To make a movie or series a hit, one of the most crucial elements is the star power attached to it. And since two of the most powerful and renowned production banners, Netflix and A24, have partnered, something huge is expected. Together, they decided to include some renowned names from the film world for “Beef” season 2. According to Deadline, Oscar Isaac and Carey Mulligan are in talks to star in the next season of the anthology series. If the rumors are true, the pair will play one of two couples who get into an increasingly shocking feud.

If Isaac and Mulligan are chosen, they will compete against Charles Melton and Cailee Spaeny, who are also being considered for the roles of the other couple. However, there is no confirmation yet about their casting or if Isaac and Mulligan are being considered for the roles that Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway were rumored to be interested in. Netflix hasn’t commented on any of the casting, and “Beef” season 2 hasn’t been officially approved yet. So, the news still remains in the realm of speculation.

What are Oscar Isaac and Carey Mulligan up to?

If Oscar Isaac nabs the role in “Beef” season 2, it will be his revival in the industry, as the actor has been away from the limelight for quite a while. However, if not for Beef, Isaac already has a lot on his plate to make a comeback with.

The actor recently finished work on Julian Schnabel‘s “In The Hand Of Dante” and is currently shooting Guillermo del Toro‘s “Frankenstein” as Doctor Frankenstein. Isaac dabbled in the limited series format before his onscreen hiatus, co-starring in HBO‘s “Scenes From A Marriage” opposite Jessica Chastain.

As for Carey Mulligan, she would be seen taking on a challenging role after her 2020 film “A Promising Young Woman.” Since then, she has had several major roles in movies like “Maestro,” and “The Dig.”  If Mulligan is cast in “Beef,” it would be her biggest TV role so far. Coming up next for her is “The Ballad Of Wallace Island.”

Season 1 of “Beef” was highly acclaimed, winning eight Emmys and three Golden Globes. Naturally, there are high expectations for the next season. However, we should wait to see if this casting news is accurate, especially since season 2 hasn’t even been officially approved yet.

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