“Presumed Innocent” episode 4 shows Rusty questioning his son, Kyle, after realizing he was present outside Carolyn’s house the night she died. While trying to control his anger, Rusty looked into another possible suspect for Carolyn’s murder. Later, he met Brian Ratzer, whose DNA was discovered at the site of Bunny Davis’s murder before Liam Reynolds killed her. On the other hand, Molto & Le Guardia find evidence of Rusty’s DNA being present at the site of the crime. Now, “Presumed Innocent” episode 5 follows Raymond trying to prove Rusty’s innocence in any way possible. Rusty’s emotional outbreak affects the Sabich family members.

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Presumed Innocent Episode 5 “Pregame” Recap:

Episode 4 ended with Rusty (Jake Gyllenhaal) learning about the discovery of his skin cells under Carolyn’s (Renate Reinsve) fingernails. While already stressed by it, he heard someone impatiently knocking on his front door. Outside, he saw agitated Brian Ratzer (Marco Rodriguez) trying to intimidate him as revenge for showing up at his house to interrogate him in front of his family. Since Brian refused to stop knocking & shouting, Rusty walked out and started beating Brian while Barbara (Ruth Negga) looked at him from a distance. Raymond (Bill Camp), who was on a call with Rusty then, suspected it would backfire on them.

Stressed by the overwhelming case, Raymond starts having some health issues. In his dream, he sees his head suddenly blowing up. Lorraine (Elizabeth Marvel) wonders about the root of this bizarre dream. Unlike Raymond, she believes Rusty killed Carolyn. Meanwhile, Rusty shows up outside Brian’s house and tries to break in. During his attempt, Brian notices Rusty and threatens to call the police. Rusty points out how harmful it will be for him as well. Instead, he asks Brian to have just an honest conversation. Later, in the office, Raymond suggests that Rusty should go to the police with his suspicions.

Molto’s Crooked Motives

Tommy Molto (Peter Sargaard) looks at the photographic evidence submitted by Michael (Tate Birchmore) to get Rusty convicted for Carolyn’s murder. Suddenly, Eugenia (Virgina Kull) pops by his office and asks why he wants her to be a witness. She believes Tommy just wants her to say Rusty committed the murder, and she refuses to do so. Tommy asks her an inappropriate question about whether she has ever been in a relationship with Rusty. Eugenia objects to it. So, Tommy brings up the subject of professional objectivity, even though he seeks a personal vendetta against Rusty.

When he is alone, Tommy recalls the time he asked Carolyn why she didn’t want to work with him. Nico Della Guardia (O-T Fagbenle) interrupts his chain of thought to ask him about the theory on Liam Reynolds’s (Mark Harelik) involvement, based on the similarities between Bunny Davies’ & Carolyn’s murders. Tommy finds it impossible since Liam is still in prison. Later, when the press members surround him, Tommy suddenly goes on a rant about ensuring justice by convicting Rusty. To prove himself as a man with a conscience, he points out various exploitative practices by those in power to prove Rusty’s culpability.

Rusty’s Suspicion

Rusty shares his theory with Raymond & Mya (Gabby Beans) about a potential culprit behind Carolyn’s murder. He believes Liam Reynolds orchestrated Carolyn’s murder from behind bars. Based on Liam’s behavior after his arrest, Rusty finds a possible motive for him to seek revenge against Carolyn. With Det Alana Rodriguez’s (Nana Mensah) help, Rusty learns about Liam talking with other inmates about his desire to do something terrible to Carolyn. He also points out that Carolyn buried evidence of Brian’s DNA at the crime scene, considering it inconclusive.

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Raymond doesn’t believe in Rusty’s theory because he doesn’t think a criminal will openly share his cruel plans with others. Instead, they would keep such things to themselves. Also, Raymond doesn’t consider information on prison informants reliable since they will say anything for their benefit. Raymond’s lack of support for his theory infuriates Rusty. Back home, Rusty tries to restore his friendly relationship with his daughter, Jaden (Chase Infiniti), who saw his violent side the night before. The next day, Brian shows up at Raymond’s office for questioning on his connection to Bunny Davis & Liam Reynolds.

Brian’s Questioning

Mya shows Brian photos of Bunny and asks whether he has seen her. Brian says he can’t remember. He reveals that he had contacted different sex workers. Adding to that, he notes that he opted for sex workers occasionally because he couldn’t fulfill his urges in his marriage. That’s why he can’t remember Bunny’s face or whether he met her or not. Since the DNA evidence proves his connection to Bunny, Mya asks him whether he knows Liam. Brian denies any such connection. So, Rusty can’t effectively prove Brian’s connection to Bunny’s or Carolyn’s murder.

Barbara & Clifton

Barbara decides to give her relationship with Clifton (Sarunas J Jackson) a chance to blossom. She visits his house and gets lost in the art installation he has in his apartment. Although they both are attracted to each other, Clifton wants Barbara to make the first move. He doesn’t want her to do anything she doesn’t want. Moments later, they kiss each other.

Presumed Innocent Episode 5 “Pregame” Ending Explained:

How does Tommy approach his case against Rusty?

After his strange rant for the press, Tommy tells Nico that he said those things to present himself as a trustworthy figure for the jury. He believes that is what will make him win the case, proving he is the ‘good guy’ in this fight and Rusty is the ‘bad guy.’ Meanwhile, back at Rusty’s home, he notices Kyle having thrown his bicycle in the trash bin. Rusty removes it and keeps it in the trunk of his car. Later, Barbara meets her therapist, Liz (Lily Rabe), to speak about her time with Clifton. She reveals how she liked feeling desired by someone. So, Liz suggests Barbara explore this option in her life.

Barbara mentions her struggle with feeling judged by Jaden for sticking around with Rusty despite his infidelity. So, she feels Jaden will be proud of her for seeking her joy. Back in Raymond’s office, he asks Rusty if Barbara thinks he is guilty. Since she doesn’t think that, Raymond suggests asking her to testify in Rusty’s favor. Rusty refuses to go in that direction. Eventually, Rusty shows up in the courtroom with his entire family. Tommy addresses the jury and speaks about Carolyn and her past relationship with justice. He shows them the graphic photographs to persuade them to look for the same justice. For some reason, it troubles Rusty.

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The Cast of Presumed Innocent Episode 5: Jake Gyllenhaal, Ruth Negga, Bill Camp, Elizabeth Marvel, Renate Reinsve, Peter Sarsgaard, O-T Fagbenle, Chase Infiniti, Lily Rabe, Nana Mensah, Matthew Alan, Kingston Rumi Southwick
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