Palm Royale Episode 9 is about everything messy as we see Maxine getting saved by a handsome astronaut. Evelyn makes sinister moves to save her ass from getting thrown under the bus. Douglas just doing his nonsense Douglas-y things. Last but not least, Robert is surprised by Norma’s intentions with everything happening in Palm Beach. With the Palm Royale series finale only a week away, the latest episode just prepares us for what will go down on the beach ball night.

In this article, I take a dive into the episode’s latest happenings. Please note that the article contains spoilers, read at your own discretion.

Palm Royale Episode 9 “Maxine Makes a Splash” Recap:

Palm Royale episode 9 takes us to the past when Norma spots Robert for the first time. After talking to him, she offers him a job that requires him to withhold all the secrets about her.

Who saves Maxine?

Coming back to Maxine, who is still holding on for dear life to a piece of log in the middle of the sea, just when she thinks her life is going to end, the series goes 10 extra steps with its bizarre twist. An astronaut lands right next to Maxine floating, and after the customary introduction, the very obvious thing Maxine does is invite the astronaut Herkimer (Avi Rothman) to her beach ball night.

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On the other hand, Douglas and Robert, who are put behind bars for being in a gay bar, try to call a number of their acquaintances but with no luck. When FBI officer Tom shows them that Maxine is busy being on TV after getting rescued by a handsome astronaut, Douglas decides to make his phone call to Mitzy, who comes to the two men’s rescue.

Meanwhile, we get a sneak peek at Evelyn and Eddie’s romantic night out, which turns out to be pretty good for Evelyn. However, their dinner plans get interrupted when Dinah comes knocking at Eddie’s condo to tell him that she has fixed everything (old Alex proposed to her to marry), meaning she can now afford to have Eddie back in her life. However, Eddie dismisses her for hurting him and abandoning him despite him being loyal to her.

In return, Dinah orders him to leave the condo right away. Evelyn, who has been listening to the lover’s quarrel all along, finds Eddie irresistible, but since she has no money or a place for him to cook dinner for the two, she has to come up with new plans altogether.

Palm Royale Episode 9: Recap & Ending Explained
Allison Janney in “Palm Royale,” now streaming on Apple TV+.

Back at the Dellacorte mansion, Norma is accompanied by Mary, who has become a righteous personality reeking of feminism in all odd senses. She, however, is quick to pick up that $75,000 Egyptian cat statue that Maxine had earlier tagged in the fibrosis charity. Money is more important than anything in Palm Beach. Things get messy when Mitzy drops Douglas and Robert off at their place, as she’s determined to take Douglas’ money with her to leave for New York City and pursue a career in modeling. When her car breaks down, Mitzy ends up in a messy situation, forced to hide at the Dellacorte doorstep. Meanwhile, Maxine is furious that neither her husband nor her supposed friends came to her rescue when she was drifting in the sea. A little dramatic, I tell you!

What happened to Ann?

Maxine, however, does apologize to Robert for being a bad friend and for never speaking up for him, especially when it was for his well-being. Robert forgives her, but Maxine is still pissed at her husband, who, in my opinion, is nothing less than a nincompoop. When Douglas suggests Maxine to take some time to relax before the ‘big night,’ Maxine becomes even more upset, feeling frustrated at being told what to do when her life is already in turmoil.

Things keep getting messier now that Maxine, Robert, Douglas, and Mitzi find Ann completely out and all white in the parlor room, with Norma’s archive lying everywhere in the room. Soon, the ambulance is called in, and Maxine accompanies Ann’s unconscious body to the hospital. Now, let’s stop a bit! I really want to talk about how completely ignorant/brainwashed/manipulated/gaslighted Maxine really is. She is a gem of a woman who should be protected at all costs. Despite dealing with so much in her life at the moment, she still looks out for people simply out of sheer love. However, she also chooses to ignore Douglas’ stupidity and constant lying (just because that’s what a good wife does!). This is infuriating, but I wish this part was dealt with in a better way, giving the necessary weightage it deserves. I don’t wish for a long ‘feminist’ speech by the end of the series, but I guess we are going to go in that direction only.

Meanwhile, Robert finds the empty glass of the ‘grasshopper’ in the room Ann was found in, only to realize what is only to come about next. At the hospital, Maxine encounters Herkimer once more, and it’s evident that there’s a chemistry between them that reminds Maxine of the connection she feels with Douglas.

Herkimer is captivated by Maxine, and he even offers to play the piano at her party. The scene then shifts to Maxine rehearsing for the ball with Herkimer accompanying her on the piano. Herkimer and Maxine connect more after learning they hail from the same place – Chattanooga, leaving Douglas jealous while decorating the stage. During the rehearsal, the conversation is abruptly interrupted by secret agents dressed in a style reminiscent of the Men in Black, who inform them that they represent President Nixon. The President has chosen to attend the party to meet the national hero that Herkimer has become for the country.

What happened to the ‘feminist’ organization?

Douglas and Maxine are seated, and the agents brief them on Nixon’s movements during the party. However, they are informed that this information comes with a condition: the couple must clear their records. Maxine is called out for signing off a petition against Nixon by the feminist organization that she is quick to withdraw from, stating that “she never was and never will be a feminist.” She also ends up sharing that the feminist group is squatting at the Rollins residence, leading the group to get raided by the FBI for plotting plans against the president. However, Douglas finds himself questioned about his presence in the gay bar. Nonetheless, he manages to smooth things over later by confiding in Maxine that he and Robert are planning something special for her for the beach ball night.

We also briefly see Evelyn trying to claim the Rollins residence. However, Linda reminds her that Douglas has already made a deal with her by sharing Evelyn’s plan. This leads Evelyn to go the other way and make a deal with Maxine to cohost the ball night. Otherwise, she will drop the ‘bomb’ trick that will jeopardize Maxine’s effort altogether.

As Linda plans to leave for an ashram in Peru, she decides to say goodbye to Robert. During their conversation, Robert tells her the real reason why he feels obligated to care for Norma more than ever. It turns out that on the night Norma slipped into an embolized state, she and Robert had a fight. Despite Norma’s wishes, Robert went on a date, which led Norma to inject herself with an insulin shot. Now, despite Linda’s explanation of why he must leave Palm Beach, Robert decides to stay for Norma’s sake, feeling responsible for her safety due to their past altercation.

Palm Royale Episode 9: Recap & Ending Explained
Carol Burnett in “Palm Royale,” now streaming on Apple TV+.

In the meantime, Maxine finds out from Raquel that Douglas has joined hands with Pinky to start a club at the Dellacorte mansion. Maxine comes raging at Douglas, getting upset about how he is just giving away everything that she has been working really hard for. Douglas tries to calm her down, stating he is doing everything for her so she can be the ‘Queen of Palm Beach.’ Maxine doesn’t miss a beat before saying that Douglas made sure she couldn’t be Miss Chattanooga, so saying such a big statement is only words.

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Palm Royale Episode 9 “Maxine Makes a Splash” Ending Explained:

Back at her place, Linda finds Mary plotting plans to kill the president. However, when Mary sees Linda trying to divert her with baby tricks and kind words, she hits Linda’s head using the cat statue. On the other hand, after having a heated conversation with Douglas, Maxine joins Herkimer, who has been practicing on the piano. However, things get weird here as well when Herkimer kisses Maxine passionately, only to realize he mistook her signals (of being cute?). Herkimer tells her that he thinks Maxine is undergoing marital discord, but Maxine is quick to correct him, saying she is very much in love with Douglas, leading the astronaut to leave for some fresh air. Such an obvious exit for a character. He is definitely going to abscond the beach ball night!

Who is going to be the Beach Ball Night Queen?

Back at the hospital, Ann finally wakes up, startled by her presence in a hospital nightgown. She creates an urgency to leave as the nurse tries to stop her since she has a tumor. Ann dismisses any health issues, stating that she has a deadline and needs to leave at once. Evelyn visits Eddie to ask him out to the Beach Ball night, as she understands what it feels like to be a partner kept hidden from the world (a reference to her initial relationship status with Skeet).

Meanwhile, as Maxine gets ready for the party, Douglas tries to fix things with his wife. But Maxine tells him that he should know that she loves him the most. Despite hiding his infidelity with Mitzy, Douglas finds himself under a rock for having such a beautiful, kind, and understanding wife. He tells her that he couldn’t give up the mansion since Maxine is Norma’s conservator and he would need her for doing any monetary transaction – basically referencing how he is nothing without her and he is just a man with literally no brain, self-esteem, or gratitude towards a person who loves him irrespective of his wrongful behavior or actions.

He then gives Maxine a beautiful, sparkling crown (similar to what could have been a pageant crown) for her to wear. While Maxine looks at herself with the crown, a sense of sadness also washes upon her despite waiting for this moment all her life. Considering what took place between her and the astronaut, it seems unforgivable on her part as well. However, when things will come clean, will either of them forgive each other?

The ending of Palm Royale Episode 9 finds Robert looking for Norma, who is all dressed royally, with a crown, too, and holding a champagne glass. Robert is surprised to see Norma by herself, smiling as if she had been waiting for this night for so long. When asked what she is up to, Norma gives a sly smile, stating, ‘All in good time, Robert. All in good time.’ And goes back to sitting in the wheelchair.

What is Norma planning to do? What kind of big reveal is she up to? The season finale will most likely get serious about the showdown as Norma takes center stage after being toiled here and there by literally everyone in Palm Beach.

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