Among many fictional characters the audience has been bestowed with to date, one of the beloved is Secret Agent 007, a.k.a James Bond. The character was created by author Ian Fleming over 70 years ago in the 1953 novel Casino Royale. Since then, numerous actors have brought the iconic character to life. The character was last played by Daniel Craig in 2021 film No Time to Die. Since Craig departed from the James Bond franchise, the role has been left vacant. Among many other actors who played 007 is Pierce Brosnan, who beautifully replicated the character on the big screen. While attending the 2024 Oscar Wilde Awards, Brosnan, shared that one name from the industry who he thinks can be a great fit for the role of James Bond. According to Pierce Brosnan, he can envision Cillian Murphy as Bond.

Pierce Brosnan endorsed the Oppenheimer actor for the role of James Bond

While attending the 2024 Oscar Wilde Awards, the former James Bond star Pierce Brosnan emphasized that Cillian Murphy can portray the role of the famous spy. He said in an interview with the BBC while on the event’s red carpet: “Cillian would do a magnificent job as James Bond.”

If you are from the Hollywood industry, words don’t take much time to spread, thanks to the quick and quote-hungry media. When Brosnan’s words reached Murphy about being a match for the 007 character, the Peaky Blinders actor respectfully denied it. Murphy responded to Brosnan’s endorsement by saying:

I think I’m a bit old for that.” 

While Murphy’s concern can be understood, it seemingly feels baseless as the character of Bond is a middle-aged spy character, who is even played by actors who are in their 50s. The original 007, Sean Connery, was 53 years old when he appeared as Bond in the 1983 film Never Say Never Again. In Craig’s version of the British secret agent, the actor was 53 years old when he departed from the franchise. Meanwhile, Brosnan parted ways with the shaken-not-stirred Commander Bond when he was 49 years of age. Moreover, the actor Roger Moore was 57 years old when he portrayed Bond on the big screen.

Considering the age of actors who have previously portrayed 007, Murphy doesn’t need to be this concerned about being too old for the character. Murphy will turn 48 this May, and he can certainly be the face of James Bond if he wishes so. 

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