Tubi’s July 2024 lineup features new episodes of the Tubi Original “House of Heat,” premiering every Thursday. Episodes 106 to 109 will continue to explore the dynamics among housemates, with plotlines involving returning characters, relationship struggles, business ventures, and confrontations. New Tubi Originals debuting this month include “Sinister Surgeon” on July 6, a thriller about a young doctor uncovering deadly secrets; “Sneaker Hustle” on July 10, a documentary on sneaker culture; “Camp” on July 12, a drama about teenagers navigating their final year of camp; “Twin Lies” on July 20, a thriller about twin sisters in dangerous circumstances; and “Hustlers Take All” on July 27, a crime drama set in an underground casino.

Additionally, Tubi is adding a variety of films across genres. Action titles include multiple entries from the “Fast & Furious” franchise, “Jurassic Park” series, and “Wonder Woman” films. Art house films like “Cabaret” and “Vox Lux” are featured alongside black cinema classics such as “Barbershop” and “Friday.” Comedies include “Miss Congeniality” and “Scary Movie” sequels, while documentaries range from “Hubble” to “This is Elvis.” For drama enthusiasts, films like “Erin Brockovich” and “Thelma & Louise” will be available, with horror fans getting titles such as “American Psycho” and the “Chucky” series. Family-friendly options include “Journey to the Center of the Earth” and “The Muppets Take Manhattan.” Romance, sci-fi, thrillers, and westerns round out the offerings with selections like “My Best Friend’s Wedding,” “The Terminator,” “Training Day,” and “The Magnificent Seven.” All titles are available for streaming starting July 1, unless otherwise noted.

Tubi Originals in July 2024:

HOUSE OF HEAT: New Episodes are Out Every Thursday!

HOUSE OF HEAT EP. 106 – “She’s Back” on 4 July – When Jade returns to the house, dynamics shift as unresolved issues come to the forefront; meanwhile Koaty & Sumner’s relationship is put to the test.

HOUSE OF HEAT EP. 107- “Expect the Unexpected” on 11 July – Tensions soar when Ava’s friend Kazumi organizes a collab; meanwhile Sumner & Koaty struggle to get on the same page & a surprising friendship forms.

HOUSE OF HEAT EP. 108 – “Hustle House” on 18 July – The housemates throw a pool party, Sumner & Koaty explore a product line, Ava & Jade face a blast from the past, & Steph’s Instagram gets shut down.

HOUSE OF HEAT EP. 109 – “A House Divided” on 25 July – The housemates are at odds over Steph’s pool party photoshoot and Brandon doesn’t feel supported by Koaty & Sumner.

Sinister Surgeon on 6 July

A young doctor’s dream job with a top cosmetic surgeon becomes a nightmare when she fears that he may secretly be murdering his patients.

Sneaker Hustle on 10 July

Explore the history, influence, and generational impact of sneakers and the relentless hustle within sneaker culture.

Camp on 12 July

A group of teenagers navigate friendship, romance, and betrayal in their final year of sleepaway camp.

Twin Lies on 20 July

When a young barista takes her twin sister’s place for an escorting gig, all hell breaks loose when their mysterious client turns dangerous.

Hustlers Take All on 27 July

When an underground casino run by women recruits a brilliant young business grad, the casino’s biggest rival hatches a murderous plot to stay on top.

Everything Coming to Tubi in July 2024

Everything Coming to Tubi in July 2024
All titles below begin streaming for free on July 1 unless otherwise noted.


– 2 Fast 2 Furious
– 7500
– Batman (1989)
– Batman Returns
– Fast & Furious (F4)
– Fast Five
– Fast & Furious 6
– Hancock
– Jurassic Park
– Jurassic Park III
– Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom
– King Kong
– Pompeii
– Red Dawn
– The Expendables
– The Expendables 2
– The Expendables 3
– The Fast and the Furious
– The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift
– The Fate of the Furious (F8) on 23 July
– The Lost World: Jurassic Park
– The Transporter Refuelled
– Wonder Woman (1984)
– Wonder Woman (2017)

Art House

– All the Real Girls
– Cabaret
– Eat Drink Man Woman
– On The Count Of Three
– One Night In Miami…
– The Wedding Banquet
– Vox Lux
– Waltz with Bashir

Black Cinema

– All Eyez on Me
– B.A.P.S.
– Barbershop
– Barbershop 2: Back In Business
– Barbershop: The Next Cut
– Friday
– House Party
– House Party 2
– House Party 3
– House Party 4: Down the Last Minute
– House Party: Tonight’s the Night
– Kenan
– Madea’s Big Happy Family
– Madea Goes to Jail
– Madea’s Family Reunion
– Madea’s Witness Protection
– Major Payne
– MO’ Money
– Next Friday
– The Friday After Next


– Amos & Andrew
– Anger Management (2003)
– Bad Company
– Beauty Shop
– Drop Dead Fred
– Hall Pass
– Miss Congeniality
– Miss Congeniality: Armed and Fabulous
– Moonlighting
– Practical Magic
– Scary Movie 4
– Scary Movie 5
– Robin Hood: Men in Tights
– The Hot Chick
– The Heat (2013)
– The Waterboy
– The Wedding Singer


– Hubble
– Imagine: John Lennon
– Island of Lemurs: Madagascar
– Jimi Hendrix
– Nascar: The Experience
– The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters
– The Song Remains the Same
– This is Elvis
– To the Arctic
– Under the Sea
– Year of the Yao


– A Raisin in the Sun (1961)
– Being The Ricardos
– Erin Brocovich
– Goodfellas
– My Policeman
– Rain Man
– The Report
– Startup
– The Tender Bar
– Thelma & Louise


– 47 Meters Down
– American Psycho
– American Psycho 2
– Bride of Chucky
– Child’s Play
– Child’s Play 2
– Child’s Play 3
– Cult of Chucky
– Curse of Chucky
– Seed of Chucky
– The Cave
– The Shallows

Kids & Family

– Journey 2: The Mysterious Island
– Journey to the Center of the Earth
– Leave it to Beaver
– Like Mike
– Little Big League
– Little Giants
– Planet 51
– Richie Rich
– Short Circuit
– Short Circuit 2
– Second Hand Lions
– The Muppets Takes Manhattan
– The Smurfs 2


– Breakin’ All the Rules
– Diary of a Mad Black Woman
– I Can Do Bad All By Myself
– I Want You Back
– Jumping the Broom
– My Best Friend’s Wedding
– People We Hate At The Wedding
– St. Elmo’s Fire
– Third Person

Sci-Fi & Fantasy

– Aniara
– Cosmic Sin on 17 July
– Dèjá Vu on 15 July
– Elysium
– Hercules
– La Brea
– Legion
– Life
– Mr. Nobody on 11 July
– Paradise Hills
– Push
– The One
– The Terminator
– Warcraft


– All The Old Knives
– Columbiana
– Dragonfly
– Hannibal
– I Am Wrath
– Lakeview Terrace
– Measure of Revenge on 16 July
– Secret Window
– Solace
– Straw Dogs (2011)
– The Fugitive
– The Poison Rose
– The Voyeurs
– Training Day
– Trespass


– Dodge City
– Hatfields and McCoys (Mini Series)
– Jesse James vs. The Johnsons
– McCabe & Ms. Miller
– The Magnificent Seven
– Wagon Master
– Wyatt Earp
– The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada

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