Single Drunk Female (Season 2) Episodes 3 & 4 Recap & Ending Explained: The second season premiere of ‘Single Drunk Female’ showed Sam trying to navigate her journey after over a year of sobriety. She now has a new job in Boston – a job that she actually loves and is passionate about. Her old boss, Nathaniel’s entry shakes things up a little bit for her. Besides, Olivia’s sudden departure from her pregnancy becomes a hard pill to swallow. She is left with no sponsor and no friend to guide her on her journey to being a responsible adult.

Now the new episodes show Sam making some hard decisions to deal with her stress about Carol. While Joel tries to explore some new dating options, Felicia also makes some progress in her relationship.

Spoilers ahead.

Single Drunk Female (Season 2), Episode 3 Recap

Episode 3: Normie

Joel (Charlie Hall) and James (Garrick Bernard) hang out together and play basketball. James worries that Joel is being a homebody because of his divorce and suggests he go out and date someone else. Since he is uncomfortable approaching someone for sex, James offers to go out together for drinks, where he can meet some women. Joel agrees.

Alex (Ricky Velez) and Samantha (Sofia Black-D’Elia) continue to date each other. In her office, Nathaniel (Jon Glaser) is desperate to get accepted by his younger employees and seeks Sam’s help to do so. She is reluctant to help him. Later at night, she speaks with Carol (Ally Sheedy) about how excited she is to date someone like Alex since she does not need to take his emotional burden.

Bob (Ian Gomez) keeps interrupting their conversation and sharing some anecdotes. Tired of it, Carol takes Sam to her closet and says how weary she is of Bob’s constant presence around her. Sam suggests she should break up if he is too much. But instead, Carol decides to let him know that she wants some emotional space for the time being.

Sam goes on a dinner date with Alex and they both enjoy each other’s company. He says he is happy that he got fired since he can now date her. When he compliments her, she takes it awkwardly. He sees her issue with receiving compliments and shares his experience of feeling left out at an early age, which made him seek things with his hard work. She praises him and he takes it really well. He gives her a lesson right there.

Alex orders a bottle of wine not knowing that Sam is a recovering alcoholic. She makes up a reason that she is on antibiotics and as a result, can’t have alcohol. So he drinks it by himself. After dinner, she makes up an excuse of meeting her friend and leaves abruptly. The next morning, she meets Felicia (Lily Mae Harrington) and asks whether she should disclose her status of being an alcoholic to Alex. Felicia suggests being honest since she likes the guy.

Back at Sam’s home, Carol finds out her journal which includes her 4th step of recovery. It includes her honest comments about people from her life. It bothers Carol and she takes every comment about her too personally. She also gets hurt by the fact that Sam had about 50 pages worth of complaints about her. Bob tries to divert her mind from it. But she is too fixated on it to let it go.

Joel goes out for drinks with James and decides on a sleepover date night with Kenzie (Aparna Nancherla). James drinks and says that he is drinking in moderation. However, once Joel leaves, James’ supposed date also leaves for home. It upsets James and he asks for another drink.

Nathaniel keeps asking Sam to come to his cabin for some silly gossip. She gets annoyed by it and takes out her frustration by saying how she is not the person she used to be. So, he opens up about separation from his wife – Karen, who left him for a Yankee – Nester Cortez. Clearly, he hasn’t taken that news well. He thinks since Sam is thriving now, she is a great person to talk to. He moves to Boston as a way to get over it. Later, she gives him a Boston baseball team cap to wear to get over his emotional baggage.

Single Drunk Female (Season 1) Episodes 3 & 4

Later, Sam goes to Alex’s house and confesses that she is not on antibiotics but is actually a recovering alcoholic. She also discloses that her excuse from the night before was a lie. She thinks that he will break up with her and thus, decides to leave immediately. He stops her and says that none of it matters since he genuinely likes her. She feels happy that he wants to keep seeing her despite these issues. They end the night by kissing each other.

Single Drunk Female (Season 2), Episode 4 Recap

Episode 4: 4th Step

Sam comes home late at night and finds Carol wide awake. She scares Sam to death. While Sam walks back to her room, Carol starts noting the complaints Sam had about her. Sam recalls that she wrote about it in her 4th step recovery journal. Since Carol is as intrusive and nosy as she wrote in her diary, she gets mad at her for not respecting her privacy. Sam explains that it was only a part of her journey and wasn’t meant to be read by her. But Carol keeps getting angrier, also by the fact that Olivia knows more about it than she does. Bob tries to calm her down. Thankfully, she does get calmer by his efforts.

Felicia goes to Brit’s hospital to talk with her about her relationship-related concern. She is panicking because her old partner, Trent (J Mallory McCree) is back in town and wants to form a relationship with their son – Zack. She is mad because he left with their son and went to LA to fulfil his dream to be a stuntman. Brit suggests that she should meet him even if she is angry at him.

Upset by Carol’s intrusiveness, Sam walks up to Olivia’s house. Since Olivia is not there, Sam meets her old friend and boss, Mindy (Jojo Brown), who was taking care of Olivia’s houseplants. Mindy suggests to Sam that she should look for a new sponsor. Later in her office, Nathaniel tries to bring in some new, fresh ideas that can appeal to their young readers. He asks Jeff (Paul Kim), thinking he is Gen Z. He says he is on the cusp of that generation. Nathaniel likes his answer and tells him to come up with a column.

Bob gives Sam a surprise visit at her work. He suggests that she should sit down with Carol, and she might get an apology. Sam isn’t optimistic about it. Still, she sits down as Bob suggested. But Carol refuses to accept her mistake and remains silent. Carol brings up how much she sacrificed for Sam in the past and believes that she does not deserve the hatred that Sam has for her. She says that she is not responsible for Sam’s alcoholism, which makes Sam leave the room right away.

Trent meets Felicia at her work and brings her favorite muffin. He says that he is giving up his stuntman life and is planning to move back and be back in Zack’s life. She says she needs to think about it. She asks Peter for a suggestion. He says that he should give Zack a chance to do better. Zack was barely 19 when he made that immature decision. So now, Peter believes that Zack can have a chance if Felicia allows him that.

In her office, Sam starts crying because of her triggers to her past of alcoholism. She keeps texting Olivia about her stress with her mom. She mentions that she found her 4th step and feels unsafe living there. Olivia suggests that she should get out of Carol’s house. So, Sam empties all her stuff from her room and leaves a letter. Carol finds it and tries to process this new change in her life. Meanwhile, Sam decides to move to Brit’s place for the time being.

Single Drunk Female (Season 2), Episode 4 Ending Explained

Carol calls Olivia to share her anger toward Sam who refused to discuss what she wrote about her, and instead, just left the house. Olivia suggests to Carol that she should join their sisters’ program. Sam’s been sober for a while. But now Carol needs help in Olivia’s opinion. Carol gets angry and starts gardening to relieve her stress. Later, Bob tells Carol that she is wrong and that she should never have read Sam’s journal. But Carol refuses to budge and rather insults him to make him go away. Processing all the things Sam said about her must be upsetting for her after all that she did for Sam for years.

Back in Brit’s place, Brit and Sam have a dialogue about their parents. Brit’s parents dumped all her stuff in her house because they are angry about her divorce. Still, she is okay with Sam living at her place as long as she wants to. Meanwhile, Felicia goes out on a date and leaves Trent to babysit Zack. On the other hand, Nathaniel travels to New York and shares how much their higher execs are praising the Boston team’s work. He shares how everyone will get bonuses for their work. Suddenly, he gets served by his ex-wife. So, he starts spiraling in thoughts about her. Later, Nathaniel records a video at a balanced brother retreat to process his emotions and make a progress – hoping she would take him back into her life.

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