Pocket Dial Murder‘ is a Lifetime original thriller directed by Roxanne Boisvert, and she co-wrote it with Audrey Moore. It stars Kirsten Comerford, Steve Byers, Erica Anderson, JaNae Armogan and Mathieu Bourassa. A nifty little thriller, this is one of Lifetime’s better offerings. The actors know how to act, and there is a plot that, at the very least, can keep one engaged.

Pocket Dial Murder (2023) Plot Summary & Movie Synopsis:  

Jeff and Stacey are a happily married suburban couple. He is a financial manager, and she is a real estate agent. Jeff once cheated on Stacey in the past, but they have put that behind them now. One evening, while setting up dinner, Stacey gets a call from Jeff. She picks it up and realizes it is a pocket dial. An agonized woman is heard on the call, threatening someone about revealing all the ‘dirt’ she has on that person. There is a gunshot, and the call gets disconnected.

Stacey calls her sister Joelle over, and the two speak to the police about the call, worried about what might happen with Jeff in the meantime. Jeff arrives home and informs them about having misplaced his phone. He is late as his manager, Ellen recently got promoted, so they have been working overtime to change some things around the office. Jeff was at the office till late, and no one saw him leave as the last person, so his alibi is not exactly concrete.

The call is soon traced, and the murdered woman is found to be a resident of Jenkintown named Juliette. Jeff says that he did not know the person, but it is soon discovered that he did. She was a client of his about a year ago, and he helped her save his business. The discovery of this concealment of information does not sit well with Stacey. She is stressed as it is as a strange woman has been following her around. This woman, Meredith, was a friend of Juliette’s.

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She then calls Stacey and asks to meet her after having looked up Jeff and Ellen online. When she goes over to Meredith’s place, someone hurriedly escapes from the back, and Stacey discovers Meredith on the verge of dying from an assault. Around this time, Ellen offers Jeff an opportunity to have an alibi, who suggests that they lie to the police about their whereabouts on the night of the murder. Jeff refuses this proposition. 

Then, things start getting out of hand. Jeff and Stacey’s marriage suffers greatly as she has a hard time believing him, and he keeps getting into too many complications to alleviate that. Evidence that compromises Jeff’s innocence is soon found at his house. Stacey’s mother gets hospitalized after a confrontation between the two of them regarding Stacey’s marriage. No one seems trustworthy anymore, as everyone seems to be hiding something. 

What was Ellen hiding?

Pocket Dial Murder Movie Ending Explained
A Still from Pocket Dial Murder (2023).

Juliette was initially Ellen’s client. Ellen botched up a calculation, which almost cost Juliette her company. At the time, the position of a regional manager had just opened up at ARXB Financial and Ellen was obsessed with that job. She did not wish for this mistake to cost her that promotion and be a blot in her portfolio, so she offered Juliette a bribe in exchange for her silence. Juliette did not take the money and simply took her business to Jeff. 

On the day she was murdered, Juliette called Ellen out of the blue, asking for the money she had offered her initially. Over this, the two got into a row at Roberto Romano’s Pizza that Selena, the waitress, had mentioned to Stacey. Ellen never got to deliver the money as Juliette got killed that night. Because of the two’s shady dealings and the fact that they had had an argument in public, Ellen was afraid of becoming a suspect in Juliette’s murder, which is why she tried to concoct an alibi with Jeff and lied about her business with Juliette to the police. 

Pocket Dial Murder (2023) Movie Ending Explained:

Why was Meredith murdered?

When Meredith first called Stacey, she introduced herself as Juliette’s best friend. So, it is reasonable to assume that she was aware of Juliette having an affair with a married man. And Alek, in all probability, knew this. So, after he murdered Juliette for threatening to reveal their affair to the world, Alek was probably worried about loose ends. He must have found out about Meredith’s call to Stacey from Joelle and assumed that she knew the truth and was about to reveal that to Stacey. In order to save himself, Alek murdered Meredith. 

Meredith’s last words were ‘Roberto Romano,’ a place that Juliette frequented with her ‘boyfriend,’ according to Selena. So, she managed to nudge Stacey in the right direction in her dying moments. Still, it was not enough as Alek, who wore a hat every time he visited that place, was careful enough with his extramarital affair. This also proves how cunning a man Alek is underneath his benign exterior.

Why did Alek try to kill Stacey?

Looking into whether the material of the glove that the murderer was wearing was something Jeff is allergic to shows Stacey’s intelligence and her desire to save Jeff. After Jeff gets bail, Stacey becomes obsessed with finding out who the real murderer is. Alek realizes that if Stacey is allowed to continue with her personal investigation, he can get caught. So, when Stacey goes to a house she is meant to show to a prospective buyer, he plans to kill her there. As the place does not belong to Stacey and Jeff had already been indicted, Alek probably assumed that the police would not connect her murder at a stranger’s house with the Juliette case. 

Why did Alek frame Jeff?

Alek was initially jealous of Jeff since he was working in a lower position at the same office. Then again, it is not that Alek planned to frame Jeff in Juliette’s murder. On the day he killed Juliette, Jeff left his phone at Alek’s office and accidentally took it, thinking it was his phone. Then, at Juliette’s place, he pocket-dialed Stacey while he was about to kill her, and Stacey ended up hearing some of that altercation. All of this was unintentional on Alek’s part. 

Then, when Alek realized that he could easily frame Jeff for the murder, given all the evidence already pointing at him, he grabbed onto that opportunity. He asked Sean to place the gun and Jeff’s phone inside Jeff’s home office. Alek had once saved Sean following a drunk dialing charge. Alek told Sean that it would be him returning the favor. The reason for Alek to frame Jeff was that following Jeff’s incarceration, he would get promoted to Jeff’s position, something he coveted.

At the end of the film, Alek has been convicted, and Jeff has been released. His relationship with his mother-in-law has certainly improved. Joelle informs everyone that she has been selected to be a part of Doctors without Borders. Jeff raises a toast to Stacey for having saved his life.

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Pocket Dial Murder (2023) Movie Cast: Kirsten Comerford, Steve Byers, Erica Anderson
Genre: Mystery & thriller
Original Language: English
Director: Roxanne Boisvert
Writer: Roxanne Boisvert, Audrey Moore
Runtime: 1h 30m

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