight. Mabel shares why she had an attachment to Ben Glenroy; it had helped her bond with her mother. Bobby (the security guy) shows up with a tray of weapons. Revealing himself to be a crazed fan, he threatens Charles with a blowtorch and forces him to confess. Fortunately, Detective Biswas saveds them. The police are pursuing Bobby, a stalker, who had fled The Arconia minutes after Ben’s death.

Only Murders In The Building Season 3 Episode 3
A still from Only Murders In The Building Season 3 Episode 1

Oliver begs a theater critic to write a review for his play to work. She tells him that she is going to write a review panning the play. She only stops jotting notes as her pen runs out of ink. Oliver has a minor heart attack. He then has a dream and taps into it. The director reimagines Death Rattle as a musical. Mabel and Charles discover that Ben’s killer is still loose as Bobby has the handkerchief – something Bobby had used to stuff Mabel’s mouth as he was about to torture them.

Only Murders In The Building (Season 3) Episode 3 ‘Grab Your Hankies’ Recap:

Oliver tries to create new music, with Kimber serving as the narrator. Mabel and Charles put up a murder board that has images of the entire cast. Oliver is not with them at the flat as he is busy convincing his producers to let the show go on. Oliver renames the show to Death Rattle Dazzle. Donna tells him that he needs to have a song (showstopper) ready within three days. Mabel and Charles determine motives before she concludes that they need to find someone without the handkerchief. Meanwhile, Mabel is banned from Oliver’s flat for the rehearsals. She decides to head to Ben’s flat and meets Tobert in the elevator. He says he is hunting for his boom mic. As the duo is combing the apartment, Dickie (Ben’s brother) shows up to pack stuff from the penthouse. Hidden in a closet, Tobert tells Mabel about his time in Botswana and reveals why he didn’t head back there to work the elephants. He had managed to take footage from the night Ben died. Mabel flicks a drive from his person as they leave the closet. Later, she learns that the drive is password protected and confronts Tobert for the same.

At rehearsal, Charles tries his best to make everyone display Ben’s gifted handkerchiefs. Howard blows his whistle to bring the room to order. The cast sings and earns praise from Loretta. After another song, Oliver has a breakdown and screams. That alienates the cast, and Charles discovers a way into the group’s confidence. The group bonds over drinks at Charles’s apartment. He suggests that they should throw Ben’s handkerchiefs at Oliver’s feet to make a statement. They agree to get them the next day. Kimber then convinces Charles that they should not do the musical. He is appointed as the one to break the news to Oliver.

Dickie comes in when Loretta and Oliver are chatting. He announces that she got the part for a TV show but would have to move to LA next week. Oliver says that Loretta would have to be at Broadway for the play. When Loretta tries to leave, he uses her contract against her.  Charles speaks to Oliver about how no one wants to do his musical. Loretta walks in with Dickie for the rehearsal and seems a tad upset about her contract situation. Oliver apologizes for that but requests Loretta to sing the lullaby for the producers. He sets the scene before Loretta begins singing. The performance gives rise to a feeling of inspiration, awe, and jealousy.

Only Murders In The Building (Season 3) Episode 3 Ending Explained:

What was in the video on Tobert’s drive?

The video sees Ben speaking to someone who is not supposed to be there, someone who Ben called bad and just sat there despite being told they couldn’t be there.

Did Oliver get his producers?

Donna and Cliff had differing views on the play. While she was against it despite loving Loretta’s performance, he was on board and agreed to produce the musical.

What did Loretta decide?

Loretta Durkin decided to remain and do the Broadway play. It was because Oliver had found her.

Who didn’t bring their handkerchief?

Kimber was the only cast member not to get the handkerchief to the rehearsal. She even had a monologue positioning her as the killer. Loretta had to go as she became the focal point of the play. As Kimber stared at Loretta, one may have wondered….if looks could kill.

Only Murders In The Building (Season 3) Episode 4 – The White Room, returns next week.

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