Single Drunk Female (Season 2) Episodes 5 & 6: In the last two episodes of Single Drunk Female, we saw Sam leaving her family home. Carol found Sam’s 4th step journal and could not digest the things her daughter wrote in it about her. She kept making Sam’s life in that house unbearable. While Sam made this important decision, Joel decided to let Brit’s parents know about their separation. He was tired of pretending that they were still together and wanted freedom from the relationship. Meanwhile, Felicia took a step further in her relationship with Peter and also with Trent, aka the father of her son.

Now episodes 5 & 6 show Sam trying to manage her new, romantic relationship with Alex. Carol takes a step toward joining the meeting for the friends and families of the alcoholics. Bobby makes an important decision regarding his relationship with Carol.

*spoilers ahead*

Single Drunk Female (Season 2), Episodes 5 & 6 Recap:

Episode 5: Defining Relationships

Samantha / Sam (Sofia Black-D’Elia) was surprised at first when Alex (Jojo Brown) said that he wanted to keep dating her despite her issues with alcoholism. Now their relationship has reached another level of comfort. Keeping that in mind, Alex asks Sam out on a picnic together. She is taken aback when he shows her a tent for their getaway. She accepts this idea a lot faster than he thought. It seems like Sam is happy choosing happiness in her life.

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To be prepared for camping, Sam and Brit (Sasha Compère) decide to visit a camping store in the nearby Rivertown Mall. They have memories of shopping together and the drink (Orange Julius) they used to have back then. Besides, Brit also has memories of visiting this shop with her ex, Joel (Charlie Hall). While showing the reference to a product, she goes through her old photos with him.  Her memories start flooding back, and her feelings start creeping up on her. In the heat of that moment, she steals a product and does not tell Sam about it.

When Sam and Brit are about to walk out, the security guard stops her and asks for the stolen item. Sam defends herself and Brit that they paid for everything. Still, the guard is suspicious and thus takes them back to his cabin. Sam threatens to get his name out in her magazine if he blames Brit, i.e., a black woman, for stealing. But he is certain that Brit stole something. So, Brit finally returns what she sneaked into her bag. The guard lets them go with a warning.

Since Sam left home because of their argument, Carol (Ally Sheedy) decides to visit a Friends and Family of Alcoholics meeting, as Olivia advised her to. But it’s not an easy journey for her to accept her being in the wrong. She stands outside, trying to open the back door – when Jim (Brad Morris) walks out and surprises her. He asks her if she is there for the meeting. She lies that she is there to return a book. He figures out her lie and also that she isn’t ready to put herself under any blame. So, he leaves her on her own to decide what she wants to do.

James (Garrick Bernard) attends an anon meeting and starts cringing hearing a man talk about his issues from a gym. He starts judging and laughing at this man. Mindy (Jojo Brown), sitting next to him, tells him to stop. But James is clearly not doing well. He also checks his phone in between to see the notifications about overdrafts. He is about to go broke and hasn’t even worked on the app he received investment for. So, he gets so angry hearing a trivial problem. He gets up on the stage and reveals that he is on his day zero of sobriety.

When James leaves the room, Mindy catches up to him and shares that she does not want him to be a douche. She leaves him since it interferes with her recovery process. He can’t process being left alone, yet again, by someone because of his self-destructive behavior. So, he goes to his family home and meets his mother. He shares his financial status and that he has fallen back into his alcohol consumption pattern. She offers him a place to stay in exchange for him joining her for church. He agrees.

Jim meets Carol in a café near the meeting room and strikes up a conversation. He understands that she is still angry at her daughter and thus offers a different way to tackle the issue. In short, he offers to be her companion in her journey, where she need not start by blaming herself. Meanwhile, Sam and Brit drive back from the mall. Sam asks if she wants to talk about what happened. Brit doesn’t.

Sam decides to cancel her romantic weekend with Alex so that she can give Brit company. She understands that Brit is having a hard time with singlehood. Alex says that he does not mind that decision. She drives to a distance to bring Orange Julius for her and shares the couch with her, watching some random documentary. Since Brit does not want to talk about anything, Sam does not force her to do so. 

James attends church with his mother despite not being particularly religious. He complains about some silly things but feels happy that he can share his difficult emotions with someone. Carol walks up to the main gate of the Al-Anon meeting but hesitates to enter. By then, all the members had walked out, including Jim. He notices Carol and offers her support to enter the meeting the next day with him.

Episode 6: Keeping it Professional

Nathaniel (Jon Glaser) is still in New York since he can’t get over his divorce. As a result, his employees in Boston are left to do work and manage responsibilities on their own. Sam and Jeff (Paul Kim) talk about their new assignments. He is not happy to cover the Renaissance Faire since he has to work extra hours. But Sam is pleased that she is getting to attend the Greater Boston film festival to interview Bob the Drag Queen (Caldwell Tidicue). She believes it is a great opportunity for her career.

Felicia (Lily Mae Harrington) and Brit join Sam for the festival since it had a free entry. While they both talk about what they should watch, Sam stays busy finalizing her questions for Bob the Drag Queen. She, however, is excited to get Alex to meet her friends. When he finally joins them, Felicia and Brit have mixed feelings about him being Sam’s boyfriend. Suddenly, he gets a call from his friend, Big Rog (Freddy Boyd), and bails on Sam to meet him. Alex says he will be back in 15 minutes. However, he doesn’t return.

Felicia leaves because she needs to take care of her son, Zack. Brit decides to watch a documentary about Fading Farmland. So, Sam is left on her own. She wanted Felicia and Brit to be able to hang out with Alex. But unfortunately, it doesn’t work out since Alex does not want that. As a result, she decides to meet Alex and his friends. Big Rog says that Alex told them so much about her. Then, a waiter comes and asks if they want a drink. Alex’s friends say they don’t want it and rather ask for glasses of water.

Sam realizes right away that Alex told them that she is a recovering alcoholic. It hurts her that it is the first thing he chose to share with them about her. She confronts Alex about it, but he says that they wanted to have a non-drunk holiday. Sam isn’t convinced, and she heads for an interview with Bob the Drag Queen without sorting out their conflict. She enters but is restless, clumsy, and cannot concentrate. Bob notices that and asks her to spill the tea before asking the questions.

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At first, Sam thinks that she should not speak too much about herself. But she ends up all her time talking about the fight and Alex’s neglect toward what she feels. Bob’s agent, Jill (Danielle Lyn), walks in to say that her interview time is over. Sam suddenly realizes that she wasted all of it and asks for more time to ask the questions she wants. Unfortunately, that does not work out, and she has to go out with the bare minimum information.

Outside, Sam meets Alex and says that he ruined her interview because of their fight. Alex thinks that it was not even a fight. He asks how he can know what she is thinking and gaslights her while not getting her cues. He gets so annoyed and says that he does not want to be her punching bag. Then, he leaves her since he does not want to ruin his day thinking about this issue.

Carol is forced to attend an Al-Anon meeting. But she is reluctant to participate or even sit on one of the chairs. While Jim addresses everyone, she keeps walking around in the back and refuses to sit. She returns home to find Bob (Ian Gomez) giving lessons on physical fitness to one of his elderly clients. Since she is in an angry mood, he tells the man to leave. She unloads her anger about the Al-Anon meeting about how they keep talking and whining about themselves. She does not want to be someone like that.

Bob tries to make Carol see that talking is the purpose of such meetings, where she can know and resonate with how others handle their issues. But she refuses to listen to him and says that she does not want to attend it any further. She also walks over to Bob’s mat even though he told her not to do so. He gets upset about it but stays focused on her giving a chance to these meetings for her own sake. But she invades his space and does not care about it.

James makes efforts to reconnect with Mindy. He meets her at a coffee shop and hopes they can spend some time together. He knows she loves games like he does. Since she is looking forward to a new game launch, he offers to bring it to her place so that they can play it together. She says she will download it and bails on him.

Then, James goes to the film festival and meets Felicia and her sons. He tries to get a chance to play games with them so that he does not have to stay alone. But that plan does not work out. He goes to Mindy’s place and apologizes for how he behaved. He also says that he is 20 days sober and is going to church. So finally, Mindy invites him inside to play the game together.

Single Drunk Female (Season 2), Episode 6 Ending Explained:

Carol returns home to find an empty garage. She used to tell Bob to keep all his clothes in there. But since they are not there, she goes in to find out what happened. Bob was packing his stuff at the time and had planned to move out of her house. She says that she can’t deal with him moving out on that day. He gets even more upset that she refuses to care for any of his requests or feelings despite agreeing to almost all of hers.

Bob says that Carol scratched his non-stick pans even when he asked specifically not to since it would ruin them. She thinks of a solution and says that she will buy a new one. He sees the disconnect, and it affirms his decision to leave. Before leaving, he says that she needs to figure out her recovery process and get better by herself. He asks her to call in case she does get better. So now, she is left all alone. She feels an unbearable amount of loneliness and, thus, decides to attend a meeting later and be open about her feelings.

Sam starts writing a draft of Bob the Drag Queen’s interview with her podcast interviews in the past. Brit notices that. Sam says that she ruined her chance because of her fight with Alex. Now, she struggles to finish the article. The next day, in the office, Alex walks in with a box and keeps it on Nathaniel’s table. Sam gets surprised and asks why. He says that Nathaniel is on permanent leave, and he was asked to step in again as their manager. So now, Alex is Sam’s boss once again. They decide to talk about figuring out their relationship status later.

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