Academy-nominated Yorgos Lanthimos, recognized for his work on the critically acclaimed film The Favorite (2018), collaborates with pop musician Jerskin Fendrix on the “Poor Things” soundtrack. This marks Fendrix’s first venture into feature film composition, and it marks a first for Lanthimos as well, as his prior films utilized source music rather than original scores.

Milan Records has released the official soundtrack album, consisting of 21 tracks. An adaptation of Alasdair Gray’s 1992 novel of the same name,  the film has garnered attention alongside the movie’s exceptional production design and Emma Stone’s standout performance as Bella Baxter.

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Lanthimos discovered Fendrix after hearing his debut album, Winterreise (2020). In an IndieWire interview, He shared, “I just listened to Jerskin’s first album, and I can’t even describe what it is, but there was something in it that just felt so right about it.” He felt that the album’s mix of humor, surprise, irreverence, and depth resonated with the film’s protagonist, Bella Baxter.

Two tracks from the score, “Bella” and “Lisbon,” were released as singles before the film’s release, and the entire soundtrack is now available for purchase.

Poor Things soundtrack is digitally available on AmazonApple Music, Spotify and YouTube. So, without further ado, here is a guide to the Ordinary Angels soundtrack.

Emma Stone & Mark Ruffalo in Poor Things (2023)
Emma Stone & Mark Ruffalo in Poor Things (2023)

Harmonizing Humor and Depth: ‘Poor Things’ Soundtrack by Jerskin Fendrix

  • Portuguese Dance I
  • Portuguese Dance II
  • Goodbye Later Dove
  • Duncan and Martha
  • Alexandria
  • Paris
  • Bella/Les Yeux Bleus/Estore’s Song
  • London
  • Alfie
  • Alfie and Victoria
  • Bella, Max and God
  • Poor Things Finale and End Credits
  • Bella
  • Wee
  • Bella and Max
  • Mother of God
  • Victoria
  • Reanimation
  • Bella and Duncan
  • I Just Hope She’s Alright
  • Lisbon
  • O Quarto (Soundtrack Version) (Carminho)

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