Rabbit Hole (Season 1), Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: Rabbit Hole’s previous episode followed John Weir realizing that Valence betrayed him. He also learns that Ben texted Valence right before he committed suicide. The team members he thought were in hiding, are all dead because of his intern. All these revelations were bound to take a toll on John’s mental state. So now, we see him feel disillusioned about his mission. He struggles to see the purpose behind their goal. Nevertheless, he decides to get in touch with Senator Evers to blackmail her for their mission. Kyle still is under the influence of his caller and continues to work as per the commands.

Spoilers ahead.

Rabbit Hole (Season 1), Episode 6 Recap

Episode 6: The Playbook

The episode begins with a dialogue between younger Ben and Crowley in 1983 Central America. Crowley did not want to keep working for the CIA and wanted to take control away from Langley for themselves. Ben understands Crowley’s delusional state and tries to stop him. Maybe it was already too late for him to do so.

Back in the present, Senator Evers (Megan Follows) goes all in on her ‘shared data act’. She shows her staunch support for this act which does not believe in people’s right to privacy. She hides that by saying that it is about eliminating fear. Through that, she gets considerable momentum in the campaign, making others take back their nominations.

Meanwhile, John Weir (Kiefer Sutherland) still grieves over the deaths of his teammates. Ben (Charles Dance) snaps him out of it to focus on their mission. They soon manage to get Senator Evers in their car. She finds John sitting in the opposite seat. He shares his knowledge about her campaign and how money is being fed to her account for a while. In exchange for not getting her secret out, he asks for the man pulling the strings from behind the curtain.

Nora isn’t scared by his threat. She can always choose to run again and be a president later. But it is nothing compared to what they (Crowley and his people) have on her. She shares the story of being kidnapped, blindfolded and shown a safety deposit box with a briefcase with hugely comprised material. She regrets ever being in touch with the man. He asks her questions about where she was taken to and then promises to give her the box in exchange for doing their work. While she knows the number of the box but does not where the vault is.

Edward Homm (Rob Yang) sitting in the front seat overhears what Nora says. He figures out not just the place but the day – 1550 Girard on Tuesday. It is a place where shady rich people keep their possessions. Nora gets John to procure her suitcase. So, John decides to go there as Mr Heston, and accompanied by a man from Nora’s security – Lanneman (Eddie G) as a chaperone. Ben opposes Lanneman’s involvement, but John is certain that it won’t affect their work. Nora will get her briefcase, and they will get Crowley.

John decides to also bring Hailey (Meta Golding) into this plan. Since the place is filled with infrared motion sensors, every client will be given a specific prescribed route once they enter. Even a minor shift can alert the alarms and the place gets into a complete lock-down. The locker will be opened with two keys – one from the client and one from the escort. So, John plans to switch the suitcase to an identical one and then walk out. He decides to open the other locker with a replica of the escort’s master key. He asks Hailey to use 20 million from her crypto wallet to make a deposit to the new account (Heston’s) so that they can enter the facility. Once they leave the place, she will get it back.

Meanwhile, the self-proclaimed radical influencer Morgan Shaw (Matthew McFadzean) shares screenshots from the security footage of John’s recently left safe house in his YouTube video. He recognizes Homm following Weir. Back in their current safe house, Homm wonders whether this will be harmful to their plan. Despite Shaw’s popularity, Ben does not consider him a threat.

Hailey starts questioning whether their plan is a way for John to steal all her money. He understands how difficult it must be for her to trust anyone. He says that he can only give his word for the time being. She is okay with that. She takes his phone to share crypto from her wallet to Heston’s account. That’s when she stumbles upon John’s text exchange with Valence. He kept sending messages despite knowing Valence is dead. She gets worried about John’s mental state and asks Ben about it. She thinks it is a level beyond exhaustion. But Ben cares more about the mission than John’s sanity.

Meanwhile, Kyle (Walt Klink) and his girlfriend Eliza go to a political rally and hear people speaking against authorities taking away their rights. Kyle becomes even more paranoid and decides to leave home for his mission for Crowley. She begs him to let her join him. On the other hand, the head of infrared – Crowley (Peter Weller) sends two of his subordinates out of town for a task. He tells them to keep their phones in their Faraday bags and are supposed to be contacted just by him. He also hands over files with the necessary details

The next day, John and Lanneman enter 1550 Girard to get the suitcases switched. Hailey follows them as a potential client who wants to check out the place. She enters with an undetectable infrared laser pointer that can trigger the sensors easily. Her job is to point them just when John tells her to do so. When she alerts the system and it goes under a reboot, Lanneman creates a distraction for the escort and John goes to switch the suitcases. As a distraction, Lanneman narrates how his teammates were murdered and thus, fears getting claustrophobic. It triggers John’s thoughts about his teammates and unfortunately, he forgets to remove the master key.

Once the system is rebooted, the escort starts walking Lanneman and John back outside. John alerts Hailey to abort the mission for the fear of getting caught. However, she insists on continuing her tour of the place and her escort takes her to the locker rooms. She suddenly decides to throw away her pen as a distraction for him. The alarm goes on, and she goes to the other locker, takes out the key, and returns to her place. She apologizes to the escort and luckily, gets out safely.

Outside the building, two guys suddenly put guns on John and then Lanneman takes away the suitcase. Homm, Ben, and Hailey listen to it from their van and rush there to speak with John. Hailey notices a smirk on John’s face and figures out John’s plan. John exchanges the suitcases but put Evers’ suitcase inside his vault and put an empty suitcase inside hers. So now, he returns to get the suitcase. Once they return to their safe house, he apologizes to Hailey for putting her in danger. She went to a length to prove her trust in him. They share a kiss and we see how their relationship has evolved over time.

Rabbit Hole (Season 1), Episode 6 Ending Explained

Nora Evers calls John to talk about getting her case back. He says that he will do it only in exchange for the intel he needs. So, they plan to meet at a certain place. However, she cancels this plan and says that she needs to go immediately for a speech. John senses danger and tries to alert her. But she does not listen and heads toward the podium. Right then, Eliza, standing among the crowd, shoots Nora. She stays frozen at her place after committing the murder. So, Lanneman notices her as the killer in no time. He tries to stop her but gets killed by a sniper rifle, fired by one of the two subordinates working for Crowley.

Right after, Kyle chokes Eliza to death out of suspicion that she will be a threat to their plan. Turns out, the caller who continued to give him orders was Crowley himself. Back in the safe house, Homm, Hailey, John and Ben see the news of her death. She is shown as a radical with bipolar disorder. Ben figures that Nora’s murder is a way to expedite the process of the shared data act. Since a staunch supporter is killed by a radical, it generates even more support for the act.

The episode finally ends with two shocking revelations. Crowley and his subordinates walk into Arda Analytics, probably for the next step of their plans. Meanwhile, John receives a reply in the chatbox from Valence – the same one that Hailey found out about earlier. He says that he needed to fake his death in order to convince them. For now, it looks like Valence is very much alive. But it may just be Crowley playing with John’s mind. Only the next episodes can tell the truth.

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