Unraveling a tangled web of secrets, Tubi’s newest mystery thriller, “The Sintern,” takes viewers on a suspenseful ride with Verity at the helm. Estranged from her mother, Verity’s world is turned upside down when she vanishes without a trace. Driven by a relentless need for answers, Verity’s search for her mother leads her to the doorstep of a charismatic church. Infiltrating their inner circle as a social media intern, Verity stumbles upon an unsettling truth – her mother’s disappearance might be more than a coincidence. Can Verity unmask the killer before it’s too late? Buckle up and join us as we delve into the chilling world of “The Sintern” to find out.

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The Sintern (2024) Plot Summary & Movie Synopsis:

“The Sintern” opens with a gathering at a church where the whole community has joined together to welcome their new pastor, Dean Humphries, and his wife, Heidi. Pastor Dean’s father had already done a remarkable job. He has devoted his life to the good of this community, whereas Dean has traveled around the world and placed himself in very high places. Now Dean has come back to help this community grow. He warmly shares his thoughts about the growth of the community. Moreover, he shares how he perceives the Bible very close to his heart.

In the meantime, a woman named Monica Whitman comes screaming at Dean. The security removes her from the place. Dean quite cleverly turns Monica into a victim and plays a good man who wants God to take care of souls like Monica. Later, we see Monica calling her daughter from a payphone where she says that someone has returned and her life’s in danger. She is about to disclose something about some very powerful person. Therefore, she fears that they might try and kill her. Soon after, she leaves the phone and runs away, seeing Dean from afar.

What does Verity learn about her Mother?

When Verity receives her mother’s voicemail, she regrets not picking up the call since it was from an unknown number. Later, she ends her relationship with her boyfriend Sam because together, they have failed a mission and now owe a lot of money to a gangster named Ricky. Sam fears that Ricky will find them and kill them both if he does not get his money.

But Verity has had enough of this life of running away from criminals, as she has turned into one. Hence, she decides to leave Sam for good and goes to meet her closest friend, Ruby. Ruby hears everything about Verity’s mother. Together, they searched for the pay phone number from which Monica had made the call. They find the pay phone and a flier lying there, where the welcoming of a new pastor is mentioned.

Soon, the girls conclude that Monica was perhaps mentioning Dean Humphries. To investigate, Verity visits the church. She sees a woman named Rachel getting a donation for her daughter and later being taken away to a different place. When Verity leaves the Church, she hears from Kayla that Monica, indeed, had come to the Church before her disappearance. Later, Verity receives a call from Detective Peter Frederick. She learns that her mother’s body has been found.

The Sintern (2024) Movie Ending Explained
A still from “The Sintern” (2024)

Verity heard about Peter Frederick from her mother. She knew that they were very close friends, and she was even told that Peter was her father. Verity goes to identify Monica’s body. When she realizes that Peter may take her in for her connections with Sam, she somehow manages to run away from there. Later, she finds a place by the road to mourn for her dead mother for a while before going back to Ruby’s place.

How does Verity become a Member of the Church?

Ruby shows Verity a picture that was with Monica during her time of death. It was found inside her jacket, one that was returned to Verity. In the picture, there stands Dean Hamphries. There is a handwritten romantic message from her to Monica. Verity and Ruby both understand that to reach the bottom of Monica’s death, they need to find Dean’s connection with her. For that, Verity needs to go inside the church. She remembers the internship opportunity where Kayla had wanted a social media specialist in her team to promote more about Dean Hamphries’s visions surrounding the betterment of the church.

Ruby teaches her how to behave properly like a catholic girl, while Verity herself changes the whole look into a very ‘church-going-type’ of a girl. Dean interviews her and she fails to even remember one quote from the Bible. Just when Dean is about to reject her application, Verity (who now has changed her name into Chastity) starts crying, embracing the comfort, Dean has to offer. Dean, at that moment, becomes vulnerable to his own sexual thoughts surrounding Chastity. He asks his right-hand person, Louanne, to help her with whatever she needs because she will be joining as the new social media intern.

What happened to Monica?

With time, Verity realizes that something very bad is happening around Dean Humphries because that man acts like a vulture whenever he sees a vulnerable woman. Rachel even confirms that. By stealing the details of the single mothers who receive donations from the church, Verity and Ruby realize that Dean has physically assaulted each one of them. But, since they do not have enough proof, they can not go to the police. Moreover, Dean is the pastor, so they will need hard evidence because of the position and power he holds.

In the meantime, Verity has grown a romantic connection with Gage. He tells her that Amir, Dean’s bodyguard, has asked his friend for the security footage of the church because he doubts that Verity must have sneaked into Dean’s office. Verity shares everything she knows about Dean and seeks help from Gage. She asks Gage if his friend in security can show her the CCTV footage from the night when Monica made the call to her. Gage tells her that this is possible. They meet later in the night, where Gage shows Verity the footage from that night.

The Sintern (2024) Movie Ending Explained
Another still from “The Sintern” (2024)

Both Verity and Gage are stunned to see that Dean actually goes to talk to Monica when Heidi comes to the spot. When Monica tells them that she will expose Dean, Heidi offers her money. Monica throws that money to her when Heidi calls Amir and he puts Monica inside the trunk of the car. Dean says a couple of times that they should not harm Monica. But Heidi and Amir do not listen to him. It is not like Dean tries to stop this from happening as if he is somewhat relieved to see Monica gone from the equation.

The Sintern (2024) Movie Ending Explained:

Does Verity Expose Pastor Dean?

Verity realizes that this footage is still not enough to put Dean behind bars. Therefore, one day, she sets up a private interview session inside Dean’s office. She knows that Dean will force himself on her. She has already set up the camera. Verity herself leads the momentum to the point where Dean kisses her and tries to make out with her. Verity somehow manages to escape from Dean’s office. Later, she shows the images to Dean with a warning that if he does not pay 250K dollars, she will expose him. With 250K dollars, Verity could easily get out of the Ricky terror and leave Sam for good.

However, Heidi interferes, and the couple makes sure that they will not be paying money to Verity. Later, Louanne comes to Verity and says that Dean is her original father, not Patrick. Louanne wants to go against Dean and Heidi. But she seeks support from Verity. Verity agrees as Patrick comes on board with them to put Dean behind bars. However, the judge says the evidence is not good enough to prove Dean is responsible for Monica’s death. So, Verity goes straight to confront Dean in front of a large crowd.

On stage, Verity exposes the truth about Dean’s relationship with Monica. She also says that he is her father, as per the DNA report. In the meantime, when Sam tries to stop Verity as he fears he will not get his money, Gage interferes. Eventually, the gun ends up near Dean, who shoots Verity in the shoulder. Patrick, on the other hand, shoots Dean. Sam, Dean, and Heidi are all arrested and taken into custody. At this time, they all have serious charges, and they are not coming back anytime soon.

At the end of “The Sintern,” we see Louanne and the other members of the church organizing a memorial for Verity’s mother, Monica, to which she has been invited. Verity embraces the warmth offered by everyone at that moment as she finally commits to a healthier relationship with Gage. Verity hugs Patrick for standing up against Dean and everyone responsible for Monica’s death.

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The Sintern (2024) Movie Cast: Evelyn Giovine, Damon Dayoub, Samuel Larsen, Raquel Davies, Judy Kain, Greg Finley, Stefanie Estes, Phuong Kubacki, Wes Martinez, Daniel Link, Pamela Fields, Zia Graca, Brit Laree, Amanda Melby, J. Roppolo Jacobs, Abe Ruthless, Tasha Dixon, Alex Kass, Isabella DeVlaeminck, Jacob Letman, AD Warfaa. Dan Weisgerber
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