Pride: Seven Deadly Sins (2023): Pride is one of the seven deadly sins and is often depicted as the root of all sins. It is the excessive love of oneself and the belief that one is better than others. While pride can sometimes manifest as confidence, it can also easily turn into arrogance and lead to negative consequences.

While confidence and self-love are important, it’s essential to acknowledge our limitations and recognize that we are never too good or too accomplished to seek help. “Pride: Seven Deadly Sins” movie, based on the bestselling novel by Victoria Christopher Murray, deals with the same concept. This installment is the fifth in a series that has already adapted Murray’s stories about Lust, Envy, Greed, and Wrath.

In “Pride,” we meet Gabriella Boudreaux, also known as Ella, who is struggling to cope with the death of her mother. Ella’s father, Ray, cannot help with her situation, but her Grandma Birdie steps in with an offer. If Ella helps Birdie with her bakery business until she can stand on her own two feet again, Birdie will help her out with bail.

Birdie is a successful entrepreneur with a popular image in society, thanks to her bakery and TV show. You would think that someone like Birdie, who has made it big in the world, would understand the value of hard work and humility. However, that’s not the case – Birdie has been too lost in her own pride to notice the monster she had bred within her own house.

It’s a great concept that explores the Seven Deadly Sins theme, providing mystery and suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Plus, the film’s based on a best-selling novel, so you know it’s going to be good! Here’s a breakdown of what happens in the film, along with its ending explained.

Disclaimer: Spoilers Ahead. Proceed with discretion.

Pride: Seven Deadly Sins (2023) Plot Summary & Movie Synopsis:

Pride played an essential role in Ella’s story, leading to a series of unfortunate events that led to her arrest. The police confiscated her necklace from the house where she worked, and with no proof, they accused her of theft. But what’s more intriguing is how pride played a significant role in the story of Ella’s grandmother, Birdie.

Birdie’s pride led her to neglect her daughter’s medical emergency, and because of this neglect, Ella grew up hating her grandmother. However, when Ella is in trouble, Birdie steps up to help, but it’s not out of love or kindness – it’s because she wants something in return. Ella must stay with her in exchange for her help, but the relationship between the two remains strained.

When Ella moves in with Birdie, things don’t go as she expected. Instead of being welcomed with open arms, Birdie looks at her as if she’s a criminal. It’s clear that Birdie’s pride and resentment towards Ella’s mother still linger, and it’s something that Ella must contend with daily.

Despite the initial difficulties, Ella finds solace in her Uncle Gabe, who’s kind-hearted and welcoming. Life with Gabe is far from monotonous, and she soon becomes involved in their reality show, which helps boost the ratings. In this way, Ella learns that despite her grandmother’s prideful behavior, there are still people in her life who care for her and support her.

What was the story behind Tasha and Birdie?

Birdie had big dreams, but motherhood forced her to put it all on hold. She gave up her dream of becoming a doctor and started her bakery business from scratch. It wasn’t easy, but she never gave up.

When Tasha came of age, she had dreams of her own, but that didn’t include a college education. She dropped out of university, and her decision reminded Birdie of her past mistakes, which is why she was particularly hard on Ella, her granddaughter.

As the story unfolds, Ella comes to understand the sacrifices and unspoken love that Birdie has for her mother. She sees Tasha’s photos scattered around the house and her jewelry carefully preserved, a reminder that Birdie always loved Tasha, even when they didn’t see eye to eye.

Ella has her own dreams, but they don’t align with what Birdie envisages for her future. Despite that, Ella sees the dedication and hard work that went into building Birdie’s bakery, and it inspires her. Although the reality show that Ella is part of isn’t her cup of tea, she realizes it helped Birdie’s business and made her proud.

What happened on the night that changed everything?

Pride Seven Deadly Sins (2023) Movie Ending, Explained
A still from Pride Seven Deadly Sins (2023)

The evening starts innocuously enough, with Birdie returning from a party to find her jewelry box out in the open. Ella had noticed movement in Birdie’s room earlier but chose not to act on it. She didn’t want to get into unnecessary trouble. The next day, Ella realizes something is amiss when she can’t get a hold of Birdie. She heads to Birdie’s room to find her unconscious on the bathroom floor. Doctors later inform her that Birdie has fallen into a diabetic coma – caused by taking the wrong medication.

The revelation shakes Ella, and in the days that follow, strange occurrences happen around her; things she can’t explain or understand. But with the return of Gabe from Detroit, Ella feels reassured and happy that they have Birdie back and everything will be okay.

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Birdie announces she plans to bequeath half of her fortune to Ella, a move that shakes the foundations of their relationship. The sudden wealth comes with its own set of challenges, and Audrey is left wondering if it’s worth the tension and turmoil that comes with it. Ella and Birdie’s relationship may have improved, but suddenly being given half of Birdie’s fortune turns everything on its head.

Did inheritance destroy the relationship between Gabe and Ella?

When Birdie opens up to Gabe and Ella about her leukemia diagnosis, she decides that she wants to give half of her possessions to Ella. However, this does not sit well with Gabe, who has already made sacrifices in the hope of receiving the inheritance.

Gabe has always been a disappointment to Birdie, and she knows that he isn’t capable of running her business on his own. Moreover, his demands for money are never-ending, and he spends it on alcohol and gambling. When he loses his temper over Ella’s impending inheritance, it confirms everything Birdie suspected about her son’s character.

Ella tries to resolve the differences between Birdie and Gabe, but it’s a lost cause. In the end, she chooses to stay out of it and spend the night with Khalil. The next morning, Ella heads home to welcome Birdie back, but an intruder knocks her down, and she loses consciousness.

Who betrayed Ella?

Ella wakes up to find that her house has been broken into, and to her surprise, Birdie accuses her of fabricating the story to steal her jewelry. Ella is heartbroken by the accusations and decides to go home, but with Khalil’s support, she remains in the house, knowing that she has a solid alibi.

Despite the evidence that proves Ella’s innocence, the false accusations tarnish her reputation, which causes her immense distress. Her public image is shattered, and everyone accuses her of burglary, even though she is innocent. The police eventually find surveillance footage that shows a woman was involved in the burglary, but she has yet to be caught. Shanice, the head of security, proves that Ella wasn’t in the house on the night of the burglary and helps to clear her name.

Slowly but surely, Birdie realizes her mistake and decides to try to repair her relationship with Ella. She announces her decision to transfer half of her property to Ella on television, making things right. This announcement doesn’t go down well with Gabe, who doesn’t understand why Birdie is trying to make up for her past mistakes.

While Tasha never complained about her mother, Gabe has always been resentful, and it’s difficult for him to move past it. Birdie has been taking out a mortgage to pay off her son Gabe’s debts for years, and the situation worsens when Gabe’s ex-girlfriend Larissa interferes with getting child support. Shocked to hear of Gabe’s irresponsible financial behavior, Birdie takes control by increasing security measures and installing security software on her and Ella’s phones to keep them safe.

Birdie also continues to manage her son’s business in Detroit but is disappointed when she realizes that Gabe has been spending her money on unnecessary luxuries. While Birdie knows that her finances are essential for her cancer treatment, she struggles to separate her love for her son from her financial obligations.

Pride: Seven Deadly Sins (2023) Movie Ending, Explained:

Gabe has always blamed his mother, Birdie, for failures and wasted her money on vices such as drug addiction and kleptomania. Despite Birdie’s support and protection, Gabe doesn’t realize his faults and continues to blame his financial struggles on her. Even when Ella intervenes to set things right, Gabe accuses her of stealing his share.

To Birdie’s horror, it’s revealed that Gabe has been attempting to kill her all along, and he ultimately attacks Ella and Khalil, putting Ella’s life at risk. However, Birdie manages to save Ella by arriving on time and stopping Gabe.

After Gabe is arrested for his crimes, Birdie decides to give away all her possessions to Ella and Ray. Birdie realizes that Ella is the right person to take care of her business, and she is delighted with her granddaughter’s success. Despite Gabe’s violent actions, Birdie still tries to mitigate his punishment, highlighting her unconditional love for her son.

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