“Presumed Innocent” Episode 5 on Apple TV+ followed Rusty’s fight to prove his innocence after Della Guardia & Molto found additional evidence against him. Rusty tries to introduce the theory of Liam Reynolds’ involvement in Carolyn’s murder, considering his contempt for her. Although Raymond doesn’t buy into it, he believes in Rusty’s innocence. While Barbara seeks other options for happiness, the Sabich family reaches their breaking point. Now, “Presumed Innocent” episode 6 follows Kumagai, Eugenia, and Michael taking the stand to testify in the case of Carolyn’s murder.

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Presumed Innocent Episode 6 “The Elements” Recap:

The previous episode of “Presumed Innocent” ended with Tommy Molto’s (Peter Sargaard) opening statement. He made a passionate plea to the jury about seeking justice in Carolyn Polhemus’s (Renate Reinsve) case. After he set the stage with conviction, Rusty (Jake Gyllenhaal) started feeling uneasy. Now, we see Herbert Kumagai (James Hiroyuki Liao) entering the stand to speak about Carolyn’s cause of death. He mentions that she suffered severe contusions, skull fractures, and brain herniation. His testimony indicates the horrifying way in which she bled to death.

From Carolyn’s dead body, Kumagai notes that she was struck once on the back of her head, broke her nose, and then struck two more times in the back of her skull. He also points out Rusty’s skin being found under Carolyn’s fingernails. While questioning Kumagai, Molto stresses the fact that Carolyn suffered before her death. He also points out that Carolyn was pregnant with Rusty’s child. Even though Kumagai mentioned a thin, heavy object as a cause of Carolyn’s death, no such weapon was recovered.

Kumagai’s Testimony

During Kumagai’s testimony, Raymond (Bill Camp) tries to rule out the possibility of Rusty having inflicted pain on Carolyn. So, Molto tries to malign Rusty’s character by bringing up the topic of the time of the autopsy. Kumagai notes that Rusty showed up agitated, erratic, and scared to see Carolyn’s dead body. Right after, Raymond calls Kumagai’s opinion about Rusty’s behavior baseless and not rooted in scientific logic. He also points out Kumagai’s possible bias against Rusty since he had also lashed out against Rusty in the past.

Through his backfire, Raymond makes the jury question the prosecutor’s attempt at Rusty’s character assassination. Despite all that happened in the courtroom, Molto is confident about his approach. Della Guardia asks him how the fingernail-related evidence wasn’t present in the earlier report. He wonders whether Molto is acting plainly out of his anger toward Rusty.

Rusty’s Defense

Presumed Innocent Episode 6
O-T Fagbenle and Peter Sarsgaard in “Presumed Innocent,” now streaming on Apple TV+.

Raymond & Mya (Gabby Beans) advise Rusty & Barbara (Ruth Negga) to present themselves as a loving couple, and he shields her. Barbara finds that idea offensive and insulting to the jury’s intelligence. So, Mya points out that storytelling can win them the case more than the truth. Still, Barbara refuses to appear like a scared lamb and claims her presence in the courtroom – despite the charges of heinous crimes against her husband – proves that she believes in his innocence. During the later court trial, a pathologist shares his study of DNA proof.

Pathologist’s Testimony

The pathologist notes that he couldn’t find any DNA evidence on the rope that was used to tie up Carolyn’s body. So, he believes the preparator was careful not to leave any evidence. He considers the murder as a sudden act of rage followed by a methodical way of tying her up without leaving any trace. Later, Raymond notes that Rusty & Carolyn were the prosecutors the last time a female victim was found in a similar state as Carolyn.

Raymond tries to direct the jury to the possibility of Liam’s connection to Carolyn’s death. But the Judge considers it a logical leap and objects to it. Raymond asks the pathologist what kind of skin cells were found under Carolyn’s fingernails. Through his further line of questioning, he tries to prove the logical leap taken by the prosecutors. The presence of Rusty’s skin cells under Carolyn’s fingernails doesn’t prove that he killed her. It might as well be that he kissed her.

Eugenia’s Testimony

During her testimony, Eugenia (Virginia Kull) mentions having caught Rusty & Carolyn off-guard when they were trying to kiss each other. Although there were no clear discussions, she sensed an undercurrent of their romance. She also saw them fighting with each other in the underground parking lot. Rusty was banging on Carolyn’s door while he was telling her to go away. Later, Mya admits that she didn’t like Carolyn. She also acknowledges that Carolyn never made a complaint against Rusty to HR. However, she did make a complaint against Molto.

Eugenia mentions that Carolyn didn’t want to work on any case with Molto. Carolyn said he gave her ick. But Eugenia didn’t observe Molto being unprofessional toward Carolyn. On the other hand, Rusty showed signs of unprofessionalism through his obsessive behavior toward Carolyn. Back home, Jaden (Chase Infiniti) speaks with Rusty about his possible disassociation from his memories because he can’t reconcile with their actions. Later, Barbara opens up to him about her kiss with Clifton (Sarunas J. Jackson). Rusty can’t fathom that despite his infidelity. Perhaps he finds the thought of lack of control unbearable.

Presumed Innocent Episode 6 “The Elements” Ending Explained:

How does Michael’s testimony shape Rusty’s case?

The judge brings both the defense and prosecuting sides for a discussion. She expects them to come to a bargain agreement. But Molto refuses to convict Rusty for murder. Rusty refuses to be imprisoned at all and also expects an apology. During the next trial, Carolyn’s son, Michael (Tate Birchmore), comes to the stand to testify. Despite having no proof of Rusty having killed Carolyn, he remains confident in that assumption. As an angsty teenager who didn’t have a good relationship with his mother, he kept blaming her sexual partner for her murder.

The judge realizes that Michael is merely presenting his impressions as factual truths. So, she tells the jury that those are only his opinions and not proven facts. Moments later, Michael mentions another thread. In the past, Carolyn told him that she was having trouble with a man at her workplace. Michael claims that Rusty is the man she was afraid of. After Molto’s questioning, Raymond stands up to question Michael further. But within moments, he starts feeling woozy and collapses on the ground. While the guard tries to offer him CPR, Rusty tries to pacify Lorraine (Elizabeth Marvel).

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